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                                                                         Editor: A short story about our '14 Stanley 606:
 Volume No. 13 Issue No. 3             Fall 2000                                   One of six different models offered by the Stanley
Pat Farrell, Editor and Publisher                                        Motor Carriage Company of Newton, Massachusetts in 1914
                                                                         was the model 606 ten horsepower roadster.
NW Chapter Officers                                                                We, Pat and Merrily Farrell purchased our roadster in
President: Rob Williams of Boise, Idaho, e-mail:                         January, 1985 from the estate of Dean Spencer in Seattle, and we
<robwil@micron.net>                                                      have since then put over 20,000 more miles on the car This car
                                                                         is one of six survivors of all the model 606s made. The 1914
Secretary/Treasurer: Pat Farrell, 6647 Bridgewater Lane,                 production of 606 was about 40.
Sedro Woolley, WA 98284 360-856-1294, e-mail:                                      This Stanley gets about 10 miles per gallon on
<farrelrp@gte.net>                                                       Kerosene and gasoline mixed. It's driving range between stops
The NW Chapter of SACCA has a mailing list of over 100                   is about 35 miles, as it get about one mile to the gallon of water.
households and the newsletter is sent out the first week of each         The Stanley steams up from cold in about six minutes, and from
season of the year. Cost of our newsletter is only $5 per year.          warm, it is almost immediately ready to roll. The Stanley
                                                                         steamers set the land speed record in 1906 at 127 miles an hour
Our mission is to perpetuate the use of the steam automobile and         and following year, their car was traveling about 155 miles per
to share information pertaining to them.                                 hour at Ormond, Beach, Florida, when it became air born and
Dates to Remember: Our next business meeting will be on a                crashed. When warmed up, our Stanley will do almost 70 miles
FRIDAY, 2 P.M. April __, 2000, in the foyer for the                      an hour.
Smithsonian building at the Portland Swap meet located at the                      Stanleys were built from 1898 through 1927 with a total
EXPO fair grounds at Portland, Oregon.                                   production of about 18,000 cars. Of those, about 600 survive
                                                                         today. Lewis Kettering built the electric starter for the Cadillac
Western National SACA Steam Car tour located in Monroe,                  in 1912 and that was the beginning of the end for all steam cars.
Washington, Aug-Sept 2002                                                No longer was the steam cars easier to start than the hand
                                                                         cranked gasoline cars. No longer was the little lady of the house
Dick Dailey: Could you give me some pointers on how to go                having to wait six minutes for her steam car to warm up. With
about determining a fair price for a steamer? Thanks,                    the gas car, the world was ready to immediately roll when the
                                                                         electric started became available, and it did.
Editor: Pricing a steam car is a wide open field. There is a lot
in pricing having to do on just how much the seller is willing to        More: From "The Stanley Motor Carriage Company "
let it go for and how much the buyer is willing to spend. That is        August 1914
about 1/3 at arriving at a reasonable price tag. Another 1/3 is the
condition of the steamer and how well it runs. Is it a nice              Every Many and Woman should know
original unrestored, or home built from scratch? The other 1/3 is        The Simplicity of the Stanley
having to do with the model and how desirable it's model is.             Steamer
Different areas of the country have different values for the same        No Stalling of Engines on Railroad
car. In Great Britain, they value the 10 H.P. Stanley almost as          Tracks. No Broken Arms From Cranking
much as the 20 H.P. Stanley noncondenser. Here in the States,            There is:
the 20 H.P. noncondenser Stanley is easily worth twice the price         No cranking
of the 10 H.P.. Famous owners can affect the price of the car but        No Radiator
with steamers, it would normally add to the price no more than           No Fan
10 to 20%. The car values guides don't have a clue as to what the        No circulating Pump
current value of a steam car is. The value guides still can be           Only two cylinders
handy for model types and other information though. Last                 No Magneto
survivor's makes and models prices are wild cards and they can           No Spark coil
be pricey or very reasonable.                                            No Timer
                                                                         No Spark Plugs
Often when it comes to a rough steam car, an inventory of the            No Carburetor
desirable parts will easily give you an accurate value of the car.       No Inlet Valves
That is another wide open field. What are the parts worth?               No Shifting Gears
                                                                         No Transmission
And finally. If you really like it, really want it, and can afford it,   No Shaft Drive
buy it. If you don't like it, then don't buy it. You are the one that    No Chain Drive
has to live with it.                                                     No Clutch
                                                                         No Complicated Crank Shaft
No Overheating Of Engines on Steep                                      I get.
