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					                   Data Architecture Subcommittee
                           “build to share”
Purpose: Advances the management of Federal data as a national asset

• Stewardship of the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) Data Reference Model
  (DRM), FEA DRM Management Strategy
• Promotion of the use and improvement of data and data standards across the Federal
• Facilitate community collaboration and information sharing using communities of
  interests, both federal and intergovernmental.

           Key FY06/FY07                                  Contact Information
                                                          Mary McCaffery
1. FEA DRM updates and revisions             
2. FEA DRM implementation
   strategies and best practices
                                                            Suzanne Acar
3. Establish an authoritative knowledge     
   center for Federal data-related issues                  (202)208-3216
   and opportunities
                           DAS Goals
   Improve decision making by citizens and government
   Improve availability of government information and
    services to citizens
    Improve communication among government entities
    and with citizens
   Reduce cost of Government through re-use of quality
    Increase business driven Federal data production and
   Improve quality, visibility, discovery, accessibility of and
    confidence in available information
           DAS 2006 Accomplishments
   Launched five work groups focused on addressing business
    requirements and approaches for information sharing
   Provided the Three Pillar Strategy Framework guidance to
    support DRM implementation
   Established knowledge center via
   Outreach activities via conferences and forums
   IAC representative, John Dodd, engaged in solutions focus
   Began expansion of NIEM governance (i.e. draft “magna carta”
    MOA) for universal core
   Began a way to identify, harmonize, and standardize universal
    core concepts via DAS work groups. First work group focused
    on concept of Person
                   DAS 2007 Planned
   Federal Data Quality Profile
   Finish Person concept description for Universal Core.
    (Above NIEM Level) Determine & execute next steps
   DRM Implementation Guide – Draft, at minimum, an
    outline. Full development pending resources.
   Draft DRM questions to facilitate EA portion of
    business case (i.e. 300) development.
   Develop Data Architect Position Description template
   Continue outreach via conference, symposium, and
    forum participation

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