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					How Google’s Next Big Thing
Can Impact Your Business
by Nick Westergaard

 How Google’s
Next Big Thing
  Can Impact
Your Business

                 Introduction ......................................................................... 2
                 The Next Big Thing .............................................................. 3
                 Just The Facts ..................................................................... 5
                 Why We Need You ............................................................... 7
                 How I Use Google+ ............................................................. 8
                 Getting Started with Business Pages ................................ 11
                 What’s Next? A Business Wish List ................................... 14
                 Conclusion......................................................................... 15
                 About the Author ............................................................... 16

 How Google’s
Next Big Thing
  Can Impact
Your Business

                                       Without a doubt, one of the         Google+ is worth their scarce time and if it can
                                       biggest developments in the         honestly enhance their brand.
                                       marketing world over the past
                                       year has been Google+ —             As we look back on this year and forward to the
                                       Google’s foray into the social      next, I thought I would package these thoughts on
                                       media space. Many wondered          Google+ in a quick and free eBook for you
                 if Google+ was ‘the real thing’ or just another           to grab, consume, and share with your friends
                 ‘shiny new thing’ in our rapidly evolving                 and colleagues.
                 digital landscape.
                                                                           What follows is a snapshot of where Google+
                 With all this chatter, it’s not surprising that my blog   stands today and the potential it could hold for
                 posts exploring this new platform were among              your business …
                 my most popular content. People are curious if

                                                                                          NICKWESTERGAARD.COM                 2
 How Google’s
Next Big Thing
                 The Next Big Thing
  Can Impact
Your Business

                 You could say that Twitter has been all a-twitter this        The Big Differences Between
                 past year with the launch of Google+. Would it be             Google+ and Facebook
                 a ‘Facebook killer’ or a flop like Google Wave and
                                                                               Clean interface — The first thing many notice and
                 Google Buzz? Like all things Google, early access was
                                                                                 comment on is the clean, simple, Google-like
                 invitation-only, leading to a scarcity and exclusivity that
                                                                                 interface. You never realized how cluttered
                 only drove people’s curiosity further.
                                                                                 Facebook is until you get a glimpse of Google+.
                                                                                 Fields of user-friendly white space accented with
                 What follows is an executive summary of Google’s next
                                                                                 carefully placed text, easy-to-follow icons, and
                 big thing. Along the way, I also uncovered a larger
                                                                                 chunky action buttons, make Google+ a feat of both
                 brand-driven insight that Google is creating with this
                                                                                 form and function.
                 new platform.
                                                                               Circles — When entering a competitive field, you need
                                                                                 to target a painpoint of the current market leader so
                 What’s the Big Deal?
                                                                                    that you can drive in a wedge and start building
                 The Google+ Elevator Pitch
                                                                                     market share. So what’s Facebook’s weakness?
                 As a colleague of mine quipped early
                                                                                     Access. Sharing everything with everyone. Do
                 on, Google+ could be described as
                                                                                     you want your parents to see your party photos?
                 what Facebook would look like if Google
                                                                                   Do you want your distant friends to see that they
                 bought Facebook. Instead, I think
                                                                                 weren’t included in your recent gathering? Easy
                 Google made their own Facebook. And
                                                                                 — just sort out your friend lists on Facebook. As it
                 while calling Google+ “Google’s Facebook” is a quick
                                                                                 turns out, this isn’t so easy. Google exploits this with
                 and easy way to explain it to someone who doesn’t
                 know, there are some very big differences.                                                    >> CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

                                                                                                  NICKWESTERGAARD.COM                   3
                 THE NEXT BIG THING CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3                         The Bigger Picture: Google’s Brand-Driven Insight
 How Google’s                                                                     After my first day of Googling — or ‘Google Plussing’ — the
Next Big Thing
  Can Impact       their easy-to-use circles. When adding a friend, you           bigger brand picture hit me. Throughout this past year,
Your Business
                   simply drag their avatar into one or more graphical circles    Google quietly rolled out a redesign of their search pages (a
                   representing groups. You can then post updates to              very big deal!), the addition of the +1 rating to their AdWords
                   certain circles (close friends) with certain updates (party    system, and a reconfiguration of user profile pages. As it
                   photos) only.                                                  turns out, all of these changes set up the launch of Google+.

