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                             “Midnight Swing”
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Midnight Swing Pictures
                          So m eti m e s I d a mn n ea r f ee l l ik e cry in g I wa n t it so b a d .

Midnight Swing Pictures
                              Midnight Swing
        GENRE: D r a m a / Com e d y/ Mu si c

        LOGLINE: Two young trumpet players revel in jazz, booze and women -- until a dark
        secret emerges that threatens the fate of their band and the friendship of a lifetime.

        S Y N OP S IS : Big bands are in full swing, smoking tea is all the rage, and young
        musicians are hitting the road in hopes of becoming the next Benny Goodman.
        Welcome to the summer of '39, when Teddy Arnold and his Blue Boys Dance Band
        journey from their small Ohio town to the splash and dash of the Palomar Ballroom.
        Middle-aged Teddy knows he isn't getting any younger, and Charlie and Jack -- the
        hottest young trumpet players in the band -- are just what he needs to finally hit the
        big-time. When a smooth-talking photographer from Down Beat hits the road with
        them a dangerous secret emerges that threatens the fate of the band and ignites a
        feud in the deepest of friendships.

        W RIT E R/ P ROD UCE R: D eb Ha ven e r (St ay Cl e an, T he Si be ri an E xc hange , T he L od ge ,
        Hap py E ndi ngs , R ai n i ng Cat s , Sc are d t o D e at h, G roov e Shac k,
        h t tp :/ / www.i m d b .co m / n a me / nm 1 42 2 93 5 / )

        A CT OR/ P ROD UCE R: N o l a n G e r a rd Fu n k (Spe c t ac ul ar! , Br o a dwa y’ s By e By e Bi rdi e ,
        A l i e ns i n A m e ri c a, Tri pl e D og, T he L W ord, Be re av e m e nt ,
        h t tp :/ / www.i m d b .co m / n a me / nm 1 28 9 17 3 / )

        We offer you Midnight Swing – replete with rich characters, exciting dance
        numbers, bittersweet romance, and a dramatic subtext about coming of age during a
        time when America was about to lose its innocence.

        We strive for a film that moves, inspires and entertains... one that has all the right
        ingredients to become a classic.

Midnight Swing Pictures
Take Chicago – cross it with Moulin Rouge. Throw in a little buzz from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts
and Science’s Nicholl Fellowship and what do you get? You get a film that delivers at the box office, snags
critical acclaim, and finds its way to the Oscars.

We offer you Midnight Swing – replete with a gorgeous cast, dazzling dances, bittersweet romance, and a
dramatic subtext about coming of age during a time when America was about to lose its innocence.

Who is this movie for?

We like to think it’s for anyone who has ever had a dream. But let’s break that down into numbers.
We strive to appeal to the largest group of ticket-buyers in the age demographic of Generation Next.

    •   Males, 18–24: Most males in this age category spend a huge portion of their money on music
        downloads and CDs. They tend to want to be in a band, know someone in a band, or want to go out
        and see a band. Our movie is all about being in a band. And did we mention there are hot girls in it,

    •   Females, 18–24: For the sheer marketability of the young male cast. Let's face it, there are more
        women in our population than men, and this age bracket is all about latching onto eye-pleasing talent.
        The young female cast also offers fresh and identifiable characters for this group.

A study from the Pew Research Center shows that when Generation Nexters were asked about their life goals,
being rich and being famous were the most important goals for the majority of this generation. Our fictional
band and the leads have these same goals, so are extremely identifiable with this age group.

Other groups by age:

    •   24–34: This group has one foot in the world of youth and the other foot on the other side. We offer
        characters who live and breathe the struggles of learning to grow up while hanging on to their fading
        childhood. We like to call this our bittersweet aspect.

    •   35–54: For those audience members who have grown tired of (and disregard) the bombardment of
        slick SFX and crave a story with rich characters that they can identify with. One of our pivotal
        characters is in this age bracket.

    •   Adults 54 and older: For those audience members who crave a little nostalgia we offer the heyday of
        the big band swing-era, complete with lush musical production and authentic swing dances.

Midnight Swing Pictures
DANCE is hot in America and around the globe right now. Some of the highest-rated shows on TV are
Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. Midnight Swing explodes with show-stopping and
innovative choreography.

