Endur ID expands its Facility for the 4th Time in 9 Years by EndurID


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									 Endur ID expands its Facility for the 4th
            Time in 9 Years
Endur ID is growing -- Endur ID doubled it physical space on July 1st after outgrowing its present facility.
With the expansion into new markets such as Correctional Systems there is a need for more space for
inventory and staff. Endur ID is dedicated to responsive customer service, to meet these goals; adequate
inventory must be maintained as Identification Wristbands is a mission critical item for most of our

About Endur ID

Endur ID was founded in 2003. We entered into the Patient Identification Market with the goal to
manufacture and distribute the finest Identification Wristbands and Media available. The impact of
Endur ID’s innovations, the use of color for alerts, warnings and photos can be seen throughout the

In 2012, Endur ID began offering Inmate Identification Products for the Correctional Market.

Endur ID offers wristbands that are durable, easy to use, and easy to wear and are produced using
standard desktop printers. We have also developed our relationships with our partners so we can also
offer the finest software and hardware products as well — delivering the most comprehensive solutions

For more information … www.endurid.com

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