                 Friendship is a two-way street — Unlike Facebook, where          The search pages now feature the Google+ black bar at the

                   acceptance of a friend request is reciprocal, Google+          top for easy network access while you’re off Googling other

                   makes each party chose whether or not to connect with          things. Search results offer quick +1 buttons for sharing (a

                   the other, making it more like Twitter. And the best part …?   jab to Facebook’s ubiquitous ‘Like’ buttons). After the rollout,
                                                                                  a redesigned Gmail also appeared, further cementing this
                 Circles are blind — Maybe you put someone in your
                                                                                  interface and experience.
                   ‘acquaintances’ circle while they put you in their ‘besties’
                   circle! Oh no — they’ll find out and you’ll be ruined! Nope.
                                                                                  And that’s when it occurred to me: All of this is Google+. By
                   Only you can see what circle you’ve put people in.
                                                                                  making a deliberate choice not to badge this product as a
                 Hangout — Google+’s hangout feature is a big improvement         child brand like the failed Google Buzz and Google Wave,
                   over Facebook’s chat. Tying together Google Voice and          the folks in Mountain View are sending a bigger
                   your webcam you can create an impromptu conversation           brand message.
                   with connections. At this early stage, this represents one
                   of the best business applications thus far as the network      This new social network isn’t simply a product extension.
                   can easily support quick collaborations of                     Google+ is the new Google. Everything you loved about
                   work teams.                                                    simple, clean, elegant search plus a carefully constructed,
                 Sparks — A simple newsfeed system                                intuitive social network for you to develop even deeper,
                   providing you with easy access to                              more emotional connections using the Google brand
                   content aligned with your interests with                       as your conduit.
                   which to ‘chum’ your network of circles.
                                                                                  With Plus, Google is all in.

                                                                                                             NICKWESTERGAARD.COM                 4
 How Google’s
Next Big Thing
                 Just The Facts
  Can Impact
Your Business

                 If this is all coming at you pretty fast, let’s take a   FACT: You Can Mute Comment Notifications
                 step back and review what we know for certain            Tired of all of those emails you get from
                 about Google+ — Jack Webb style.                         commenting on a single post? (Looking at you
                                                                            again, Facebook.) In the footer of the Google+
                 FACT: You Do Not Need a Gmail                                 updates is a handy link that mutes your
                 Account to Sign Up for Google+                                comment notifications on that post. And don’t
                 Just a plain old Google account will                          worry. It’s just that post. You’ll still hear from
                 do. No Gmail required.                                        others as you comment if you choose. A big
                                                                             differentiator of Google+ is user control.
                 FACT: You Can Edit After Posting
                 Google+ posts are editable while Facebook posts          FACT: No One Can See Which Circles You’ve
                 are not. Hitting ‘return’ in Facebook posts your         Put Them In
                 status irrevocably (if you wanted to say something       It’s true and worth reiterating. It’s all blind. Relax
                 different all you can do is delete the post and try      and circle people (or don’t) honestly. You can also
                 again). Hitting ‘return’ in Google+ just … returns.      easily edit these circles anytime.
                 You have to click the ‘Share’ button to post and
                 even if you do and aren’t happy with it, Google+         FACT: So Far, Google+ Is Largely Populated by
                 posts are editable after you share publicly. All         the Tech Elite
                 you have to do is click on the options arrow in the      Great news! Many of your annoying high school
                 upper right corner of your post.                         friends and nosy co-workers aren’t on Google+ the

