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					                                                                        PSCIOC Information Sharing Template
Jurisdiction: Government of Yukon                                                                        Submitted by:
                                                                                                         Jim Hill - Director, Information & Communications Technology Division
Date: May 23, 2003                                                                                       Department of Highways and Public Works

Overall Message                  Increased internal interest in electronic service delivery (Service Yukon) which could help put IRM strategic plan back on the agenda.                      Contact Info
Please summarize the             Anticipate continuing budget constraints (reductions) and resourcing (staffing) challenges, coupled with increasing service demands.
overall state-of-affairs of      Expect mobile radio communications replacement project will proceed but presents a major capital funding challenge.
your jurisdiction.               Continuing focus on developing IM/IT policies and corporate roles and evolving the internal reorganization.
Accomplishments                  Government “Renewal” (April 1, 2002) Implementation – Reaffirmed the collaborative corporate/department model for IM/IT – renamed to
Highlights of                     Information & Communications Technology Division – direct reporting to Deputy Minister - mandate broadened to include Mobile
accomplishments,                  Telecommunications and administration of Access to Information and Protection of Privacy (ATIPP) Act.
progress, significant
milestones achieved in           Devolution of Northern Affairs Program (April 1, 2003) – Successfully migrated IT and records of Federal lands & resources programs transferred
your jurisdiction.                to YTG (250+ staff) – major ICT planning and implementation efforts were involved.
                                 Connect Yukon Project Completion – expanded Yukon’s telecommunications infrastructure – provides high-speed data and internet service to
                                  Yukon communities – project completed on time/budget.
                                 Formation of Information Management (IM) Unit – lead role for corporate IM – increased focus on “information” and raising profile within
                                  government – IM Unit melds IM policy, records management, ATIPP and web functions – significant progress made (new records scheduling manual;
                                  partial implementation of iRIMS; new “common look” website; additional resources).
Issues                           Reduced O&M and capital budgets in 2003/04 – likely to continue – challenge to maintain existing IT assets and invest in new initiatives –
Specific issues to share          government largest client for local IT industry – would like to establish an IT funding model that will provide a better, more stable basis for IT
with the Council.                 investments.
                                 IM/IT Resourcing – ongoing challenges of recruiting (attracting right skills), developing, retaining staff – additional resources required as a result of
Areas where Council may
                                  changes to mandate and growth in computer use/dependency – doing more with less.
help, provide feedback,
link with one or more            Telecommunications (Long Distance) – have been benefiting from partnership agreement with Federal government (GTIS) since 1995 – provided
other jurisdictions.              more cost-effective long-distance services – based on recent CRTC decision, GTIS reluctant to allow continued service contract – major implications
                                  for telecommunications budget ($275K per year) – reviewing options
                                 Replacement of Mobile Radio Communications System – provides an essential Yukon-wide mobile communications system – current system
                                  reaching end of life cycle – multi-year, approx. $15M replacement project – involves RCMP as major user – looking at alternatives (e.g., a
                                  combination of radio communications and cellular).
                                 Geomatics Services – developing corporate coordination role, involves collaboration amongst internal/external partners, re sharing/expanded use of
                                  geographically-related data and services – National Geobase key initiative as Yukon solely dependent on federal NRCAN for mapping.
                                 High-Speed Bandwidth Problem – problems in some outlying communities not serviced by Connect Yukon – increasing public expectation /
                                  demand for reliable, cost-effective services – looking at forming a network consortium for Whitehorse (private/public partnership) to implement fibre
                                  for improved services, lower operating costs.

PSCIOC Secretariat                                                                              Page 1                                                                                              7/6/2012
                                 E-Government Development – government Renewal created a new Service Yukon branch, with responsibility for service delivery improvement –
                                  more interest from business side – requires collaboration on IM policy issues, as well as technology solutions – cost-benefit challenges.
                                 Information management (IM) – new IM unit faces a number of challenges – promoting an understanding of what IM is and recognition of its
                                  importance; replacing / expanding Records Centre space which will reach capacity by 2005; electronic records management (capturing, retaining
                                 Corporate/Departmental Collaboration – continuing issues and challenges of a collaborative model to optimize all IM/IT/Telecom programs across
                                  the government – involves roles, standards, decision-making, accountability, resource utilization, service delivery, cost-effectiveness, cost recovery.
                                 Computer Use Policy – Investigation currently underway related to employees’ inappropriate use of government computer resources (i.e., accessing
                                  prohibited Internet sites and sending inappropriate e-mails) – looking at creating a more clear policy and using blocking and/or monitoring tools.
                                 Migration of Legacy Applications / Mainframe Retirement – mainframe at 95% CPU utilization – Financial Information Management System
                                  (FMIS) upgrade project will migrate applications to client server technology – opportunity to move towards a single technical platform (client server)
                                  – number of issues/challenges (funding, unsupported products, capacity, standard platforms, etc.)
Future Activities                Review of the ATIPP Act – leading review and amendment of 1996 legislation and administrative processes, involves internal / public and
Areas of interest/concern         Information and Privacy Commissioner consultation.
on the horizon to share
                                 Internal Reorganization – continuing to move from an earlier (1995) functional model to line-of-business (program) organizational model –
with Council members.
                                  anticipate structure will be more workable given diverse lines of business, small number of staff having specialized knowledge/expertise – will
                                  improve focus for staff and customers
                                 IRM Strategic Plan – hope to reactivate project initiated in 2001 and subsequently deferred (Renewal, election, Devolution) – provide a forward-
                                  thinking IM/IT development framework that supports government priorities and business needs – involves extensive consultation to gain commitment
                                  (senior management / political level / financial support)
                                 Yukon IT Sector – high-level IT sector development strategy report – looking for political commitment / government support for specific initiatives
                                  with economic benefits for Yukon
                                 Information Security Policy – need to establish an overall information security policy and subordinate policies – researching content and models
Needs:                           Vendor pricing – managing the higher costs (e.g., desktop software – Microsoft, etc.)
Do you require                   Policy development:
collaboration or                  - information security
information from the              - Computer use
Council on a specific             - access to information and protection of privacy
topic?                           Standards development

Is there potential for           Support from Federal Government for continued telecom (GTIS) participation
collaboration with another       Maintain list and share results of interjurisdictional surveys
jurisdiction and/or project      Identifying/sharing best practices (e.g., workstation replacement models)
of the Council?

PSCIOC Secretariat                                                                             Page 2                                                                                       7/6/2012

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