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Olive Product Suite
Featured Sites – English
Featured Sites – French
Other Site Opportunities
Olive Media is the leading online sales representation
company in Canada. We offer a full range of custom
solutions to fit any client’s objectives and budget.

Choose from the best content available online, coupled
with reach of 72% of online Canadians*, with the
convenience of a single point of contact.

Whether you require site specific integrations, broad
reaching performance campaigns, video, or mobile, Olive
Media’s products perform.

Product Overview                                          *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar ‘12
Product Spectrum

Product Overview
Product Overview
Olive Elite brings you exclusive access to premium,
content-rich, brand-name sites, in both English and

Build your brand with:
      • Association with the internet’s best content
      • Specific sites, sections, pages
      • High impact online executions
      • Custom integrations
      • Newsletters
      • Video

Call us! We love to innovate

Product Overview
Olive Vertical offers a fully transparent list of premium
sites, organized by site content. Choose a category, or
zoom into a narrower subcategory, for efficient reach of
your target audience. And, with full site transparency,
your brand safety is guaranteed.

Olive Vertical delivers efficient, targeted reach.

Product Overview
Olive Brand Response drives results on a brand-safe
network of sites, coupled with sophisticated targeting

Target your audience with:
     • Channel targeting
     • Niche targeting
     • Behavioural targeting
     • Search retargeting
     • Re-messaging
     • Geotargeting
     • ISP targeting

Optimize your campaign to maximize ROI
     • Click through optimization
     • Pixel optimization
     • Acquisition optimization

Pricing Flexibility
      • CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI pricing options
      • Managed site lists, or access real time inventory

Product Overview
Whether you’re an experienced mobile planner or
putting together your first mobile campaign, Olive
Mobile is well positioned to help you meet your mobile
marketing needs.

With over 58.5 MM monthly Canadian impression1, Olive
Mobile boasts the largest Canadian location-based
advertising network. And with best-in-class service, you
can rest assured that your mobile campaign’s success is
in good hands.

Olive Mobile offers :
• Strategic guidance
• Premium exclusive sites, apps and tablet
• Custom application builds and creative
• Channels and network inventory

Product Overview                                           *comScore Canada, Mobilens, n=5500, Persons 13+, March 2011
                                                                                                        **Nielsen 2009
Leverage your video assets across Olive Media’s wide
array of content. Our site offerings include:
• In banner video
• Pre/post/mid roll offerings
• Product placement in professionally produced video
• Branded content

Showcase full interactivity around your brand with
Pimento, Olive Media’s full screen video player.

We’ll take care of everything – creative, ad serving, and
media placement, all on a cost per interaction pricing

Product Overview
Featured Sites
English Offering
Featured English Sites
AllRecipes.com is the world's largest food-based
social network. With a searchable database of more
than 40,000 recipes, it is the perfect resource for
rookie cooks, experienced entertainers and veteran

Who will you reach?
• Primary grocery decision makers
• Skews women 25-54

Did you know?
• More than half of AllRecipes users visit a                   Key Monthly Stats*
  grocery store within 48 hours of visiting the
                                                               Unique Visitors: 2,387,000
                                                               Page Views:     27,964,000
• Content is organically-grown from
  contributions of millions of experienced cooks
  over an 11-year period
• AllRecipes.com offers many content integration

                                                      *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
                                                      ** Sources: QC & CA user surveys March 2010
Baby Center is the number one online parenting
brand in the world. It is dedicated to helping new
and expecting parents find the information, support
and reassurance they need. The site brings high
quality medically reviewed information. No other
pregnancy and baby website provides similar in-
depth content.

Who will you reach?
• More than ¾ of pregnant women in Canada
• Women at a critical life stage, when they’re
  evaluating what’s best for themselves and their

Did you know?
• Baby Center moms drive decisions about food,                          Key Monthly Stats*
  laundry, hair care and skin care products**
                                                                        Unique Visitors:   748,000
• More than ¾ said quality was more important
                                                                        Page Views:      9,709,000
  than price**
• Almost ¾ are ready and willing to try new
  beauty products**

                                                              *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
                                                      ** BabyCenter Canada on-network survey, August 2010
CarandDriver.com is the online extension of the
world's # 1 automotive magazine and the one-stop
destination for in-market automotive buyers and
enthusiasts alike.

Who will you reach?
• Skews male
• Car aficionados
• Active car buyers at a crucial point in their
  purchasing cycle

Did you know?
• For more than 50 years Car and Driver has                 Key Monthly Stats*
  delivered exclusive car news and unbiased
                                                            Unique Visitors:   243,000
  reviews provided by industry leading experts
                                                            Page Views:      3,992,000
• CarandDriver.com examines new technology,
  new directions and new ideas put forth by the
  automobile industry

                                                   *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
CNNMoney.com combines its original reporting with
the power of the most trusted brands in business
and finance (CNN, Fortune, and Money). It provides
comprehensive news and analysis that matters to
professionals with a focus on business, personal
finance, markets, technology and small business.