                                                                                                         >> CONTINUED ON PAGE 6

                                                                                           NICKWESTERGAARD.COM                      5
 How Google’s
Next Big Thing
  Can Impact
Your Business

                 JUST THE FACTS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 5                              FUN FACT: Mark Zuckerberg Is a Top Google+ User
                                                                                   Yep. The real Zuck. This is reported and confirmed by
                 way they’re on Facebook. However, the proliferation of early      SocialStatistics as well. Opposition research?
                 adopters, social media mavens, and geeks are presenting
                 a somewhat skewed social experience. There’s a lot of             FACT: Google Is Behind Google+ 100%
                 “inside baseball” talk right now. I, for one, will be glad when   Google has given many indicators supporting this including
                 more people dive in and diversify the stream. Speaking            carefully updating their sacred cow search interface and
                 of diversity …                                                    AdWords network. They’ve also hinted at several brand-
                                                                                   driven moves such as rebadging the venerable Picasa
                 FACT: Men Are Dominating Google+                                  and Blogger brands as Google Photos and Google
                 Sad but true. has the ratio currently at     Blogs to better align with the Google+ brand. This again
                 68.8% male and 30.1% female. (And, yes, 1.1% “other.”) Not        supports early thinking that the Google+ experience will be
                 a good thing by any means but better than the first month         the new Google.
                 after launch. Many attribute this heavy gender bias to the
                 fact that much of the early user base is made up of the male-     FINAL FACT: Google+ Is Still Young
                 dominated engineering industry that built it but still. Ouch.     I know it’s hard to imagine life before Google+ but this
                                                                                   platform isn’t even a year old. This is important to note
                 FACT: Google+ Has Already Shot Past 40-Million Users              because there are no experts on Google+. The people
                 While this is a long way from Facebook’s 800 million users        seemingly ahead of the curve have only been at it a little
                 it’s a pretty good upward swing only a few weeks out of the       longer than you. Roll your sleeves up and jump in.
                 gate. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of Facebook …

                                                                                                             NICKWESTERGAARD.COM                6
 How Google’s
Next Big Thing
                 Why We Need You
  Can Impact
Your Business

                 All of this sounds pretty cool, right? Know what Google+                                  of search and social. Many have
                 needs next? YOU! Still skeptical? Here are the big reasons                                already observed that Google
                 why you need to jump into the Google+ pool with both feet.                                search appears to give priority to
                                                                                                           Google+ results in your network. In
                 Why Google+?                                                                              short, Google search will probably
                 Unlike predecessors Google Buzz and Google Wave,                play very nicely with Google+ social activity. For example,
                 Google+ is gaining traction as a legitimate rival of either     my Google+ profile is already one of the top search results
                 Facebook, Twitter, both, or neither depending on who you        for my name.
                 ask and the day.
                                                                                 Why Now?
                 The big reason it’s competitive, as previously noted, is that   Have you ever stopped and wondered what you were doing
                 Google chose a good wedge issue — user control. From            when Facebook launched? Or Twitter? Or YouTube? This
                 drag-and-drop circles to the ability to liberate your data if   is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a new social
                 you choose, Google+ isn’t revolutionary but it stands out       network that’s quickly gaining traction.
                 by exploiting a key Facebook painpoint (can you imagine
                 exporting your info from Facebook?).                            Blaze the Trail: Be a Google+ Pioneer
                                                                                 The Rogers Innovation Adoption Curve — that simple bell
                 Why Does Google+ Matter in the Big Picture?                     curve featuring Innovators, Early Adopters, Early and Late
                 Searching and sharing are the building blocks of our online     Majority, and Laggards — is a great construct for ‘knowing
                 brands. Google literally owns search. Plus they own the         technology.’ As students of social media, we have to stay
                 second largest search engine (YouTube) and paid search          ahead of the curve. And the only way to do that is to be
                 advertising. Social ‘sharing’ has largely been the domain       an early adopter. It’s like being a pioneer. We have to set
                 of Facebook and Twitter. By challenging these networks,         out and blaze the trail so we’ll be ready when the
                 Google+ is a well-positioned platform at the intersection       majority arrives.