Hills                                                                   c. Overfill my water storage tank to float off the oil before
No Fly wheel                                                            steaming up.
No Exhaust Shaft                                                        d. Drive as little miles as possible until I get some type of oil
Only one simple lever with which you                                    trap installed.
can operate the car at a speed from                                     e. Any other ideas? Water tank treatment with lye or some type
a creeping pace to a mile per                                           of oil eater? TSP?
minute. No expensive starting
device to get out of order and cause                                             Problems yet to solve.
expense to keep it up. In fact, the                                     1. Car wanders at speed. I should check the toe-in of the front
running expenses and up-keep of this                                    wheels.
car are the lowest of any car on the                                    2. I have to install a windshield wiper motor.
market. Remember, this car uses                                         3. I have to wire in the accessory "stop light".
                                                                                  Performance notes.
 Editor: Update on our 1922 Stanley 735 B Touring. We just              1. Holds a good steam pressure while driving. A very good
had it's first steaming in about 9 years. The new 30 H.P. 26" X         reserve of steam on hand most of the time.
16" boiler has plenty of capacity and with it's Baker burner, it is     2. Car seems to drive like a modern car needing very little
not too noisy at all. Kind of like a low pitched growl when it is       attention of adjustments from the driver. The automatic water
making steam.                                                           level control works better than was expected.
           The Maxwell pilot is a jewel. I was worried at first         3. Speed? No problem of maintaining the speed limit. To
because I couldn't seem to get it to vaporize. After I got rid of       exceed the speed limit, it might be asking too much of the old
all of the old pilot fuel, it worked excellently.                       car. Real comfortable at 45 miles per hour.
           The main fuel system was pain. After having drained all      4. Water consumption? So far, we haven't had to add any water
the old fuel, I had a real hard time to get all of the air out of the   while we have been driving. It has pretty well condensed most
line so that it could pick up it's prime.                               of it's water so far.
           The car functions real well. I drove the car about 14        5. Storage areas are abundant. Door pockets, under the back
years ago with the 600 X 20 tires on it and it was a hard one to        seat, under the floor behind the front seat, and under the front toe
steer. With the new 35 X 5 tires and wheels, it is hard to believe      boards are some of the spacious areas for tools and supplies.
that it is the same car. Steers much easier.                            6. This car is so different from our '14 Stanley that it is not fair
           We have been fine tuning and adjusting to make things        to compare the two of them. Each of them are in different
more manageable with the car.                                           worlds. Steam is the only common denominator between them.
                                                                        7. The car, with it's longer wheel base, rides as smooth as a
Things that we have put our attention to are:                           Greyhound Bus. Turns about as sharp too!
                                                                        Around our county, the '22 would be much less stressful to drive
1. Install Blazick type # 56 self cleaning main jets. The other         because of it's longer range between water fillings. And it hauls
jets occasionally reminded us that they could clog up for us.           up to 7 people! Our grand kids finally have room to ride.
                                                                        From your Editor:
2. Installed a new battery. To our delight, all of our lights work.     I have been very nervous about this extra dash valve handle on
Including the firing up area light and the light under the dash for     my 735. I have determined that one the handle's lines connects
illumination of the boiler water level. Even the klaxon horn            behind the steam loop after the super heater and before the
under the hood, still works from the horn button in the center of       engine. The other line connects into the engine's exhaust steam
the steering wheel.                                                     pipe before the feed water heater.