MOVIE & TV MUSICALS are hot right now: Glee is a monster hit. Mamma Mia, Chicago, Moulin Rouge,
High School Musical, Footloose, Spectacular – have all tapped into mainstream America. The ratings and
ancillary profits generated around the globe are proof that the world craves more of this kind of picture.


    •   “I read a lot of scripts. This one is a masterpiece.” – Chris Lytton, Holding Pictures

    •   “You guys come in here with this sparkly swing-era thing in a sea of horror pitches – and you’ve got this
        Nicholl prestige piece – but it’s skewed toward a young audience … and we’re thinking this is new …
        this is different. Man, we’re kind of thinking we like this.” Fries Films 2010 AFM.

    •   “I read Midnight Swing and love it. You write beautifully. The structure is precise, the story
        compelling and moving, and the world so vital.” Louise Runge, OneZero Productions.

With a critically acclaimed script, a timely issue (without being preachy), and likeable characters in a musical
setting, we aim to reach those audience members who want more than another churned-out blow 'em up,
and those ticket-buyers who want to be immersed in a great story with layered characters and rich spectacle.

But, aren't period pieces hard sells?

You may have heard that period pieces are hard sells. That said, we'd like to point out just a few period piece
features and series that were successful both critically and at the box office:

The King’s Speech
An Education
Shakespeare in Love
Saving Private Ryan
Fried Green Tomatoes
Stand By Me
There Will Be Blood
Gangs of New York
Brokeback Mountain
L.A. Confidential
Gone with the Wind
Boardwalk Empire
Mad Men

Midnight Swing Pictures

        Deb Havener

        Deb is a 2010 & 2009 Nicholl Fellowship semi-finalist and a 2010 Write Movies Int’l finalist. She is
        currently in development/prep on a Russian thriller and a 1940s musical series. Deb’s team placed in
        the Finals/Top 10 and won Best Editing and Best Actor awards for the 2009 48-Hour Shootout Film
        Competition with the fantasy short Happy Endings. Deb runs Pretty Egg Productions with her husband
        Neal in Columbus, Ohio.

        Nolan Gerard Funk (CAA)

        With a Leo Award Nomination, a top 10 album, a #1 soundtrack on itunes and several guest-starring
        roles on some of the most popular series on TV Nolan is having a banner year. Recently, he made his
        Broadway debut in the much-anticipated Bye Bye Birdie – a show that garnered an extended run and
        one of the highest box office ticket sales in the history of the Roundabout Theater.

Midnight Swing Pictures
                 DEB HAVENER

At the age of 13 Deb told her parents she had to stay after school for a detention then stole into an
audition at the Mansfield Playhouse where she was cast in her first musical … Carnival. After a severe
dressing down from her parents they allowed her to stay in the show. For thirteen years she continued to
perform in and choreograph various musicals for local and collegiate theater productions. Among her
favorites are Pirates of Penzance, Follies and Oliver! (for which she won a BOTL Award for horse-whipping
her entire cast into learning a blend of Irish clogging and tapdancing on top of a dozen rolling barrels).

Her stage work took her to Los Angeles where she was cast in several less than stellar productions,
including the bumbling whack job of Noises Off with Nathaniel Productions and the El Camino version of
Guys and Dolls.

Thank goodness she knew how to write. And wait tables.

Deb’s current and upcoming projects include the features The Siberian Exchange – a Russian political
thriller, the musical comedies Suicide Susie in Teenage Dreamland and Canaries, and the fantasy short
Fantasy in C. She is producing the hip-hop documentary The Groove Shack for Martin Jones Productions
(San Francisco).

Deb runs Pretty Egg Productions, an independent production company in Columbus, Ohio that she co-
founded with her husband Neal (imdb). Among their short films is Stay Clean, a musical comedy that
premiered at the Ohio Independent Film Festival. Their first short, Kill, Ratboy, Kill, premiered in the
Midwest and went on to several screenings that resulted in drunken campus riots, thus gaining the
attention from Troma Films in NY.
                                                                              Deb studied Dance and
                                                                              Theater at the Ohio State
                                                                              University/BFA Program before
                                                                              obtaining her degree in
                                                                              English. She has taught
                                                                              screenwriting through the
                                                                              National Collegiate Arts
                                                                              Program at the Ohio State
                                                                              University and other collegiate