Who will you reach?
• Affluent Men aged 25-64 – with a 35-49 skew
• Business decision makers
• C-suite executives and small business owners
  as well as savvy investors and tech influencers

Did you know?
• The site provides small business leaders                    Key Monthly Stats*
  insights and practical advice on issues that
                                                              Unique Visitors:   540,000
  matter most to them.
                                                              Page Views:      6,195,000
• More than 40% of all Canadians visiting
  CNNMoney go to the Business News section
• Most loyal visitors check out the “Markets”
• Canadians are engaged with Personal Finance
  section (avg 3.5 pages per visit)

                                                     *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
DailyMotion.com offers the latest music videos,
short movies, television shows, funny and extreme
videos. Users can watch premium and official videos

Who will you reach?
• Attracts both youth and adults
• Skews Adults 25-54 (particularly males)
• Strong Quebec following

Did you know?
• One-third of all traffic comes to the site via               Key Monthly Stats*
  Google search
                                                               Unique Visitors: 2,345,000
• Top channels include Film & TV, Music, News &
                                                               Page Views:     39,734,000
  Politics and Funny

                                                      *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
Jumpstart Automotive Group offers an array of
premium automotive publishers to reach the
coveted in-market car shopper. Jumpstart offers
comprehensive in-market research, expert and
consumer reviews, buying guides and tools.

Who will you reach?
• A predominantly adult male audience of auto
  enthusiasts and car-buyers

Did you know?
• Jumpstart targets serious car buyers                      Key Monthly Stats*
• 86% of auto shoppers use the internet in their
                                                            Unique Visitors:   653,000
  decision-making process**
                                                            Page Views:      8,911,000

                                                   *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
                                                                      ** GfK Automotive Study
The New York Times is one of the world’s most
trusted news sources and a leader in online news
and innovation. The site is committed to delivering
quality news, financial updates and information in
Canada and around the world.

Who will you reach?
• A highly loyal and engaged audience of
  business leaders, influencers and high-end
• Adult 25+ audience

Did you know?
• NYTimes.com is the #1 newspaper site in the                                   Key Monthly Stats*
  U.S and #3 in Canada*
                                                                                Unique Visitors: 2,153,000
• Nearly half of NYTimes.com readers are
                                                                                Page Views:     27,894,000
  influentials **
• If you want to build reach, only a tenth of the
  audience is also visiting GlobeandMail.com

                                                                       *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
                                                           **Roper GFK, Jun’06 (4120 NYTimes.com registered users)
                                                      NOTE: Influentials® are market multipliers who have a spiral of
                                                        influence in promoting ideas, products and services to others
People.com is the #1 celebrity site for women. It is
her 24/7 sources for news, style and photos. The
ultimate daily celebrity escape, updated minute-by-
minute, making it the web’s ultimate authority on
who’s hot and what’s new.

Who will you reach?
• Women 18-54
• Celeb news enthusiasts

Did you know?
• More than 95% of the site is comprised of                     Key Monthly Stats*
  original content
                                                                Unique Visitors: 1,435,000
• People actively choose People.com -- more
                                                                Page Views:     72,914,000
  than 50% of users begin their experience on
  the homepage
• People.com often gets the story first with the
  accuracy and credibility of the PEOPLE brand

                                                       *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
RoadandTrack.com serves up a winning combination
of features and news along with a comprehensive
buyer's guide that includes road test & comparison
test reviews.

Who will you reach?
• Male audience
• Passionate car enthusiasts

Did you know?
• The site’s popular forums allow auto                        Key Monthly Stats*
  enthusiasts to interact and share information
                                                              Unique Visitors:    64,000
• Road and Track has a 60-year history of
                                                              Page Views:      1,642,000
  providing the finest road tests of new cars and
  comprehensive comparisons for making car
  shopping decisions easier

                                                     *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
thestar.com is an award-winning news, information
and entertainment site that attracts an affluent and
educated audience. With constant breaking news
updates, thestar.com attracts visitors repeatedly
throughout the day so they can learn what’s new
and interesting in Canada and around the world.

