Wants and Needs Analysis by jennyyingdi


									                                  Wants and Needs Analysis

Group Member Responsibilities
Cecilia – Moderator                                      Amy – Incentive Coordinator (Pizza) and Note Taker
Scott – Scribe                                           Jen – Time Keeper and Participant Observer
Brandi – Informed Consent and Note Taker

Summary of Method
A Wants and Needs Analysis was conducted on Monday, May 5th, from 1-2 pm. Participants were first recruited by
sending an e-mail message to TC and iSchool listservs. There were no responses so more aggressive in-person
recruiting was necessary. On the day of the analysis, three TC students (two undergraduate and one graduate)
were found and agreed to participate. The analysis was held in the TC lounge and pizza was made available to
participants during the discussion. Participants were given information on informed consent and asked to sign
consent forms. Participants were then given a description of the UW Media Center by the moderator. The main
question for discussion was asked, followed by a discussion of priorities based on the ideas generated by the first
question. The discussion lasted one hour. Participants were thanked at the end of the discussion and dismissed.

Summary of Data Collected
The question that stimulated discussion was: “What kinds of information or functions would you expect for an
ideal Media Center website?” The entire list generated from the participants is listed in Figure 1. Participants were
then asked to discuss and rank top priorities that they believe the Media Center website must have. This
discussion resulted in the following list:

       Intuitive and flexible search manipulation
       Browsing by recommendations/reviews
       Borrowing information and hours of operation
       Bibliographic information in results page
       Imitate in-store browsing experience as much as possible

Implications for Redesign
The suggestions made by the participants, especially those considered top priorities, should be incorporated into
the redesign on the Media Center website.
All Data Collected

       Figure 1: Photo of whiteboard from Wants and Needs Analysis
       search by attribute, advertise, hours of operation, location, contact info, borrowing info, fees/fines, new items via RSS,
       recommendations, browse new releases or popular choices, simplicity, consistent navigation, distinct look and feel, obvious search
       bar, embedded preview clips, fast loading, streaming campus lectures, hover and play previews, easily accessible from home
       connection, personal queue/shopping cart/wish list, pickup location options, item bibliographic info, album and DVD covers, track
       listings, lyrics, narrow and broaden searches easily, friends lists (i.e. facebook), newsfeeds

Additional notes taken:

      Make the Media Center more well-known, advertise
      One participant mentioned that he did not think of checking out audio or video media when he heard the
       title “media Center”
            o Another participant agreed and compared to Windows Media Player, saying “nothing special
                comes to mind” when he hears Media Center
      Mention of Netflix
      Good search feature important
      Browse
      User-generated content, creating lists of favorites to share
      Specialized lists when you enter a UW NetID, individual user profiles for Media Center
   Make it not like Public Library interface
   Problems with consistency of navigation, some repeated or unclear links
   “Google mentality” when you go to the site, you should see the search bar and know exactly what part of
    the library (i.e. Media Center) you’re looking at, distinct look and feel
   Audio and video preview clips, streaming, embedded youtube
   Fast-loading
   Not cluttered like a MySpace profile
   Ability to add things to a list to refer to later
   Synopsis, user reviews, lyrics, track list, attributes
   Refine searches by broadening or narrowing
   Friends contact list to exchange lists of media, like facebook
   News feed, RSS, facebook
   See/hear lectures, visiting lecturers, missed classes, etc.
   Album covers/DVD covers
   IMDb type info
   Thumbnail image in search results
   Hover and play preview
   User comments, reviews
   Inform people it’s free to check out!
   Ability to walk through and browse physically
   Model after being in an actual movie store
   Star rating doesn’t always give the whole picture, reviews and comments helpful

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