Kinokuniya Gift Guide 2011 by u5v8


                    ThE lanGUaGE oF FloWErs
                    Vanessa Diffenbaugh RRP $32.99
                    After a childhood spent in the foster care system, Victoria Jones’ only connection to the world is through flowers and their
                    meanings. Now eighteen, Victoria has nowhere to go, and sleeps in a public park, where she plants a small garden of her own.
                    When her talent is discovered by a local florist, she discovers her gift for helping others through the flowers she chooses for
                    them. But it takes meeting a mysterious vendor at the flower market for her to realise what’s been missing in her own life, and
                    as she starts to fall for him, she must decide whether it’s worth risking everything for a second chance at happiness.

ThE MarrIaGE ploT
Jeffrey Eugenides RRP $29.99
Dutiful English major, Madeleine Hanna, enrolls in Semiotics to find out why everyone but her reads Derrida. She meets and
falls in love with charismatic loner and college Darwinist, Leonard Bankhead, but at the same time her old ‘friend’ Mitchell
Grammaticus reappears, obsessed with the idea that she is destined to be his wife. The triangle at the heart of this story is
both age-old and completely fresh and surprising. Jeffrey Eugenides explores the original energies of the novel as an art form
while creating a story so contemporary that it reads like an intimate journal of our own lives.

                    ThE lakE
                    Banana Yoshimoto RRP $29.95
                    The Lake tells the tale of a young woman who moves to Tokyo after the death of her mother, hoping to get over her grief.
                    She finds herself spending too much time staring out her window and she realises she’s gotten used to seeing a young man
                    across the street staring out his window, too. They eventually embark on a hesitant romance, until she learns that he has been
                    the victim of some form of childhood trauma. Visiting two of his friends who live a monastic life beside a beautiful lake, she
                    begins to piece together a series of clues that lead her to suspect his experience may have had something to do with a bizarre
                    religious cult...

anIMal pEoplE
Charlotte Wood RRP $29.99
Acclaimed novelist Charlotte Wood takes a character from her bestselling book The Children and turns her unflinching
gaze on him and his world in Animal People. Set in Sydney over a single day, Animal People traces a watershed day in the
life of Stephen, aimless, unhappy, unfulfilled – and without a clue as to how to make his life better. His dead-end job, his
demanding family, his oppressive feelings for Fiona and the pitiless city itself ... the great weight of it all threatens to come
crashing down on him. The day will bring untold surprises and disasters, but will also show him – perhaps too late – that only
love can set him free.

     books on books
                                                lIvEs oF ThE
               on                               novElIsTs: a                                         UnpackInG
               rErEaDInG                        hIsTory oF FIcTIon                                   My lIBrary:                      GEEk GIrls
               Patricia                         In 287 lIvEs                                         WrITErs anD                      UnITE
               Meyer                            John Sutherland                                      ThEIr Books                      Leslie
               Spacks                           RRP $59.99                                           Leah Price                       Simon
               RRP $34.95                       DUE DEcEMBEr                                         RRP $24.95                       RRP $29.99

      Books kInokUnIya
ThE DovEkEEpErs
Alice Hoffman RRP $29.99
The lives of four bold and remarkable women intersect in the year 70AD, in the desperate days of the siege of Masada. All
are dovekeepers, and all are keepers of secrets – about who they are, where they come from, who fathered them, and whom
they love. There is Yael, the assassin’s daughter whose heartbreak leads to her true path in the ruins of the desert; Revka,
the baker’s wife who loses her dearest treasure on earth and yet finds the strength to protect her family; Aziza, the warrior’s
beloved who leads a secret life not even those closest to her could imagine; and Marit, beautiful witch of Moab, a woman as
loyal as she is dangerous.

                   aUTUMn laInG
                   Alex Miller RRP $39.99
                   Autumn Laing seduces Pat Donlon with her lust for life and art. In doing so she not only compromises the trusting love she
                   has with her husband, Arthur, she also steals the future from Pat’s young and beautiful wife, Edith, and their unborn child.
                   Fifty-three years later, 85-year-old Autumn is shocked to find within herself a powerful need for redemption. As she begins to
                   tell her story, she writes, ‘They are all dead and I am old and skeleton-gaunt. This is where it began...’. This energetic, funny and
                   wise novel peels back the layers of storytelling and asks what truth has to do with it. Autumn Laing is an unflinchingly intimate
                   portrait of a woman and her time.