                                                                             Deb works as a reference
                                                                             librarian for a five-star rated
                                                                             public library which was
                                                                             recently ranked 3rd in the
                                                                             Nation by the annual Hennen's
                                                                             American Public Library
                                                                             Ratings and 1 in the nation
                                                                             by the Library Journal. She is
                                                                             a 2-time Nicholl Fellowship

Midnight Swing Pictures
                Actor/Producer (CAA)

        Recently, Nolan made his Broadway debut in the
        much-anticipated Bye Bye Birdie in which he
        starred opposite John Stamos and Gina Gershon.
        Though the play received mixed reviews,        the
        critics bestowed glowing praise upon Nolan for his
        fun, fresh portrayal of Conrad Birdie.    Nolan's
        current projects include the upcoming dark teen
        comedy Triple Dog and the thrillers House at the
        End of the Street (with Elisabeth Shu) and
        Bereavement – in which he stars opposite Michael
        Biehn and Alexandria Daddario (20th Century Fox’s
        Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief).

        A former national gymnast and diver, Nolan began
        acting professionally at the age of fourteen when
        he was cast in Steven Spielberg's Sci-Fi mini-series

        His starring role in Sony BMG/Nickelodeon's 2009
        movie musical, Spectacular! was the perfect
        opportunity for him to showcase himself as a
        singer, actor and a dancer. With the number one
        soundtrack and a top ten album on itunes, Nolan
        also had his first song on the billboard charts with "Break My Heart".

        Nolan's heartfelt work on the televised youth series Renegadepress.com earned him critical praise
        and his first Leo Award nomination. His role as the Italian redneck, "Todd Palladino," (in CW's
        Aliens in America) was also well received by his peers and the media.

        Nolan has guest-starred in dozens of hit series including Smallville, Killer Instinct, The L Word, The
        Dead Zone and on the ABC series Castle. He also starred opposite Kim Delaney in the CBS pilot
        Practical Magic (produced by Sandra Bullock), and several Lifetime features, including My Name is
        Sarah, in which he starred opposite Jennifer Beals.

        For such a young age, he has played a myriad of diverse roles: A football hero turned necrophiliac
        in the feature, Deadgirl; a rich high-school coke dealer in Class Savage; and a clinically depressed
        kid from the wrong side of the tracks in Bereavement. His recent TV work includes a 4-episode
        guest role on the SyFy Channel’s hit series Warehouse 13 and guest-starring opposite Ashley
        Tisdale in CW’s Hellcats.

        Nolan is attached to play the role of “Jack DuPree” in Midnight Swing.

Midnight Swing Pictures

Midnight Swing Pictures
                                    DownBeat, 1939

                                    America is swooning over Clark Gable, Mickey and Judy are putting on
                                    a show in the barn, and kids everywhere are terrified of those flying
                                    monkeys from a land called Oz.

                                    On the music front teens can’t get enough of the new hot jazz that’s
                                    exploding across the country. These young pepper-shakers dance so
                                    hard they have to replace the floor every year at the famed Savoy.

                                    This has adults of a respectable reputation puzzled. Where does one go
                                    to hear these sounds?

                                 If you want a real jamboree just hop a train to New Orleans to hear the
                                 Southern-fried wail of brass from Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five. Or
                                 head on over to Chicago where you can catch King Oliver for a grand
                                 night of sizzling jazz at the Royal Garden Cafe. Up in Harlem Duke’s
blues-soaked rhythms add a touch of sophistication to the Cotton Club.

Twelve-hundred miles away Bennie Moten and Count Basie get the crowds jumping in Kansas City, while
Goodman and his Orchestra swing out in every venue from East to West.

But if you want to catch a lively night of real stomping and swirling – of madness, mayhem and merriment
– you need to visit those small towns where some of the most obscure little bands of the Midwest blow
the roof off the joint. Dear reader, we suggest you put on your best and head to a little joint in Ohio called
the Starlight to catch the antics of Teddy Arnold and his Blue Boys Dance Band. You never know what’s
going to happen when those cats take the stage. – L. Evans, DownBeat Magazine

Midnight Swing Pictures
The Music Goes Round . . .
                          This is 1939, a shimmering time when jazz dazzles,
                          swing is King and dance halls across the nation are hopping.

                          Lording over all of this are the boys in the band.