Who will you reach?
• A broad Canadian audience with a 25-54 skew
• Savvy, well educated, affluent visitors who are
  business decision makers
• Higher propensity than the average Internet
  user to have a 6 figure personal income

Did you know?
• Thestar.com took home three Canadian Online                    Key Monthly Stats*
  Publishing Awards in October 2010, including
                                                                 Unique Visitors: 3,144,000
  best overall website
                                                                 Page Views:     66,032,000
• In 2010, an average of 42% of thestar.com’s
  daily visitors have visited the site two or more
  times a day**
• Thestar.com is Canada’s second National
  newspaper site*

                                                       *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
                                                         **Omniture, Internal Data, Jan-Jul 2010 Avg
toronto.com powers the Toronto Star Arts and
Entertainment section, providing users with an
ultimate entertainment destination. Providing up-to-
the-minutes news as well as information and what
to do and where to go in the city.

Who will you reach?
• Both men and women alike
• Active urbanites with high disposable income
• Active Torontonians and tourists looking for
  things to do in Toronto

Did you know?
• toronto.com is the #1 destination for                         Key Monthly Stats*
  information on large seasonal events such as
                                                                Unique Visitors:   667,000
  Winterlicious, Summerlicious and TIFF
                                                                Page Views:      3,388,000

                                                       *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
Wheels.ca is Canada’s most comprehensive and
trusted automotive resource offering opinions from
renowned automotive experts, car comparison
tools, car finders and a robust used vehicle section.

Who will you reach?
• A highly-educated, affluent audience who are
  at the critical point in the car purchasing cycle
• Men 18-54

Did you know?
• It is the only Canadian site with over 10 years                Key Monthly Stats*
  of searchable vehicle reviews from notable
                                                                 Unique Visitors:   392,000
  industry experts
                                                                 Page Views:      3,175,000
• Wheels.ca has developed an extensive
  database of new cars, used cars and dealership
  listings aimed at simplifying a user’s car hunt

                                                        *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
Featured French Sites
Featured French Sites
AllRecipes.qc.ca is a haven for those who enjoy
cooking. Community members can post their own
recipes and tips, making AllRecipes.qc.ca a fun and
easy way to explore new food ideas.

Who will you reach?
• Family-focused women with rich, busy lives
• Women living in Quebec, ages 25-54

Did you know?
• All Recipes is the world’s largest food-based                Key Monthly Stats*
  social network
                                                               Unique Visitors:         160,000
                                                               Page Views:              755,000

                                                      *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
auFeminin is the leading French women’s lifestyle
portal in French Canada and specializes in delivering
compelling, high-end, relevant content across a
variety of subjects including fashion, beauty,
pregnancy and health.

Who will you reach?
• Active urban women aged 18-49
• Women 18- 34 skew

Did you know?
• Launched in 1999 and was the first French                                              Key Monthly Stats*
  language women’s lifestyle site on the Internet
                                                                                         Unique Visitors:   788,000
• auFeminin.TV launched in September 2010
                                                                                         Page Views:      4,885,000
• 61% of auFeminin users search online before
  making beauty purchases**

                                                                                *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
                                                        ** Online survey conducted on auFeminin.ca, Nov’08 – 560 respondents
Doctissimo is a leading lifestyle site in French
Canada. Doctissimo specializes in health and
wellness highlighting health, medicine, pregnancy
and babies, psychology, sexuality, nutrition and

Who will you reach?
• Primarily women between 18 and 49 years old
• Reaches young women and families seeking
  advice on a healthy lifestyle

Did you know?
• Doctissimo was launched in 2000 and is the                   Key Monthly Stats*
  first health and well being site targeting French
                                                               Unique Visitors: 1,107,000
  language individuals
                                                               Page Views:      4,856,000
• The site is among the 10 most popular sites in
• Doctissimo offers the ability to target very
  granular topics

                                                      *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
DuProprio offers homeowners a professional, honest
and innovative real estate service to sell their home
commission-free! It is part of the largest and most
visited commission-free network in Canada.

Who will you reach?
•   46/54 men/women**
•   Skew 25-54**
•   Families: 71% are a couple **
•   31% have a HH revenue of 80k+**
•   30% have a University Degree**

Did you know?
• In 2007 & 2008, it ranked among the Canadian                  Key Monthly Stats*
  Business Magazine's top 125 Fastest Growing
                                                                Unique Visitors:    653,000
  Canadian Companies.
                                                                Page Views:      26,606,000
• Users spend over 8 minutes online and view 20
  pages /per visit**
• Since the creation in 1997, more than 100,000
  Canadians sold their homes with the help of
  the DuProprio

                                                        *comScore Canada; Media Metrix;Jan-Mar’12
LaPresse.ca is the number one content-driven
information source for French Canadians on the
web. The site hosts seven of the most important
daily newspapers in the French Canadian market
and is supported by 50 dedicated web journalists
and 500 correspondents and collaborators
throughout the world.