Umberto Eco RRP $32.95
                                                                                                                                OUR PRICE
Nineteenth-century Europe abounds with the ghastly and the mysterious. Conspiracies rule history. Jesuits plot against           $26.36

Freemasons. Italian republicans strangle priests with their own intestines. French criminals plan bombings by day and
celebrate black masses at night. Every nation has its own secret service, perpetrating forgeries, plots, and massacres.
But what if, behind all of these conspiracies both real and imagined, lay one lone man? What if that evil genius created
the most infamous document of all? Eco takes his readers on an unforgettable journey through the underbelly of world-
shattering events.

                  ThE MIlkMan In ThE nIGhT
                  Andrey Kurkov RRP $32.95
                  After waking to find his boots and overcoat damp on several mornings in a row, Semyon realises his excursions are a nightly
                  occurrence. Concerned for his own safety and for the security of his marriage, he asks his friend and business partner Volodka
                  to follow him on his nocturnal wanderings. As the adventure unfurls, an unemployed sniffer-dog handler makes a dangerous
                  discovery, a single mother provides breast milk for an unusual recipient, and a vengeful cat is on the loose. All in all, there are
                  some very strange goings-on in Kiev.


              aUsTralIan                                ThIrTy                                                                       pErcy BysshE
              poETry sIncE 1788                         aUsTralIan                                                                   shEllEy –
              edited by Geoffrey                        poETs                                   poEMs anD                            poETry
              Lehmann and                               edited by                               sonGs                                selected by
              Robert Gray                               Felicity Plunkett                       Leonard Cohen                        Fiona Sampson
              RRP $69.95                                RRP $27.95                              $21.95                               RRP $19.99

                                                                                                              Books kInokUnIya                       1
                  ThE sEa Is My BroThEr: ThE losT novEl
                  Jack Kerouac RRP $39.95
                  DUE laTE novEMBEr
                  Published in its entirety for the first time, The Sea is My Brother was inspired by Kerouac’s experiences as a Merchant Marine
                  on the S.S. Dorchester in the late summer of 1942 during which he kept a journal detailing the gritty daily routine of life at sea
                  and the character traits of his fellow shipmates. The journals were woven into a short novel soon after he disembarked and
                  follows the fortunes of Wesley Martin, a man who Kerouac said ‘loved the sea with a strange, lonely love; the sea is his brother
                  and sentences. He goes down.’

ThE TrUE TalE oF ThE MonsTEr BIlly DEan
David Almond RRP $29.99
Billy Dean is a secret child, growing up in the dark heart of Blinkbonny. His world is just a bed, some pictures of the holy
island and a single locked door, but his father fills his dreams with mysterious tales and dreadful warnings. When his father
disappears, Billy’s mum brings him out into the world, and he learns the dreadful truth of what happened in Blinkbonny on the
day he was born. Gradually he finds he has the gift of helping to rebuild what has been broken. But there is one figure who is
beyond healing, who comes looking for Billy himself and is determined on a kind of reckoning.

                   ThE sTrEET sWEEpEr
                   Elliot Perlman RRP $32.95
                   Lamont Williams is a paroled felon looking to turn his life around. Adam Zignelik is a struggling professor, paralysed by looming
                   failure, his life falling apart around him. He discovers a cache of recordings of previously unheard voices reaching out from a
                   horrific past, voices that can both save his career and bring him back to the woman he loves. At the same time, Lamont forges
                   an unlikely friendship with a dying man, who, having lived through those horrors, has a crucially important story to tell and to
                   preserve. The worlds surrounding these two men, swirl in and out of history as the forces of the Holocaust, the American civil
                   rights movement, Chicago unions, and New York City racial politics combine in a thrilling cross- generational literary symphony.

