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					                                   Donation Item List:

Bathroom                              Bedroom                                   Kitchen
Shower Curtain, Liner & Rings         Bed Frame-Twin, Queen, Full               Carving Knives
Hand Towels (new)                     Nightstand                                Pot Holder Set
Bath Towels (new)                     Dresser                                   Bottle Opener
Bath Rug (new)                        Lamp                                      Mixing Bowl Set
Toilet Brush                          Pillow (new)
Wastebasket                           Sheet Set/Pillowcase (new)                Miscellaneous
                                      Curtains                                  Cleaning Supplies
Dining Room                                                                     Ironing Board
Small Dining Room Table               Kitchen                                   Hangers
Chairs                                16 piece dinnerware set                   Diapers
Placemats                             20 piece silverware set                   Iron
                                      Dish Towel Set (new)                      Mop
Living Room                           Full set of pots & pans                   Toiletries (new)
Couch                                 Microwave (new)
Coffee Table                          Spatula
Curtains                              Toaster (new)
Lamp                                  Can Opener
End Table                             Cooking Timer
Chair                                 Paper Towel Holder

Items we CANNOT Accept

Used Mattresses                       Candles/Candleholders                     Tablecloths
Stained Clothing or Fabric            Sleep Sofas                               Cribs
Stuffed Animals                       Car Seats                                 Office Furniture
Computers, Printers, Electronics      Exercise Equipment                        Televisions
Used Pillows                          Wheelchairs                               Walkers
Large Pieces of Furniture             Small Decorative Items, such as:
                                      figurines, jewelry boxes, knick-knacks, etc.

   Please make sure that all items are either new or gently used, and in good condition.
                          Only donate items that are on the list.

    Contact Maeve Bacon, Development Coordinator with any questions or to donate:
          or 617-864-8140

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