                                                                                  This valve is plumbed with only 1/4 " lines so it's
3. Replacing hoses. Hmm. After 78 years, they needed                    volume is small. Any ideas what the hand valve installer had in
replacing because they were leaking. Condenser hoses and feed           mind?
water to water pump hoses.                                                        My steam cylinder oil is injected into the steam line
                                                                        back at the engine instead of right after the steam loop.
4. Rounded up a tire pump, axle jack, and lug wrench. Our               From Neil Brady-Browne & Richard Roberts:
spare would not have helped us without these handy items.               We acquired our 1907 Stanley Runabout EX #3250, this last
                                                                        winter. It was reported to be restored 44 years back by Maynard
5. Developing a game plan to keep the cylinder oil out of the           Leighton. After many hours of serious work on fuel, burner, and
boiler. How does this sound?                                            water systems, we are steaming around. Replacement gears for
a. Use the surface blow off valve every chance I get.                   the damaged back axle finally arrived and are being fitted. Now
b. Dump my water tank and refill with fresh water every chance          our hope is to spread this report around in order to pick up the
trail of this Stanley’s life. “Who were the people involved and         Overfilling the water tank, always shows a trace of oil, but with
where has the car spent it’s life?” Please contact Neil Brady-          cool water going into the tank, I think the oil sticks to the copper
Browne Sr., 818 Knight Road, Comox, BC V9M 3T2.                         tank mostly and just water with a trace of oil overflows.
Richard Roberts: More happenings with EX, some person in
                                                                           It sounds like your new boiler will provide lots of go.
the past had capped the brake drums
                                                                        Question: what do you think of condensing to reduce vapor
with 1/16" brass band soft soldered on, well you can guess,
                                                                        behind car but releasing afterwards to atmosphere, then you
brake got hot, solder failed and oops; there is a grinding sound
                                                                        could use 100% of the tank water and not have any oil in boiler
from poor acting brakes, with lots of junk in the copper jacket,        at all? I have always heard a concern from experienced steam
lucky, nothing went through the gears! So it came apart again           men about copper tubes and condensing cars, but no explanation
machined drum true and silver soldered a steel band back on and
                                                                        as to why, does the oil react more to copper than steel? As to
machined true again. Back in business. RR
                                                                        flushing condenser, I use a industrial strength Chevron
Richard Roberts: Da Mystery Valve on Farrell’s Stanley 735              detergent, (stinky stuff) block water return line to tank and fill
Dash board:                                                             condenser right to the neck, let it soak hours, drain through full
                                                                        water tank, by sticking my hot pressure washer wand into the top
Where and how accessible is the steam chest drain? Maybe this           of condenser and let flow for extended time. This solution is
valve was used to bleed off pressure when stuck in reverse? Now         diluted now so not worth saving. You could use kerosene solvent
you are finding out how it is with a heavy car like our Brooks          or what ever, and save it for the next flush, what ever is handy
4950 lb. dry weight, and you are working with a bigger boiler,          and is cheap, I just happened to have purchased a barrel of
sure sounds good, bet it rides real smooth. At the present time I       detergent, so used that, but once with water it looses strength,
have moth balled the Brooks till the EX novelty wears off, then         also goes milky white. Must repeat, very strong smell, but good
it needs attention as the valves leak. Regards Richard                  stuff, if cleaning engines, after washing off the detergent the iron
                                                                        will rust. Also I introduce the lye to the neck of condenser as I
Editor: Dear Richard, The steam chest valve is reached                  am filling with water, this also helps to keep the condenser
(located outside the car) from the driver's seat. It takes a long       cleaner. RR
arm to reach it though. With the glass sliding windows shut, it
would take time and be a pain to reach outside for the steam            Fran Duveneck writes: It occurs to me in these days, when so
chest valve. Also to use the steam chest to bleed the pressure          many Stanley operators are using Baker Burners, that some of
off, makes a waste of the steam cylinder oil left in the steam          them might be interested in a book about Harley O. Baker, the
chest. To use my mystery valve on the dashboard to do this              inventor of the burner as well as the boiler and car, for that
function is a brilliant answer to possibly what this valve is used      matter. Perhaps the book, by Barbara Baker is well known, But
for. Your answer is the best answer yet! This Stanley was sold          I did not know about it until about a year ago. Written by the
new in Seattle and I am sure that it spent many an hour starting        wife of one of the Baker Grandsons Centennial Publications,
and stopping at street lights on the steep hills there. The original    Grand Junction, Colorado. I enjoy your publication, but would
owner lived on Queen Anne Hill.                                         be interested in your progress in your restorations.....