                                         MUSIC is a key component to Midnight Swing,
                                         and an extremely lucrative source of ancillary

Midnight Swing Pictures

        •   THE ADVISER
        •   SEPTEMBER 17, 2009, 7:56 P.M. ET

        Hello, 'Birdie'
        A rising young actor plays a teen idol in the coming Broadway musical revival
        It's a case of life hoping to imitate art. "Bye Bye Birdie," a Broadway musical about a
        teen idol, features an actor in the title role who's a rising young star himself.
        Nolan Gerard Funk plays Conrad Birdie, a rocker modeled after Elvis Presley, in the
        revival co-starring John Stamos and Gina Gershon. Since previews began this month,
        hundreds of autograph-seekers have been waiting at the stage door for a glimpse of Mr.
        Funk and the others.

Midnight Swing Pictures
        "It's wild out there," says Todd Haimes, artistic director of the Roundabout Theatre Company, the
        show's producer. He says advance ticket sales for "Birdie" are the largest in the Roundabout's history.
        Some young fans come bearing DVD copies of "Spectacular!," a 2009 Nickelodeon TV movie starring
        Mr. Funk as a hunk of rock 'n' roll beefcake who joins the high-school show choir.

        Mr. Funk, a 23-year-old Canadian, has friends that add to the pop allure of "Birdie": Actress Amanda
        Bynes tweeted that she hopes to come opening night.

        The under-18 crowd comprised 12.4% of the Broadway audience in the 2007-08 season, the largest
        percentage of children and teens in the past 30 years, according to the Broadway League, an industry
        trade group. "Spring Awakening," a Tony-winning rock musical that ended its Broadway run in January,
        drew almost exclusively teens, tweens and their parents (its current national tour is doing the same),
        and the show spun off budding teen star Lea Michele from the Fox TV show "Glee."

        Since "Spectacular!" Mr. Funk says young girls have started approaching him at shopping malls, but
        he's not complaining. "There are times where people ask for a lock of your hair, but the truth is I have a
        lot of gratitude for my fans," says the Vancouver native.
        The actor says he's not interested in becoming the next Jonas Brother, and notes that his film work
        includes edgy fare. "I murdered a transsexual in a movie directed by Agnieszka Holland, who is a
        brilliant Oscar-nominated director who did 'Europa Europa,' " he says, referring to his role in "A Girl
        Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story" on Lifetime. "I don't think anybody can mistake me for bubble gum."
        Write to Ellen Gamerman at ellen.gamerman@wsj.com

Midnight Swing Pictures
"Conrad (the excellent Nolan Gerard Funk) turns out to be a lug with looks." -- John Lahr,
The New Yorker

"Nolan Gerard Funk has the moves down ... his numbers are the highlight of the show."
-- Roma Torre, NY1

"The hype over BBB has been so awesome – over Nolan's performance in particular – girls
have been lining up at the stage door before and after the show's preview performances for
autographs, or just to catch a glimpse of him." -- Devra Newberger, JSYK

"Mr. Funk seems more at ease onstage than anybody else. He sings on key and appears to
be enjoying himself." -- Ben Brantley, New York Times

"As Birdie, Nolan Gerard Funk is cute, and his Act I songs … "Honestly Sincere'' and "One
Last Kiss'' … are highlights of the show." -- Bill Canacci, Central Jersey

"Funk (is) effortlessly hilarious as drafted fifties rock-idol Birdie."
– Scott Brown, NY Magazine

Midnight Swing Pictures
"This production is at its best when the kids are center stage, especially in "A Lot of Livin'
to Do," led by the hip-swiveling Funk." -- Joe Dziemianowicz, NY Daily News

"Nolan Gerard Funk has some lounge-lizard electricity as Conrad Birdie, the rocker
manipulated into a last publicity stunt before he goes into the army." -- Linda Winer,

                                                     “But the true key to this Birdie's appeal is
                                                     its youthful ensemble. Nolan Gerard Funk
                                                     is a convincingly loutish Birdie." -- Elysa
                                                     Gardner, USA Today

                                                     "Funk ... and his pelvis at least are having
                                                     a good time, and his infectious rockabilly
                                                     intro, "Honestly Sincere," is one of the
                                                     few numbers cooking on more than a low
                                                     flame." -- David Rooney, Variety
           4 AM rehearsal for Good Morning America

