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									                                                                                            Identify | Manage | Monetize

Mediahedge – Automatic Content Identification
Manage and monetize copyrighted media content
Mediahege, a service by Civolution and Gracenote, helps websites and social media platforms to manage their online content and
create legal and sustainable business.
Content distributors and aggregators such as social networking sites, audio/video portals and UGC (User Generated Content)
websites need an effective, rapid and low-cost tool to automatically identify and filter audio and video content at the time of upload.
The Mediahedge solution helps clients to answer important question such as:

Which copyrighted songs are uploaded to my website?
Which label does the song belong to?
Who is the artist performing?
Which popular TV series / movie / cartoon is uploaded to my website?
The Mediahedge service is based on state of the art audio and video fingerprinting technology.

 Workflow stages:
 (1) Consumer uploads clip,
 (2) fingerprints are generated,
 (3) fingerprints are identified
 in real-time and (4) business
 rule are applied (e.g. filter, place
 advertisement). The Mediahedge
 database contains 7 million+
 reference audio fingerprints.

FEATURES                                              BENEFITS
One of the world’s largest music                      The database is build with the support of the music content owners and allows ac-
fingerprint databases (7M+ songs)                      cess to one of the broadest coverage on a global scale. Additionally, Civolution holds an
                                                      extensive fingerprints database of more than 50,000 popular TV shows, movies, TV
                                                      serials and documentaries.

State of the art audio and video                      Our time-tested high quality audio and video fingerprint technology provides clients
fingerprint technology                                 with accurate and reliable identification of music of video segments. Even segments
                                                      as short as a few seconds will be identified.

                                                      For each of the identified songs Mediahedge provides high quality metadata, such as
 Extensive and accurate metadata
                                                      song title, artist name, album name, label, ISCR and more.

24/7 content matching service                         Our matching backend is available 24/7 and provides clients with real time identification.

Partnership with Gracenote                            A long track record in music monitoring incremented by a partnership with Gracenote,
                                                      a Sony company, providing the most advanced and up to date music database.
                                                                                                              Identify | Manage | Monetize

Mediahedge – Automatic Content Identification
Manage and monetize copyrighted media content
A unique solution with an extensive database coverage and unmatched fingerprint matching accuracy and metadata quality.

> Authoritative Database - the database gives clients one of the broadest coverage. Clients have access to one of the world’s
  largest music fingerprint databases holding the fingerprints of over 7 Million songs. This results in greater and higher matching
  ratio. The database is built with the support of the music content owners (e.g Sony Music, Warner Music, Universal Music, EMI
  and many large music independents and music aggregators).
> Extensive and high quality metadata - for each of the identified songs the system provides high quality metadata, such as
  song title, artist name , album name, label, ISCR and more
> Updated weekly – the database is updated weekly with the latest releases (or re-releases).

Real time identification
The Mediahedge matching back end is designed to identify large volumes of                          Digital Fingerprinting
content in real time. The fingerprint generation and identification process                        This technology analyses the unique features of an audio
is extremely fast, preventing any delays in the content clearing/publishing                        or video asset and compares these against ‘reference’
process.                                                                                           fingerprints stored in a database to identify the asset.
                                                                                                   A key characteristic of fingerprinting is that it does not
Easy to integrate                                                                                  modify the content. This allows for monitoring of legacy
The Mediahedge identification clients support audio and video identification                       content (content which is already ‘out there’).
and are available for Windows, Redhat and Ubuntu. The identification
clients include sample code and extensive manuals – Allowing rapid set up.                         Similar to a real fingerprint that uniquely identifies a
                                                                                                   human being, a digital fingerprint uniquely identifies
Partnership with Gracenote                                                                         any segment of video/audio content. The analogy can be
Gracenote ( and Civolution work in close partnership                             extended to the process of fingerprint matching: first,
and have teamed up to provide the best of breed fingerprinting technology                          known fingerprints (‘reference’ fingerprints) must be
and one of the largest database coverage.                                                          stored in a database; then, a ‘candidate’s fingerprint is
                                                                                                   queried against the fingerprint database for a match.

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