Have you ever tried to start out on a hill in hook up and have          From August 13th through August 18th, 18 Cars attended the
your car slip into reverse? If you had your foot under the reverse      "Oughty Oughty Ought Mt. Shasta White Centennial Tour".
hook up lever, it can get flattened rather easily by the force          Steady sunshine the whole 6 days was welcomed by all. Only
pulling the lever into reverse. This mystery valve would quickly        two cars, that were busy with other things, didn't get into our
bleed the pressure off so that you could get both the foot out          Wednesday group photo.
from under the pedal and out of reverse too.
                                                                                  What did we like best?
Richard Roberts: All the things you refer to for keeping oil out        *Seeing our steam friends again and touring with them.
of the boiler, are with merit, I find that the best oil separator is    *Touring over the Mountain pass to Etna. 140 miles on that day.
the "condenser", and the water tank, oil sticks to the inside of        *Siphoning water out of the river and irrigation ditches.
anything that is cooler than the exhaust steam, there is many           *Touring on less traveled roads and over the "mountain goat
separator designs out there and all are of some help, but the best      trail" to McCloud.
is still the condenser, and this should be flushed often or it looses
its ability to condense. I had been loosing boiler tubes, "Steel" at    By the end of the steam tour we had put on a little over 400
a very early hour of use, it seems as there was a chemical              miles on our '14 Stanley. There were a few lost souls that
reaction between the chlorine in the water and the lube oil,            managed to put on more miles than us but they had fun doing it!
(acidic action), started adding a tablespoon of lye to every water
fill up, haven't lost a tube since, not only does lye eat oil but it    Cars and owners that attended the tour:
softens water as well, ask a chemist ! After doing this, blow
downs were dirty brown, where it was just clear water before.           1907 Stanley EX,                     Ken Foster
1909 Stanley Model R                         Sue Davis               Thanks again, and thanks to Mike and Nick and the committee
1910 Stanley Model 61               Bob Ingwersen                    for a memorable tour.
1910 Stanley Model 71               Mike Simpson                     Happy Steam’in,
1910 Stanley Model 71               Fran Duveneck
1911 Stanley Model 62               Vern Wellburn
1914 Stanley Model 606              Pat Farrell
1919 Stanley 735 B Touring                   Dick Moore
1922 Stanley Model 740 "            Ron Parola                       Question?
1922 Stanley 740 Brougham                    Chris Roberts           After emptying our Halon fire extinguishers on Wellburn’s
1924 Stanley Model 750Touring        Channell Wasson                 “well-burning” Stanley at Mt. Shasta, where can we refill them?
1909 White Model O roadster                  Nick Howell
1910 White Model OO Touring         Jim Crank
                                                                     Editor: I checked with my Uncle on fire extinguishers. He says
1910 White OO            "          Leon Hand
                                                                     that Halon has gone the way of the DODO bird. Those that still
1909 White O             "                   Ryan Thurber
                                                                     have any Halon left are charging lots for it. To recharge an
1909 White Model M       "                   Ron Thurber
                                                                     extinguisher, it costs $22 a pound for the Halon and if your
1906 White Model F       "                   Jon Gurney
                                                                     extinguisher is beyond 6 years of a pressure test, it can cost from
1910 White Model OO      "          Rob Williams
                                                                     $6 to $10 to test it (depending on size) on top of the Halon cost.
