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									       Job Description / Functions – Paul S. Wagner, CSP, CDP, CCP, ISP
                                Manager – Information Technology

Reports to:

       President and Chief Executive Officer or
       Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Main reasons why this job exists:

          o Direct all aspects of information systems, including, but not limited to,
            defining architectural frameworks, technical operations, office
            automation, voice/data infrastructure, remote offices, videoconferencing,
            telecommunications and systems development in support of overall
            corporate information resource needs and objectives.

          o Determine long-term corporate wide information needs and develop
            overall strategy for systems development.

          o Manage all aspects of hardware and software acquisition and integration.
            This includes all IT-related procurement.

          o Act as highest-level interface with non-technical user functions in
            determining overall information systems approach.

          o Report to and meet bi-weekly with designated executive.

          o Meet monthly with the corporate senior management team comprised of
            divisional and departmental managers to determine priorities and provide
            status of on-going projects.

          o Meet bi-weekly with ThyssenKrupp Fabco IT Staff to determine priorities
            and provide strategic and specific direction.

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         Job Description / Functions – Paul S. Wagner, CSP, CDP, CCP, ISP
                                        Manager – Information Technology

Major tasks of the job include (but are not limited to) the following:

             a. Management of IT Staff
                      i. Approve Schedule of Vacations and PDO’s
                     ii. Annual Performance Evaluations
                   iii. Complete Overtime Forms & get necessary approvals
                    iv. Complete Travel Forms & get necessary approvals
                     v. Recommend Annual Pay Raises and Merit Increases
                    vi. Meet regularly in bi-weekly meetings
                   vii. Meet anytime as required
                  viii. Serve as mentor for technical issues of all kinds
             b. Lotus Notes – Main Support Person
                      i. Keep Domino Servers at latest level of supported software
                     ii. Supervise rollout of desktop Lotus Notes clients to latest level
                   iii. Develop applications as required by users.
                              1. Revise databases on ongoing basis as required:
                                       a. Change forms & views etc.
                                                  i. CAD Requests
                                                 ii. Requests for Quotation (e-CIS)
                                               iii. QDS
                                                iv. Launch
                                       b. ACL Changes As Needed
                              2. Sample databases created: ( For larger list see
                                       a. AS/400 Accts Payable Fiscal
                                       b. AUDIT Schedule-WAO
                                       c. CAD Master databases for every OEM (15)
                                       d. Competitor Management
                                       e. Continuous Improvement Reports
                                       f. Employee Status Change
                                       g. Engineering Standards
                                       h. Grievance List
                                       i. ID Vault
                                       j. Monthly Management Reports
                                       k. Monthly SMIT Reports
                                       l. Overtime Tracking-MIS
                                       m. PEA Cross Reference
                                       n. PEER Review Schedule
                                       o. Quality Sheets-WAO
                                       p. Quotes and Orders
                                       q. Terminated Employees
                                       r. TK Best Meetings (4)
                                       s. Vacation & PDO (6)

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      Job Description / Functions – Paul S. Wagner, CSP, CDP, CCP, ISP
                                   Manager – Information Technology

                            3. Administration:
                                      a. Supervise User Additions
                                      b. Groups For ACL & Program automated E-Mail Lists
                                      c. Domino Directory – Policies
                                      d. Server – Configurations, Connections, Domains etc.
         c.   Responsible For Overall System Security
                    i. AS/400 & Network Users
                   ii. PC’s – Critical Updates and Service packs
                  iii. Other 2000 & XP Patches as required
                  iv. E-mail Security
                   v. SPAM rejection lists
                  vi. Domino & Notes ACL’s (Access Control Lists)
         d.   Planning For Strategic Direction
                    i. Novell Netware To Microsoft Windows 2000 Server & Active Directory
                   ii. Copiers – Using as Network printers and scanners
                  iii. Technology Reviews
                  iv. Backup Strategy
                   v. Wireless Current & Future Direction
                  vi. Set standard for program execution (NAL, Icons etc)
         e.   Administration
                    i. Handle a high volume of phone inquiries and e-mails
                   ii. Main contact for OEM Internet Administration (Delegated to Technicians)
                  iii.Support the OEM's Internet & ANX activities by setting up computers and software to access
                        their web sites.
                  iv. Administer the OEM required security to get access to provided applications.
                   v. Documentation of all kinds
                  vi. Budget Preparation – Capital & Expenses
         f.   Project Requests From Owners, Users, Other Departments & Division Managers
                    i. Often asked to assist others with reports, information etc
                   ii. E-mail recovery for pending legal cases
                  iii. Recent IT Surveys for CIO & CFO
         g.   Installing and familiarizing myself with new PC software
                    i. Loading the software
                   ii. Configuring software
                  iii. Re-configuring hardware if necessary
                  iv. Testing software
         h.   Approve All IT Purchases
                    i. Approve payment of all IT related Invoices (Exception Cad/Cam)
                   ii. Supervise Request For Quote process
                  iii. Make final decisions on who we will buy from and at what price
                  iv. Sign P.O.’s as required

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      Job Description / Functions – Paul S. Wagner, CSP, CDP, CCP, ISP
                                 Manager – Information Technology

                 v. Deal with Vendors when problems occur
                vi. Hire outside contractors, consultants and programmers as required
               vii. All emergency & non-emergency IT needs are sourced through me

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