Who will you reach?
• A very loyal audience – more than 60% of users
  visit more than 25 times each month *
• Primary 18-54 years old

Did you know?
• Over 85% of site traffic is generated during              Key Monthly Stats*
  business hours *
                                                            Unique Visitors: 2,660,000
• Monthly time spent on LaPresse is tops in
                                                            Page Views:     75,368,000
  North America, beating out leading news sites
  like the NY Times, Boston Globe, and the
  Chicago Tribune **
  * Source : Google Analytics, Q3 2011
  ** Source: Comscore USA & Canada, 2010

                                                   *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
La Presse Affaires is French Canada's premiere
online business newspaper with up-to-the minute
financial and business information. The site also
provides special reports on stock markets, real
estate, personal finance management and
investment funds.

Who will you reach?
• Adults aged 35 – 55 with an annual income
  above average

Did you know?
• Over 95% of traffic is generated during business            Key Monthly Stats*
  hours (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm) *
                                                              Unique Visitors:   510,000
• On average, LPA reaches over twice more
                                                              Page Views:      5,126,000
  unique visitors than LesAffaires.com – it’s
  closest competitor in the French market **
  * Source : Google Analytics, Q3 2011
  ** Source: Comscore Canada, Q2 2011

                                                     *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
LaPresse Auto is a complete and comprehensive
auto site designed for both auto enthusiasts and car
buyers in the Quebec market. The site features
thousands of articles, photos and reviews and allows
users to compare the features of up to three

Who will you reach?
• French Canadian auto enthusiasts
• Car buyers looking to read reviews & research
  vehicles before purchasing

Did you know?
• The site will was just re-launched in the fall of             Key Monthly Stats*
  2011 with a new look, new name and tons of
                                                                Unique Visitors:   232,000
  new features.
                                                                Page Views:      1,159,000

                                                       *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
Featuring the most comprehensive guide to film
news, reviews, trailers and movie listings in Quebec.
This site presents exclusive photo galleries, new
movie trailers, detailed movie reviews by some of
French Canada’s most respected critics, weekly box
office numbers and more.

Who will you reach?
• Entertainment conscious Quebecers
• Loyal users who stick to one source for their
  daily dose of movie news & reviews

Did you know?
• 32% of site visitors go to the movies more than                Key Monthly Stats*
  5 times per year, 44% above average index
                                                                 Unique Visitors:         196,000
  according to Nadbank
                                                                 Page Views:              909,000

                                                        *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
From Real Estate classifieds to renovation tips to the
latest deco trends or garden planning tools, LaPresse
Maison contains virtually everything required to
become a perfect home owner. It is one of Quebec's
most popular home-oriented sites.

Who will you reach?
• Adults 18-54
• Higher propensity than average to reach
  Women 18-54

Did you know?
• There are more than 10,000 exclusive articles                   Key Monthly Stats*
  available on the site
                                                                  Unique Visitors:         188,000
                                                                  Page Views:              857,000

                                                         *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
LaPresse Techno is the French-language tech leader
in Quebec for information technology. The site’s
mission is to inform, equip, counsel and serve
technology enthusiasts on the web.

Who will you reach?
• Male skewed audience with high income

Did you know?
• LaPresse Techno has a section and a blogger                 Key Monthly Stats*
  entirely dedicated to video games (news,
                                                              Unique Visitors:   256,000
  reviews, new releases, etc.)
                                                              Page Views:      1,089,000

                                                     *comScore Canada; Media Metrix; Jan-Mar’12
LaPresseVoyage is a rendez-vous for Internet users
who want to explore destinations and plan exciting
activities. Whether a short weekend getaway, a stay
in the sun or an exotic adventure for weeks, just
check the travel section and discover destinations to
visit. LaPresseVoyage also offers deals, tips &

Who will you reach?
• Women: 63%
• 25-54: 63%

Did you know?
• Content is categorized by region to optimize          Key Monthly Stats*
  the user experience
                                                        Unique Visitors:           123,000
• Users are asked to rate the “best places” and
                                                        Page Views:                934,000
  can send their favorites

                                                        *Source : Google Analytics, Q1 2012
                                                                 ** iPerceptions Study 2009
Other Site Specific Opportunities
Site Specific Opportunities - English
Site Specific Opportunities - French
Custom Opportunities
Looking for an execution that has
never been done before in Canada?
Have a specific objective, and aren’t
quite sure how to achieve it? Have a
creative idea that you’ve never seen
run before? Talk to us – we love to

Custom Executions
With new publishers joining our family regularly, and
constant product innovation, Olive offers an ever-
evolving suite of solutions.

Challenge us with your most creative concepts – at Olive
we love to innovate!
Get in touch with us.
We’d love to help with your campaign.
Olive Media
590 King Street West, Suite 400
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1M3

p: 416.687.5700
f: 866.473.3921
e: info@olivemedia.ca

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