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					Applicant (Lead) Agency: Trenton Public Schools          NGO Title: Matrix NGO #: 04-CC15-B05

                             MATRIX THIRD QUARTER REPORT
                               TRENTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                      JULY 15, 2005


     During the third quarter we made distinct progress implementing specific activities for goals 1, 4,
     5, 7, 8, and 9 as described below.

     GOAL#: 1 The integration assessment tool is used annually to determine current levels of
     technology implementation in grade six, seven and eight classrooms and current instructional
     practices to assist in planning future professional development in educational technology.
     OBJECTIVE # 1 Improve academic achievement and teacher effectiveness – Trenton Public
     Schools will improve student academic achievement and the capacity of all teachers in the grant
     program to integrate technology effectively into curriculum and instruction.
     GOAL#: 8 Periodic reports evaluate the project and provide evidence of successful completion
     of program intent.


     The department approved technology integration assessment, the online LoTi (Levels of
     Technology Integration) questionnaire, was completed in May 2005 by Matrix administrators and
     teachers. The LoTi is being used to determine current instructional practices and current levels of
     technology implementation in grade six, seven and eight classrooms. These results will continue
     to assist us in planning future professional development in educational technology. The Matrix
     Coordinator has reviewed the results of the Loti survey to assess the principal’s and teachers’
     experiences with integration. The Coordinator is working with the Principal and the Mentor to
     align ongoing professional development with LoTi recommendations.

     GOAL#: 4        At least 25% of grant funds is expended for ongoing, high-quality professional
     development for teachers targeting grades six, seven and eight in integrating technology into the
     mathematics curriculum and instruction.
     OBJECTIVE# 1: Facilitate professional development –The Mercer ETTC will facilitate
     sustained professional development activities (of at least 25% of the grant funds) at participating
     public and non-public Matrix schools. The training for teachers, principals, administrators, and
     school library media personnel will further the effective use of technology in the Mathematics
     curriculum. The Office of Educational and Informational Technology will encourage and provide
     additional resources to develop a mentoring component for teachers, such as mentoring in-class or
     using online mentoring resources. In-class support for those teachers directly involved with the
     grant program will be included.

Applicant (Lead) Agency: Trenton Public Schools           NGO Title: Matrix NGO #: 04-CC15-B05


     Our non-public partners from Trinity Cathedral Academy and Immaculate Conception Catholic
     Elementary School began to attend the after school technology trainings with the King Middle
     School Matrix staff during the third quarter. Their feedback about these workshops was positive
     and indicated an interest in participation in future events such as the Matrix Summer Curriculum
     Workshop for three days in June and the two-day Matrix Startup Workshop on August 29 and 30,
     2005. The June workshop was facilitated by the Matrix Mentor. Daily agendas included training
     on specific topics and time for reflections and discussion about accomplishments and challenges in
     Year One. The August workshop also will be facilitated by our Mentor. It will be divided into
     two sessions: August 29 will host both public and non-public teachers and will be used to review
     the Year Two grant and schedule collaborative work for the year; August 30 will be used for the
     public school staff to address their particular needs since the non-public staff will be at their own
     site preparing for the opening of their school.

     All Matrix staff registered for the NECC in Philadelphia, PA from June 26 to June 28. This
     included a pre-conference technology workshop with our Math Forum Mentor Suzanne Alejandre
     on Sunday June 26. The 8th grade Matrix teachers for 2005-2006 have been selected and will
     attend these summer offerings with the current Matrix staff.

     The trainings that the ETTC Mentor provided during the third quarter were aligned with
     Implementation Activity numbers 5 and 6: provide training to create multimedia presentations to
     teach math skills and concepts and provide training to create multimedia quizzes to assess student
     knowledge using PowerPoint or some other appropriate software. We received very positive
     feedback about the Power Point Workshop on April 19, the May 3 Introduction to the Math
     Forum’s Active Problem Library and Working on Individual Projects Workshop, and the
     Introduction to Using the 24 Game and Working on Individual Projects Workshop on May 17. A
     Drexel University Math Forum Trainer also conducted a Geometer’s Sketchpad Workshop on June
     7 which was very well-received. The Matrix staff has been paid and has received professional
     development credit for this year’s Matrix mentoring/professional development.

     We began to create our Matrix Resource Library during this quarter. We have purchased two
     copies of the NCTM 2005 Technology-Supported Mathematics Learning Environments (67th
     Yearbook), 2 copies of each of the following: Excel for Dummies, Excel Data Analysis for
     Dummies, PowerPoint 2003 for Dummies, Front Page 2003 for Dummies, Dr. Math Gets You
     Ready for Algebra, Dr. Math Explains Algebra, and Dr. Math Introduces Geometry. The school’s
     WSR Teacher Facilitator has agreed to monitor the use of these books and will store them in her
     Evidence Room.