                                                                                                           NICKWESTERGAARD.COM                  7
 How Google’s
Next Big Thing
                 How I Use Google+
  Can Impact
Your Business

                 You’ve probably already seen a wide array of
                 responses to Google+ such as …

                 What would I do with another social network?
                 I haven’t logged into Google+ in days/weeks …
                 I am abandoning Facebook for Google+
                 immediately …

                 These are all actual statements I’ve heard from
                 friends and colleagues in one week alone.

                 While I’m a big advocate of Google+ based on
                 it’s early impact and business potential, I’m not
                 in favor of abandoning Facebook or Twitter or
                 my blog anytime soon. Why? Because they’re             last a few minutes like you see on Whose Line Is It,
                 all different social networks and tools with very      Anyway? On the other end of the spectrum you’ll
                 different uses. As such, I thought you might find      find long-form, Chicago-style improv that can run a
                 it helpful if I explained how I am currently using     half hour or more and contain many scenes loosely
                 Google+.                                               threaded together based on a single suggestion
                                                                        (a great place to see this style is ImprovOlympic,
                 Deeper “Long Form” Conversations                       or iO, in Chicago). I share this because I’m finding
                 I love improv comedy and actually trained at it for
                 a while. In improv there are short form ‘games’ that                               >> CONTINUED ON PAGE 9

                                                                                       NICKWESTERGAARD.COM                8
 How Google’s
Next Big Thing
  Can Impact
Your Business

                 HOW I USE GOOGLE+ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8                           Curate Content by Circle
                                                                                   Different posts for different folks! As I grow and diversify my
                 in my own use that Google+ is more like long-form improv          networks and circles, I find there are certain updates that
                 that can take apart an idea in a long, meaningful way.            fit my Google+ network — and even certain circles — more
                 I’ve had engaging discussions with friends about starting         than Facebook. For example, when Steve Jobs passed
                 businesses and spending time with kids that I’m not sure I        away, I found a cool memo honoring him from Lee Clow of
                 can get into on Twitter, which can feel a bit more like short-    Apple’s longtime agency TBWA. I wanted to share this and
                 form improv — no less useful, just shorter bursts.                found my ‘Professional’ circle on Google+ to be a better fit
                                                                                   as more marketers and agency folk make up that group and
                 Circles Cut Clutter                                               would appreciate it more than just blasting it on Facebook.
                 I know you can sort lists on Facebook, and TweetDeck can          Look for differences, embrace them, and share accordingly.
                 make Twitter more manageable (to a point) but all of this
                 takes time and isn’t always easy and intuitive. Especially        Comment Control
                 when compared with Google+ circles. Not only is it easy to        It’s sad but true. I hesitate getting involved in conversations
                 drag-and-drop people from circle to circle but it’s a great       on Facebook as I know I’ll get buried with notifications.
                 clutter cutter for your feed. I’ve created a ‘Core’ circle that   Google+ lets you mute these updates if they get out of hand
                 includes the people I want to hear from. After a quick scan       (commenting on a social digerati’s post can quickly jam
                 of the full stream at large (an opportunity for new, less         your stream). Again, this simple comment control invites
                 familiar acquaintances to make the cut), I quickly select this    conversation and adds to the overall feeling of an enhanced
                 Core circle and begin listening, conversing, and sharing.         social experience where you have more control as a user.
                 Blogger Chris Brogan noted on his recent “Twitter unfollow
                 experiment” that social media has gotten very noisy to the                                               >> CONTINUED ON PAGE 10
                 point that it can limit your value and return. Circles can help
                 you cut the clutter and engage.