        "Nolan Gerard Funk, meanwhile, adds a bit of spice to Birdie, who’s usually a remote,
        vaguely drawn rock-and-roll menace to decent society. Funk makes him distinctly
        unappetizing – wearing only Jockey shorts, he guzzles beer that runs slobbily down
        his body — heightening the joke of the mindless adoration of his young fans." --
        Robert Feldberg, North Jersey

        "In the middle, of course, is the rebellious, somewhat cynical, talented Birdie, played
        to the hilt by Nolan Gerard Funk whose "A Lot of Livin' to Do" is the evening's best
        number." -- David A. Rosenberg, Wilton Villager

        "On the plus side is an enthusiastic performance by Nickelodeon star Nolan Gerard
        Funk as teenybopper sensation Conrad Birdie. The energy level at the newly
        refurbished Henry Miller’s Theatre rises whenever (he's) around." -- Robert Cashill,
        Live Design, Seen & Heard

Midnight Swing Pictures
WAREHOUSE 13: The SyFy Channel
by TIFFANY VOGT, Posted Jul-29-2010

What Worked

While not fully explored, it was nice watching Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) bond with Todd (Nolan Gerard Funk),
the hardware guy. It is about time that Claudia has someone her own age to talk to and relate to as a person,
not just the geeky kid who can swim circles around everyone. The scenes between Claudia and Todd were
quite fun and their awkward banter was delightful. Here is to hoping we have not seen the last of Todd --
despite his criminal tendencies in stealing cable signals. -- Tiffany Vogt, Airlock Alpha/Quantum Global Media,

Midnight Swing Pictures
Reprinted with permission

-----Original Message-----
From: louise@onezeroproductions.com
To: havenerjr@aol.com
Sent: Tue, 5 May 2010 3:50 pm
Subject: Midnight Swing

Hi Deborah,

I read Midnight Swing and love it. You write beautifully. The structure is
precise, the story compelling and moving, and the world so vital. I am wondering what the
current status of the project is?

My background is mostly in post production. I worked for Yari Film Group as Post
Production Manager for films such as The Illusionist, Crash, Matador. And I have been an
independent post supervisor for some years.

Last year I formed OneZero Productions and produced my first feature. I am
currently searching for the right script to take to our investors. We are having a really
hard time finding scripts that we feel passionate about and yours is the first in a long
time. It might be at a bit of a tricky budget range for the current marketplace but I
think it has enough elements to get broad appeal. I would have to break it down to get a
real idea of cost versus marketplace.

You should also know that I am also teaming up with some other producers and
putting together a business plan to make 3 lower budget films. If you have any other
scripts that you think can be made for less than 1.5 million I would love to read them.

Also, do you have representation? I would be very surprised if you don't because of the
quality of your work.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Louise Runge

8285 Sunset Blvd. #2
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Midnight Swing Pictures
Reprinted with permission

from Sarah Rath <sarah.rath@gmail.com>
to Deb Havener <debhavener@gmail.com>
date Mon, Jul 6, 2010 at 6:21 PM
subject Re: Co-pro on SUNDANCE script
mailed-by gmail.com

I read Midnight Swing this week and it was GREAT! With everyone's interest in
dance right now (So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With the Stars,
etc.) and the timeliness of the homosexual storyline it's a great time
for Midnight Swing. I really really enjoyed reading and got invested
in ALL of the characters' storylines. How can I get involved? How
can I help? I want to be a part of this!
Sarah Rath
Drop Dead Diva
Associate Producer
Post Production Supervisor
c 818-481-8869

Midnight Swing Pictures
Midnight Swing Pictures
Midnight Swing Pictures
  We want you to have as much fun as we’re having

                                                                       OK OK, add another 10 years!

          Hey Kids! Act now and you, too,                                        Deb Havener
             can have your very own                                         debhavener@gmail.com
         Nolan Gerard Funk Kewpie doll !!!                                     c: 614.264.6679

                    Nolan Gerard Funk
                     Agent: Tony Lipp

                          Ask us for our business plan. It’s much less fun, full of legalese,
                                  and sure to please the number-crunching crowd.

                                    Public: www.prettyegg.org/midnightswing
                               Business/Private: www.prettyegg.org/midnightnotes

                                       Financial Consultant: Douglas Lowell
                                    Adrian Ward, National Bank of California,
                            Senior VP of Entertainment, Sports and Media Department

Midnight Swing Pictures

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