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Entertainment in the


									By Sapphire, Brandon,
and JT
          The 1920’s was the decade of entertainment.
The 1920’s were also known as the “Jazz age”
The change in music was mostly made by Louis

       “Satchemo” Armstrong, who practiced his
        talents every day before and after school, and

        Duke Ellington, formally known as Edward
        Kennedy Ellington. When Duke was young

           he began playing the piano, although

           he disliked it very much. At the age of

             19 he was playing at school dances

           composing and writing his own music.
                          Art was another form of entertainment.

Thomas Hart Benton was known for his advancement of the regionalist
            style, painting mostly of small towns and
rural America. He painted murals in many parts of the United States
           including a masterpiece called Modern
       America in New York City.
                     Cartoons of the 1920’s
The Cartoons of the 1920’s were based on many political issues that
were going on like the Treaty of Versailles.
Most cartoonists aimed at humor but in reality the cartoons drawn
at this time mostly had important messages to get a crossed.

  Cartoonist’s Jay Darling
                    Movies of the 1920’s

The film industry really bloomed in the 1920’s. The first movies
were filmed in New Jersey. Films in the 1920’s were in great
demand, all silent still theaters were packed every night.
One of the Greatest Comedians of all times was Charlie Chaplin.
He was famous for his participation in comedic silent films.
Warner Bros. Pictures,incorporated in
1923 by the brothers Jack, Harry, Albert,
and Sam.
The studios first asset was Rin tin tin.

                   Other studios which formed in the 1920s also was
                   MGM (first named Metro-Goldwyn pictures),
                   Columbia Pictures, and MCA( music corporation
                   Of America.)
          Mickey Mouse was also very famous in the 1920s

Mickey Mouse became
everyone’s favorite cartoon
in the 1920s, when Walt came
out with Steamboat willie.

                               Actual footage from the 1920s,
                               called Mickey’s Follies.
      Here is some advertisement for old silent movies, and silent

                                                      Clara Bow
The Phantom of the          The Mark of Zorro

                          The Hunchback
                          Of Notre Dame.

                                                   Rudolph Valentino
                      Radios in the 1920s
Radio broadcasting started in the 1920s, although only a few people
Could actually hear the voices and music played.
The people became radio crazy after the first broadcast. So much so
That between roughly 1923 to 1930 almost 60% of families owned
The crystal radios made it possible for the demand of peoples wants
To be met because it was so easy to make. Magazines for young boys
Actually encouraged them to make their own.
           First Miss America Pageant in 1920

In September 1920, an Atlantic City Businessman staged a
“Fall Frolic” to secure tourism past Labor Day.

Critics such as Women’s clubs and religion groups disagreed
with the female form being on display in public. It was not
considered respectable behavior at that time but many people
became entertainment by it.
                      Dances in the 1920s
Swing dancing was become increasingly popular in the 1920s but not
As popular as the charleston. People could do the Charleston as a
Solo, with a partner, or a group.
The Charleston was featured in the 1923
black musical, Runnin’ Wild and
became even more popular after that.
                 Games of the 1920s

Games started to get popular in the 1920s. Some popular
Games were mahjong, ouija boards, and cross word puzzles.
                Magazines of the 1920s

Many magazines of the 1920s were aimed at women. It was the
Merging of women and the home in a consumer society.
Products like hosiery and make-up were marketed through
Magazines as essential for the modern woman.
              Newspapers of the 1920s

The new tabloid newspapers of the 1920s, notably the New
York Daily News, achieved large circulations by covering
Crime, sports, and scandals.
                      Sports of the 1920s

Several sports such as golf, which was unavailable to the middle-
class became available. Making golf and many others such as
baseball and football increasingly popular.
                    Books of the 1920s

There were many different books in the 1920s as there is now.
Although most books were made for the women and children.
However books on motors and fixing things were becoming more
Popular for men to read.Story books like Winnie the Pooh
became popular in the 1920s.

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