                                                                                                              NICKWESTERGAARD.COM                 9
 How Google’s
Next Big Thing
  Can Impact
Your Business

                 HOW I USE GOOGLE+ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 9                     of our other spam — er … I mean, fun, engaging things
                                                                             — to Google+ (yet). This makes the time on Google+,
                 Hangouts Rock                                               for now, very different than other networks.
                 Most of the time. Early on these
                 video chats were super crisp offering                       Less Time on Google+
                 a high quality video conferencing                           Also of note, I spend less actual time here compared
                 alternative for up to 10 users. And it’s                    to Twitter and even Facebook. But my personal Twitter
                 free. Personally I think the video quality has dropped      usage requires more regular engagement multiple
                 off a bit as more users have joined Google+ but it’s        times a day where as stopping into Google+ is like
                 still better and cheaper than Skype for multiple users.     sitting down for a nightcap of thoughtful conversation.
                 Our small distributed work team uses hangouts for our       Engaging on each network is like running different
                 weekly Monday status meeting. And it’s a great way to       types of races with Twitter being lots of little fast sprints
                 pull together an impromptu face-to-face discussion          and Google+ being more of a marathon. The point?
                 with peers.                                                 Don’t sell Google+ short simply because your time
                                                                             spent on it is less than other social networks.
                 Less Noise Means More Engagement
                 Not only is the Google+ user interface light and simple     In the end, it’s a good idea to have an engagement
                 (a nice alternative to Facebook’s cable news-like ticker)   plan for social networks. It’s especially useful in your
                 but the conversation itself is more pure. That’s because    personal social networking to nail down how and why
                 you can’t push Foursquare, GetGlue, Untappd, and all        you use various networks to maximize their impact.

                                                                                                 NICKWESTERGAARD.COM                  10
 How Google’s
Next Big Thing
                 Getting Started with Business Pages
  Can Impact
Your Business

                                            Last fall, Google rolled out their     The First Steps
                                            long-awaited business pages for        To get started, you’ll need a Google+ Profile (a user
                                            brands to engage on Google+.           account). If you don’t already have this you’ll need to first
                 On the surface all of this could seem like “just another social   sign up for a free Google account (a Google account
                 network” for your business. Remember, though, Google              is handy for so many things like Gmail, Google Places,
                 has built a very different network defined by user control        AdWords, and Analytics). Once you have all of this set up
                 and closeness — seeing the updates you want to see and            (it’s just as easy if not easier than Facebook) you simply click
                 targeting your communications accordingly. This streamlined       on ‘Google Plus Page for Business’ (
                 ease of use and control has enormous business potential.          business/). If needed, you can create multiple business
                                                                                   pages from a single profile account. From here Page set-up
                 Have you ever felt spammy because your brand’s Facebook           is very similar to the process of building a Facebook Page —
                 Page updates get blasted to all of your fans regardless of        selecting a category, adding information, URL, and so on.
                 their relationship to you? Google+ allows businesses to
                 tailor social updates to special segments built around their      What You’ll Need
                 circles. These customized groups allow you to easily target
                                                                                   • Logo — 200 x 200 pixels.
                 conversations by audience. Like user profiles, businesses
                                                                                   • 10-word description — This will sit under your
                 too can choose whether they want followers to see which
                                                                                     Page’s name.
                 circles they’re in.
                                                                                   • 5 photos that best represent your brand. Like Facebook
                 Remember that brainstorming session where you wished                Pages, these tile along the top of your page (without these
                 you could quickly poll a few trusted customers? Google+’s           your Page will look decidedly naked).
                 video chat feature, hangouts, allows you to do just that.
                                                                                                                          >> CONTINUED ON PAGE 12
                 Simply start a hangout with a circle of your choosing, or
                 specific customers, and you can access on-demand
                 market research.

                                                                                                            NICKWESTERGAARD.COM                11
 How Google’s
Next Big Thing
  Can Impact
Your Business


                 • List of relevant websites you want to link to (list up to 20).

                 • Plan — Like all things social, you need an engagement plan.
                   Creating an outpost on a new social network is worthless
                   if it’s unclear who will manage it and how they’ll use it to
                   build your brand.

