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					                                                                          Customer Case Study

Customer Case Study: Tapestry.Net
Founded in 1998, Tapestry.Net is an online recruiting service that sources applicants for
employers seeking to fill job positions. Recognized as a leader in the field of online recruitment by
industry analysts, Tapestry.Net counts as customers more than 1,000 companies, including
Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Sun Microsystems. Tapestry.Net specializes in sourcing
applicants for software developer, IT, and Asian-language bilingual positions.
On a Pay-For-Results model, employers using Tapestry.Net pay only for the applicants they
determine meet their specifications and who agree to an interview. Therefore, the quality of
applicants sourced, or, more specifically, the match between the resume and job position that
Tapestry.Net can offer is critical to its success. Using conventional searching and screening
methods to review volumes of resumes, Tapestry.Net was investing a considerable amount of time
and human effort to present strong matches to employers.

Burning Glass’s Solution:
Since September 2000, Burning Glass has provided Tapestry.Net with automated matching
assessment through its Predictive Matching™ technology. By using Burning Glass’s Lens™
solution, Tapestry.Net replaces manual, time-consuming screening, data entry and rating of
candidates, while at the same time improving the overall quality of assessment.

Using LensXRay™, Burning Glass automatically parses and “marks up” resumes for Tapestry.Net
with XML-tagging of contact information and other key components of the resume. This renders
the resume text into data elements that are meaningful, consistent, and easy to read and store in
databases. Each resume/posting pair is then given a LensScore™, which represents the quality of
match between the candidate and the position on a scale of 0-1000. These scores have proven to be
excellent assessments of match quality when compared to human review ratings.

Results and Benefits
Since deployment, Burning Glass has scored more than 20,000 resume/job posting pairs for
Tapestry.Net. Using Burning Glass to automate the bulk of the screening process, Tapestry.Net
has improved the quality and speed of its rating process, increasing the number of viable
candidates identified and reducing the number of candidates that are not likely to be considered.
At the same time, the automated process has allowed Tapestry.Net to significantly reduce the
headcount allocated to resume review, and freed account managers to spend more time consulting
with employers and booking more billings.

Tapestry.Net customers have also benefited with considerable time and cost savings. They have
seen a 60 percent reduction in time spent reviewing resumes while using Burning Glass’s solution.
In addition, they are now spending approximately $2000 per placement instead of the $8000 they
would typically expect to pay – an 80 percent cost benefit to Tapestry.Net customers.

Ultimately, with Burning Glass technology Tapestry.Net can provide its customers with better
matches for job positions in less time and at a significant savings of labor costs.

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