                                                                     Maybe CO2 might be more affordable? 3 Pounds or larger
          Many thanks go Nick and Hazel Howell, and Mike
                                                                     should be the minimum for fighting a car fire. Some car shows
and Sarah Simpson for the hard work and planning that they
                                                                     require no less than a 5 pound extinguisher displayed with each
put in to pull this tour off.
                                                                     car displayed. After four extinguishers were emptied on your
                                                                     Stanley in Mt. Shasta, the water hose saved the day with only
Vern Wellburn: Thank you and all the others who helped me
                                                                     the paint burned off the fender.
put the fire out on my Stanley on Friday at the Steam tour in
Mt.Shasta. That is the worst fire that I have had and it could       From Billie Hyland: Would you like to use your car for the
have been a disaster without your help. Surprisingly it did very     Stephen King --Peter Jennings--Walt Disney Co. movie? The
little damage. The paint on the left fender was cooked which I       date is Sept 6th at 8:00 AM in Seattle at 1st and 2nd --Pioneer
have now repainted and that’s about all. The brass was sooty but     Square--Paying 250 dollars for the one day. Let me know as the
cleaned up nicely.                                                   guy is stopping by tomorrow to confirm the rest of the
I really don’t know what caused the fire. The pilot was on while
we ate breakfast and the mains started up with a moan like they      Scene from the movie “Rose Red”
should. It had 50 psi of steam when it caught fire. The gusty        Editor: We rented our car to their movie. The mystery movie
wind must have blown the fire out and raw fuel ran into the          will show in late 2001 or early 2002 and be named “Rose Red”.
burner pan then it relit. The flames at the back came from under
the burner not between the burner and boiler. Anyway, Stanleys       Chris Roberts writes: I have a question to all who may have a
are always interesting and exciting.                                 thought. I am hard chroming a set of piston rods. The problem is
                                                                     the threads are a stretched a bit, and the middle of the thread is
Pat and I really enjoyed the tour and meeting old friends. It’s a    .006" undersize. I am thinking of using a rethreading die which
pretty unique group and some of us have been meeting                 will place the threads in the right possession, but will not restore
irregularly for almost 20 years. In fact we meet so irregularly      the original size, and they will still be .006" undersize. My
that I have difficulty remembering names especially wives            question is, “will this matter?” I don't think it will make that big
names. My wife, Pat, prefers not to be called “Vern’s wife           of a difference once the pistons are set up and locked together.
what’s-her-name”. Name tags or a list of participants would help     My only other thought although I do not like it is to either weld
us oldsters.                                                         up the piston rod at the threads and then cut new threads, or to
                                                                     cut a new thread next size down and fabricate new pistons. Any
The Tuesday tour to Etna was great because the tour book told        thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
us what to expect and we followed it. Thursday to Montague           Art Hart Writes: You can bet that the threads in the cast iron
was beautiful and easy driving. The only problem was Friday to       pistons are worn even more than the piston rod shaft since the
McCloud. After the fire my Stanley steamed just fine, so off we      cast iron is softer than the steel.
went, but we had no idea of the steepness of the hill or the         So new pistons are in order or easier yet, make steel buttons to
condition of the road, and the tour book was too brief. As a         press into the original cast iron pistons. While you are at it I
result I didn’t manage my steam or water as carefully as             would recommend turning the piston rods from 11/16 - 18 down
necessary and was forced to turn back at mile six -- nearly at the   to the standard
top.                                                                 5/8 - 18 threads. What this does is give you a small shoulder to
screw the first half of the piston up against. I feel this gives you   Editor: New book just out! “Mr. Stanley of Estes Park” by
a more secure assembly than just relying on the force of the two       James H. Pickering and available through the Stanley Museum.