                 Take some time to complete your info. It’s nice for
                 followers but it’s also searchable content. The
                 rich editor, which allows you to style text and add
                 hyperlinks, shouldn’t be ignored either. You can
                 also “lock” certain posts to prevent further sharing
                 if you have a message you want to keep a tight lid
                 on. Again, this kind of editing and user control is
                 foreign to Facebook.

                 Finally, you’ll want to add a few posts before publishing
                 your Page. Nobody likes a vanilla page — not to mention the
                 fact that no one can comment without a post from you! Also, as
                 YouTube is a Google-owned property, it’s extremely easy to add video
                 content to your Page as well.
                                                   >> CONTINUED ON PAGE 13

                                                                                        NICKWESTERGAARD.COM   12
 How Google’s
  Can Impact
Your Business

                 Things to Remember
                 • Like Facebook, Profiles are for people and Pages are
                   for businesses. Neither networks like it when you deviate
                   from this.

                 • Promotion. Don’t forget to add a Google+ button to
                   your website or blog to drive your community to your
                   Google+ Page.

                 • Circle rules. Your brand page can only circle someone if
                   they circle your page first. However, you control if they can
                   see what circle you’ve put them in.

                 • What if no one …? Embarrassed that you will only have
                   a couple followers when you start? You can hide your
                   follower count in the early days so no one sees it’s just you
                   and your mom.
                                                                                   So there you have it. You can either run for the hills or dive
                 • Measure up. Like Facebook Insights, Google+ offers (what
                                                                                   into Google+ with both feet. Remember that it pays to be on
                   else) Analytics.
                                                                                   the early side of innovation. Plus — pun intended — even
                 • No pretty URLs - Though you get a unique Google+ URL            if your customers aren’t on Google+ in droves yet, it won’t
                   for your page, unlike Facebook, you cannot create a             be long before they are. Think of this as getting your
                   custom username ( yet.                  storefront set up early. Shouldn’t you be prepared when
                 • Share the fun — Like Facebook, after you create your            your guests arrive?
                   Page you can add up to 50 managers to help you keep
                   the Page updated. You can even transfer ‘ownership’ to
                   another manager.

                                                                                                           NICKWESTERGAARD.COM                 13
 How Google’s
Next Big Thing
                 What’s Next? A Business Wish List
  Can Impact
Your Business
                 Dear Google,                                                      Baked-In Content Creation via Blogger & Picasa — Google
                 We’ve been very good marketers this year. We’re really excited    has already hinted that child brands Blogger and Picasa
                 about your most recent toy, Google+. Do you think you could       could become Google Blogs & Google Photos, presumably
                 find a way to include the following additional features in your   in a piped-in Google Plus-feeding approach. This brand-
                 next update to Google+ business pages?                            driven move could make a lot of sense and help us tie all of
                                                                                   this together into a new, Google-driven content creation and
                 Integrate with Places Pages — Many businesses already have        sharing experience.
                 robust profiles built on Google Places with photos, videos,
                 and more. Presumably these could integrate into Google+           Collaboration via Google Docs — We love using Google+
                 business pages.                                                   hangouts for quick video chats but what if we could all
                                                                                   edit a document, spreadsheet, or presentation together as
                 Something with AdWords, Right? — We can’t forget about            we talked? Just think of the opportunities for enhanced
                 Google’s business mainstay, the AdWords pay-per-click             online collaboration.
                 search ad platform. In theory, they should be able to take this
                 successful model and apply it to Google+ in a way that fulfills   By the way, we love Google+ and are very happy with the
                 the behavioral/affinity targeting promises Facebook has made.     current brand pages. It’s just that as many of us start playing
                 However, Google will need to approach with caution. Many          with this platform and start thinking about your other tools that
                 early adopters love how clean the Google+ interface is. Ads       we know and love, we can start to see how all of this could
                 could certainly change this. This has to be the subject of some   come together in a big way.
                 interesting debates in Mountain View between the business
                 and UI teams.                                                     But we know this takes time. We’ll be patient. We promise. But
                                                                                   in the meantime if you could consider some of the items from
                                                                                   our wish list above that’d be great.