     GOAL#: 5 A comprehensive system supports effective use of technology in grades six, seven
     and eight to improve student academic achievement.
     OBJECTIVE # 1: Integrate technology with curricula and instruction – Trenton Public
     Schools will integrate technology (including software and electronically delivered learning
     materials) into the Mathematics curriculum and instruction and a timeline for this integration.
     The Matrix Coordinator will hold regular planning meetings (at least once or twice per quarter)

Applicant (Lead) Agency: Trenton Public Schools          NGO Title: Matrix NGO #: 04-CC15-B05

     with key school and district administrators, ETTC staff, school technology and WSR facilitators
     and non-publics to ensure ongoing progress is met for professional development.


     The Project Director and the Matrix Coordinator have begun to meet regularly with non-public
     partner Anne Reap, Principal of Immaculate Conception School, to establish regular, ongoing
     communication to achieve Matrix goals and objectives. Anne will be assuming the position of
     principal at the newly established pre-k-12 Trenton Catholic Academy in late July 2005. We are
     currently meeting with her to consult about the school’s involvement in the Year Two Matrix
     Grant and we will collaborate to decide how to partner effectively to share services and benefits of
     the program with the non-public staff and students.

     The Mentor prepared student representatives from the four Matrix classes to present the math
     lessons they learned using Matrix-related technology at a Principals’ Roundtable held at the
     Trenton Board of Education auditorium on June 8, 2005 from 12 noon to 3:00 pm. The Matrix
     students and teachers demonstrated lessons taught/learned using the wireless laptops and the data
     projector. The King Middle School Principal and her colleagues were quite impressed with the
     Matrix students’ knowledge of math and expertise in using technology. This was a very successful
     endeavor and will be used as a model for similar future presentations.

     GOAL#: 7 The New Jersey standardized test scores for each student involved in the grant
     program are compared and analyzed over the three-year grant period to evaluate the impact of this
     program on their academic achievement.
     OBJECTIVE #1: Implement accountability measures – Trenton Public Schools will create
     process and accountability measures to evaluate the extent to which activities funded under the
     program are effective in integrating technology into the Mathematics curriculum and instruction,
     increasing the ability of teachers to teach, and enabling students to achieve the Core Curriculum
     Content Standards.


     The Matrix Coordinator and the Project Director’s designee attended the state Matrix technical
     support and Matrix sharing session on May 22 in New Brunswick, NJ. Our highlights and
     challenges were shared with the other 20 statewide grant recipients. This session was informative
     and fun. We also participated in the Elluminate Year Two RFP on line conferencing session with
     Joe Seaman on June 1 at 10:00am.

     The MATRIX Coordinator continues to meet with the Project Director, the District Math
     Consultant, the Math Forum Mentor, King Middle School administration and staff, and the
     Technology Facilitator on a weekly basis. These meetings have been critically important in the
     attainment of our Year One goals.

     The MATRIX Coordinator attended the full day district wide Connected Math Workshop on June
     29. This forum provided an update on district-wide math activities, directions, challenges, and

Applicant (Lead) Agency: Trenton Public Schools          NGO Title: Matrix NGO #: 04-CC15-B05

     The Teacher Trainer/Mentor created binders for each of the Matrix teachers to promote individual
     accountability in reaching our goals. The binders include a task sheet based on pertinent Project
     Activity Plan Implementation Activities. Also included are reflection sheets used for follow up
     and conferencing.

     GOAL#: 9 Parents are notified quarterly about the status of grant activities and their child’s
     participation and achievement while in the grant program and there is a method for parents to
     correspond with the teachers and principal.
     OBJECTIVE #1: Support and encourage parental involvement – Trenton Public Schools will
     use technology effectively to promote parental involvement and increase communication with
     parents, including addressing how parents will be informed of the technology used in this grant


     Parents were notified about the status of Matrix Grant activities in newsletters published and
     distributed for April, May and June 2005. These were mailed directly to parents and also sent
     home with the students. They were displayed and made available at King Middle School in the
     main office and in the school Evidence Room where information about all school activities is
     accessible upon demand.

     When parents picked up student report cards on April 25, 26, and 27 at the school, the Matrix staff
     greeted them at a demonstration area to showcase Matrix goals, objectives and Year One progress.
     Parent turnout was very light which appears to be the norm for this type of school event.

