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					                             When I started internet marketing in 1994 I spoke with a car dealer in
                             Hertfordshire and his very words at that time were “Volvo drivers are not
                             the type of people to use websites”.
                             He has since done a U-Turn and admitted that he didn't fully understand
                             the power of internet marketing and still admits to this
                             day that he doesn't ….but sells a lot of cars from his website . Magic?

One of the most important issues we have to understand is that just by having a website, isn't going to
sell cars – it goes a long way to help and it can be your silent salesperson on duty 24/7.
The worldwide web has dramatical changed the manner in which we research and buy cars; the
internet has certainly made car shopping easier. It doesn't replace test drives but reduces the number of
tyre kickers.
Last year, if you were searching for a car you would have used your laptop or PC but 2012 is going to
be very different.

Mobile phones are now the next search and buy tool.
Instead of sitting indoors doing a local directory search or indeed
driving around to different bricks and mortar car showrooms, we have
the ability to browse through every car dealership in our local area
online without moving…
Or can we? -
Actually …. NO we can't !!
Apart from the fact that if your website isn’t fine tuned for local
searches it won't get found locally and your competitors will get the
business, there are some new kids on the block.
Mobile websites: …. don't get too alarmed that there's yet another
widget to buy.
It is unlikely that your existing website will work on a mobile phone
but this can be dealt with very cheaply so that mobile phones can
pick up your website. - I can help.

Do you need a mobile website?

Car dealers online marketing guide by Peter Yexley 01727 825 999
When it comes to shopping for a car, the first stop is an online search to see which car dealers have the
car that fits the bill and then the buyer will visit their local car dealer whilst out, it is likely he'll visit
The buyer is now outside, nowhere near a computer and there's no yellow pages in phone boxes
anywhere! - but their phone will have the capability to search, browse and call a car dealer whilst they
are out and about looking for a car to buy - assuming the car dealer has fine tuned their marketing to
deal with it... If your website isn't mobile compatible, you might (WILL!) lose a deal!-
To better understand the latest trends in online car shopper behaviour, consider the following statistics:
According to Capgemini, Cars Online Study 2011/2012 “This year the number of consumers using
the web edged upwards to 94% overall.”

OFCOM the UK governing body for telecoms in the UK say that 91% of adults personally own/use a
mobile phone in the UK .
More and more individuals in the UK are using the Internet to research cars.
These numbers positively indicate that its extremely important for car dealers to have not just a basic
an online presence but a mobile one.

                                                        A QR code can be
                                                        a car dealers
                                                        dream, best sales
                                                        person and doesn't
                                                        get paid!

Almost all mobiles phones have a barcode scanner built in or available as an 'app' (application) – you'll
soon start to see these square QR codes (Quick Response Code), all over the place I guarantee it.!
All you do is point your camera phone to the code with the scanner device open and a web page will
open up, imagine having a QR code on the car and someone, out of hours simply scans it and a web
page comes up on their phone with all the necessary information, data and your contact details. Try it
on this image – you'll see that mobile websites are 'lighter' and simpler that fit in the mobile phone

Car dealers online marketing guide by Peter Yexley 01727 825 999
The next thing a car dealer needs to look at is 'Google Places' – to see this in action go into and type in 'Car Dealers in (your town)' and you will see a list of local car dealers – are
you there?

Be mindful that these listings are over and above your normal organic entry and they are not paid for …
I strongly suggest you lock yours in position right now.
So, there's mobile websites that are very low cost and simple to operate on a mobile phone – why not
try your existing website on your mobile? There's QR codes that can help sell a car out of hours and
Google places; Feel free to call me on 01727 825 999 (Peter Yexley), if you would like more details
about a mobile website or talk about QR codes and Google places.
Internet marketing versus traditional marketing
Ink on paper advertising still has its place but no where near has much as it used to have. A car dealer
that does not use Internet marketing is likely to lose as massive amount of important prospective
buyers. Here are a few reasons to consider relating to Internet marketing over traditional marketing.

Direct personal contact.
It is difficult to believe but as big as the worldwide web is, you can have a personal one-to-one contact
with a particular customer, small number of potential customers or even a big group of people. Using
Internet marketing, a car dealer can send SMS text marketing messages personally to the targeted

When your prospective car buyer browses tthe Internet, they generally 'surf'' through the websites
online and will text, phone or email any particular questions relating to the car they are interested in.

Not only does this empower the customer to choose which method to communicate personally with the
dealer, but the car dealer can maintain direct contact with prospective buyers.

Laser targeted marketing
Unlike traditional marketing, which reaches out to a very broad demographic almost a shotgun
approach, Internet marketing appeals to very specific target audience or interests of people. They
actively search for a particular car or price range and found your website. Genuine buyers – money

Dealers can constantly update stock and refresh their websites when they want, no deadlines and no
more advertising fees.

Improved Return on Investment (ROI)
Car dealers in particular can spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on good old fashioned
advertising methods whether it is local newspapers, advertisers, directories, cinema commercials, even
radio. And still, they do not have any precise way to measure whether their target audience is paying
attention or not. Local yellow pages and phone books are getting thinner and thinner, even the
localpapers often go straight from letterbox to bin because of lack of public appeal.

Car dealers online marketing guide by Peter Yexley 01727 825 999
When it comes to Internet marketing, a car dealer can accurately target their audience and measure the
visitors without spending anywhere near as much money.
With this in mind it means, a car dealer can get improved ROI using Internet marketing.

Internet Marketing is Cost effective
One of the best things about website marketing is that a car dealer doesn't need a large investment
and even if there is an aged old website that needs updating, it is still a very economical and fast way
to promote and sell cars.

With a tiny fraction of traditional marketing budget, a a car dealer can reach a very wide audience yet
with laser pin point accuracy.

24/7 Exposure
A car dealer can promote just vehicles or accident repair, MOT service etc 24 /7 x 365 using Internet
marketing. This just isn't possible with traditional marketing.
The moment a car dealer implements an Internet marketing campaign, the car dealerships products or
services will be live and exposed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This medium allows consumers to
research and purchase a car from you as well as your other services at their own convenience and
comfort. People on night shifts and insomniacs alike!, This advantage of appealing to car buyers can
easily bring in quality results very quickly.

Geo targeting
What on earth is Geo – Targeting? Car dealers can effectively pump extra essential power into their
Internet marketing just by fine tuning and tweaking their website to allow car stock to be targeted very
precisely to the search location, this helps to target a specific geographical location. A town, city, county
or even a country. The method doesn't have geographical limits but a car dealer can restrict marketing
to certain locations if customers travelling long distances to your site is a major issue.
Given the latest trends as we get into 2012 online car buying behaviour and marketing advantages
over the traditional media, it is absolutely essential for car dealers to re-evaluate their advertising
strategies and focus more on Internet marketing. What you knew in 2011 about local website marketing
is easily out of date and I'm more than happy to have a chat about bringing your local marketing up to
date and save you some serious money.

Search my name in Google and you quickly see I'm no 'Johnny-come-lately! I am an original internet
marketing pioneer based in Hertfordshire and I have car sales experience, involved with marketing a
'Datsun' dealership in South Yorkshire many many moons ago!
Kind regards
Peter Yexley – Tel: 01727 825 999

Car dealers online marketing guide by Peter Yexley 01727 825 999

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