                                                                                   Warm regards,
                                                                                   Nick Westergaard

                                                                                                             NICKWESTERGAARD.COM                14
 How Google’s
Next Big Thing
  Can Impact
Your Business

                 Again, this is a quick snapshot of where Google+     figure out how Google+ works into their online
                 is right now. Like all published works on new        lives, adoption has continued to climb at a
                 media, this eBook is bound to be out of date         steady pace.
                 almost instantly. However, the important take-     • Remember how you felt before? – I’m talking
                 aways stand:                                         about when Facebook and Twitter became major
                 • Google+ isn’t going anywhere                       tools for brand building. As adoption continues,
                   – Google has enough money                          you owe it to your own professional development
                   to fund this venture for years,                    to stay on top of new tools like Google+ as they
                   and social networking is an                        arrive on the scene.
                   important component of their
                   growth strategy. But that’s not an issue as…     That’s it. I’ve shared what I know. Now let’s set off

                 • Adoption is strong – Though site traffic has     down the path together and build our brands using

                   ebbed and flowed as users (like you) work to     Google+. See you — and circle you — online!

                                                                                  NICKWESTERGAARD.COM                 15
 How Google’s
Next Big Thing
                 About the Author                                                       What Others Say About Nick …

  Can Impact                                                                            “Nick has a rare command of both the
Your Business
                                                                                        creative side of marketing, as well as
                 Nick Westergaard is a brand-driven blogger, consultant, and            data-driven decision making. Nick excels
                 speaker. He is Vice President at Westergaard, a brand strategy         in both domains without trade-offs. He is
                 and creative services agency, where he leads new media and new         equally adept moving between concept
                 business efforts.                                                      and design to execution and measurement.
                                                                                        I wholeheartedly recommend his talents.”
                                             Previously Nick held progressively           Dean Brown, SVP and General Manager,
                                                                                                     Pearson School Companies
                                             responsible marketing positions at
                                             Buckle Down Publishing and ACT, Inc.
                                                                                        “Nick produces high-performance, market-
                                             During his tenure at both organizations
                                                                                        focused and results-driven work. He uses
                                             he led bold initiatives in branding,
                                                                                        a very thorough, flexible and consultative
                                             marketing, and e-commerce. In 2005
                                                                                        marketing approach that allows him
                                             Nick started blogging on branding and
                                                                                        to capture and present the essence of
                                             new media at
                                                                                        business challenges in ways that multiple
                                             Each Monday he posts new brand-driven
                                                                                        audiences can easily understand. Nick
                 insights to start the work week. He is also a regular contributor to
                                                                                        stays very current and has a knack for
                 Source Media Group’s Business 380 and to the blog,
                                                                                        balancing data and creativity effectively.
                                                                                        He is extremely reliable and has a great
      eBook      Nick is a frequent speaker at the University of Iowa, where he sits
    designed                                                                            sense of humor as well.”
                 on the Advisory Council of the Marketing Institute at the Tippie
  by Andrew                                                                                       Larry Miller, Director of Marketing
  Sherburne      College of Business, as well as conferences and workshops
                                                                                                         and Distribution, ACT, Inc.
  and edited     across the country. He is an Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce
     by Cate     Ambassador and serves on the board of directors of United Action
    Dicharry.                                                                           SHARE:
      Author     for Youth and the Englert Theatre. Nick is also on the Marketing
       photo     Advisory Committee for the Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature.
     by Todd     He is very active with his sons’ Cub Scout pack.

                 Nick lives in Coralville, Iowa with his wife, four kids, and dog.                                      NICKWESTERGAARD.COM   16

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