     Another Matrix parent outreach for students to present their achievements from Matrix-related
     activities to their parents was attempted on June 13 at the school’s annual Math & Literacy
     Celebration of Learning & Family Fun Night. Students and parents were invited to participate and
     enjoy a light supper after they shared about Matrix activities and other school wide initiatives.
     Attendance was poor. The date and time of this event will be changed for next year because of the
     extreme heat and because of the competition from other awards ceremonies and graduation
     schedules. A parent survey that was distributed in May to get feedback on days and times that
     parents would be able to come to school to observe and participate in Matrix events provided little
     information due to a poor return of the survey forms. The bright spot here is that we have already
     earmarked two events for next school year to involve parents in Matrix successes and inform them
     about the grant activities and goals: Back to School Night in September at King Middle School
     and the Annual School/Community Breakfast in November. We fully intend to make use of
     school musical concerts, performing arts shows, athletic ceremonies and any event seemingly
     outside of the Matrix academic realm to reach our Matrix parent audience.

     We used regular school Interim Progress Reports and Report Cards addressing student
     participation and attendance to keep parents informed of their child’s grant related activities this
     year. At the June Matrix Summer Curriculum Workshop we established procedures to provide
     parents with regular specific feedback on student grant related activities and progress. Connected
     Math unit assessments and the proposed district wide eight week assessment program are included.

Applicant (Lead) Agency: Trenton Public Schools           NGO Title: Matrix NGO #: 04-CC15-B05

     The Mentor will assist the teachers in setting up this system to inform parents about their
     children’s progress in Matrix math and technology activities throughout the school year.

     Edna Margolin has been assigned to MLK Middle School effective July 1, 2005 in the position of
     Principal. Mrs. Margolin has a strong background in technology and is supportive of the district
     efforts to integrate technology in classroom instruction and learning. Current Vice Principal
     Jermaine Blount continues to assist us in meeting our day-to-day Matrix goals and his help is
     greatly appreciated.

     The outgoing Principal, the Matrix teachers, the Technology Facilitator, and the staff at MLK MS
     have demonstrated a spirit of cooperation and helpfulness since the inception of this project. The
     TBOE Director of Equity and Accountability has agreed to meet in July with the Project Director
     and the Matrix Coordinator to refine and update the student baseline data and guarantee efficient
     reporting required by the grant guidelines.

     Several other partners in this grant initiative continue to provide opportunities for learning for our
     Matrix participants:
         Anne Catena, Teacher Quality Project Director from Princeton University, has registered
            two MATRIX teachers for the Q.U.E.S.T. summer experience. Middle school math and
            science teachers receive content area professional development at Princeton University for
            two weeks. A stipend of $1000.00 is offered as an incentive to attend.
         Drexel University’s Math Forum personnel, Suzanne Alejandre and Annie Fetters continue
            to provide trainings and mentoring that capture the true spirit of the Matrix
            math/technology grant.
         Shelly Berman, District Math Consultant, provides curriculum support to the Teacher
            Mentor and the teachers. Shelly will also be instrumental in advising us regarding the
            student assessment plan for our program.
         Dave Schappell, school Technology Facilitator, provides technical support for our
            teacher/student presentations and web site updates and review.
         Rochelle Clerkin, MLK MS Math Teacher Leader and CM Teacher Organizer, will be an
            8th grade Matrix teacher next year and is very supportive of Matrix activities. She has
            ordered CM 8th Grade Teachers Editions texts for the Mentor and has organized the June
            29 CM Workshop that will provide district math teachers with opportunities to receive
            NCTM or AMTNJ memberships, or a graphing calculator.
         Marilyn Tucker, WSR Teacher Facilitator at MLK MS will publish MATRIX activities,
            news and progress in the school wide newsletter and will catalogue our resource library.

Applicant (Lead) Agency: Trenton Public Schools           NGO Title: Matrix NGO #: 04-CC15-B05


     Although the school experienced a break-in in March where two of the MATRIX laptops were
     stolen, the principal has agreed to replace these items and to purchase a projector to replace one
     that was accidentally broken in class.

     The assessment of student work continues to be inconsistent. Pre- and post- assessments are not
     always used by the teachers. The difference now is that the district has taken the lead in designing
     an accountability program and mandating assessment of students every eight weeks in math during
     school year 2005-2006.

     Parent involvement continues to present a challenge but we will continue to explore creative ways
     to partner with our parents in the future.

     We will actively promote the use of email by the Matrix staff as a means for teachers to
     communicate on line with the Mentor and to stay apprised of all Matrix activities. If on line
     communication is not utilized on a regular basis, this will continue to present a real obstacle to our
     progress with parents, students, and colleagues. The Math Forum Mentor will provide training in
     using email and we addressed this concern at our summer workshops.

                                    UNANTICIPATED DELAYS
     Assistive Technology- We are awaiting word from the State Department of Education on the date
     of review of website by Assistive Technology Vendor.


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