piston halves screwed up tight against each other. From the            A 363 page thorough history of the Stanley twins and their
number of pistons that come loose, we know this was not totally        involvement in Estes Park, Colorado. I finished Jim
successful. All engines that leave my shop are done this way.          Pickering's book in two sittings. He did an excellent job of
The nice thing about the steel thread insert in the piston is that     research and assembling the book in a meaningful order. I never
you can use the original pistons. Even if you rebore the               before knew who Enos A. Mills was until I read the book and
cylinders you can use the original pistons on a condensing car         found out that he was the leading advocate for the Rocky
engine as the clearance (which will be larger now) between the         Mountain National Park. Just this last week in a local
piston and the wall is not as critical as in a gas engine where        newspaper, his named surfaced again and I immediately knew
piston slap results. The crosshead and stuffing box support the        who he was. At Longs Peak, archeologists are presently doing
piston rod and all the piston has to do is hold the rings to prevent   research to find out the history of man there and Mills was focal
steam from blowing by. When I make new pistons I usually               point of the article. See, books do make you smarter!
leave .015" clearance. I think the factory ran them as close as        From your friend in SSsssteam
.005". I have bored engines to .030" over and still used the
original pistons with the result that the clearance is something       Sad news: Howard Langdon who could set new speed records
like .035" without any problems. The insert that I use in the          with his Doble powered Green Monster, suffered a major fire of
piston is made from 1" diameter 4140 rod                               his machine shop last winter, destroying his shop and his Green
stock. It is 0.735" long (0.015" less than the height of the piston    Monster too. The fire was so hot that everything was destroyed.
half). All but 0.200" of it is turned down to 0.752" diameter so it    The Doble engine from the Green Monster was salvaged from
will press into a 0.750 reamed hole in the piston. And of course       his burned up car with little hope of the engine ever being used
it is drilled and tapped 5/8 -18. The piston half is mounted in a      again.
lathe smooth side out and indicated to run true, then drilled thru     Update of local Steamers: John Reilly reports that John
and reamed 0.750" diameter and then                                    Katzel of Penticton lost his 1912 Stanley Model 62 roadster in a
counterbored 1" diameter X 0.200" deep.                                divorce and it was sold by auction to fellow in the states. Fred
Then I press the insert into the piston half using Loctite 292         and Julie Bower of Florence, Oregon own a 1903 Stanley
which is a temperature resistant version. There may be higher          Model C and a 1909 White Model ) touring. We need to get
temp versions available now. Actually any Loctite sleeve               them out and touring with us.
retainer will work as I doubt it the Loctite does any good at          FOR SALE:
Stanley engine operating temperatures anyway. You need it in           Jim Evers writes: Would you please print the following ad in
there to prevent the insert from turning when you install the          your next newsletter?
piston. To install the piston halves, I mount the one half in a        For Sale: 1906 Stanley Steamer Replica, good body, boiler,
three jaw chuck on the lathe with the piston rod supported on a        engine, etc. $8,500.00 Call Jim (541)963-5583 LaGrande, OR
center in the tail stock and screw the rod into the piston half. I     For sale: From the estate of Tracey Porter, Salem, Oregon,
then use a huge 24" adjustable wrench to tighten the piston rod        1910 White Model OO speedster. Was asking $9,500. Relative
into the piston half. I use a lot of force here. So much that I        who lives in Washington now has it for sale. Besides frame and
wonder if I'm going to twist the rod so much that the chrome will      engine, hardly anything else on this car is original White parts.
all pop off. I usually do get some minor chipping at the shoulder      It is in running condition.
where the piston insert is deforming the shoulder. However if
you get Phil Reed's shop to do the chrome work (they know
what to do and have done many Stanley piston rods) you will not
have to worry about the quality of the chrome. That is
Electronic Chrome and Grinding Co, Santa Fe Springs, CA.
(phone 562-946-6671) They usually have a display ad in the
HCCA Roster. Repeat the lathe assembly for the second half of
the piston. I then usually turn the whole assembly in the lathe to
see how badly the pistons are running out. No matter how
carefully you do each step there will be some piston wobble. I
don't think this really hurts anything, although it may take a bit
longer for the rings to wear in. If I have used original pistons
and NOT rebored the cylinders I will take a light cut on the O.D.
of the pistons so they will still clear the cylinder walls OK.
Oh yes, I use the high temp Loctite on the threads too. It can't
Good luck! Art Hart

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