ThE lovE anD DEaTh oF caTErIna
Andrew Nicoll RRP $32.99
Luciano Hernando Valdez is his Latin American nation’s most celebrated novelist and he’s suffering from writer’s block. So far
his latest great work comprises the words ‘The scrawny yellow cat crossed the road’. He’s tried all his usual tricks to get back
on track, but nothing will work. Until he meets Caterina. Beautiful, young and one of his biggest fans, she has idolised him
since she was a child and he has inspired her to write. Convinced that falling in love with her, spending every minute he can
alongside her, moulding her to his world, will unlock something and enable him to write, he pursues her and soon enough, he
falls headlong into her arms. But it’s only a matter of time before he murders her.

      fantastic tales
               lITTlE rED                                                                        ThE FaIry                         sTranGEr
               rIDInG hooD                             My MoThEr                                 TalEs                             MaGIc:
               anD oThEr                               shE kIllED ME,                            oF ThE                            charMED
               classIc FrEnch                          My FaThEr hE                              BroThErs                          sTaTEs anD
               FaIry TalEs                             aTE ME                                    GrIMM                             ThE araBIan
               edited by                               edited by Kate                            edited by                         nIGhTs
               Jack Zipes                              Bernheimer                                Noel Daniel                       Marina Warner
               RRP $19.95                              RRP $22.95                                RRP $55.00                        RRP $45.00

2     Books kInokUnIya
                                                                              science fiction and fantasy
ThE nIGhT cIrcUs
Erin Morgenstern RRP $32.95
In 1886, a mysterious travelling circus becomes an international sensation. Open only at night, constructed entirely in black
and white, the Cirque des Rêves delights all who wander its circular paths and warm themselves at its bonfire. Behind the
scenes a dangerous game is being played out by two young magicians, Celia and Marco, who, at the behest of their masters,
are forced to test the very limits of the imagination – and of love. A feast for the senses, a fin-de-siècle fantasia of magic and
mischief, and the most original love story since The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Night Circus is an extraordinary blend of fantasy
and reality.

                   Neal Stephenson RRP $35.00
                   Across the globe, millions of computer screens flicker with the artfully coded world of T’Rain – an addictive internet role-playing
                   game of fantasy and adventure. But backstreet hackers in China have just unleashed a contagious virus called Reamde, and
                   as it rampages through the gaming world spreading from player to player – holding hard drives hostage in the process – the
                   computer of one powerful and dangerous man is infected, causing the carefully mediated violence of the online world to spill
                   over into reality. An inimitable and compelling thriller that careers from British Columbia to South-West China via Russia and
                   the fantasy world of T’Rain.

                                                                                                                                OUR PRICE
snUFF: DIscWorlD 33                                                                                                              $36.00
Terry Pratchett RRP $45.00
At long last, Lady Sybil has lured her husband, Sam Vimes, on a well-deserved holiday away from the crime and grime of Ankh-
Morpork. But for the commander of the City Watch, a vacation in the country is anything but relaxing. The balls, the teas, the
muck—not to mention all that fresh air and birdsong—are more than a bit taxing on a cynical city-born and -bred copper. Yet a
policeman will find a crime anywhere if he decides to look hard enough, and it’s not long before a body is discovered…

                    WEIrD: a coMpEnDIUM oF Dark anD sTranGE sTorIEs
                    edited by Ann Vandermeer and Jeff Vandermeer RRP $39.99
                    From Lovecraft to Borges to Gaiman, a century of intrepid literary experimentation has created a corpus of dark and strange
                    stories that transcend all known genre boundaries. Together these stories form The Weird and amongst its practitioners
                    number some of the greatest names in twentieth and twenty-first century literature. You won’t find any elves or wizards here...
                    but you will find the boldest and downright most peculiar stories from the last hundred years bound together in the biggest
                    Weird collection ever assembled.

      fantastic tales
                                                                                             ThErE oncE lIvED
               ThE GIrl Who                                                                  a WoMan Who
               cIrcUMnavIGaTED                                                               TrIED To kIll hEr                              ThE
               FaIrylanD In a                                                                nEIGhBoUr’s BaBy –                             MaGIcIan
               shIp oF hEr oWn                             ThE poIson                        scary FaIry TalEs                              kInG
               MakInG                                      EaTErs                            Ludmilla                                       Lev
               Catherynne M.                               Holly Black                       Petrushevskaya                                 Grossman
               Valente RRP $26.95                          RRP $16.95                        RRP $24.95                                     RRP $32.95

                                                                                                             Books kInokUnIya                       3
crime and thriller
                   ZonE onE: a ZoMBIE novEl WITh BraIns
                   Colson Whitehead RRP $29.95
                   DUE DEcEMBEr
                   In this wry take on the post-apocalyptic horror novel, a plague has sorted humanity into two types: the uninfected and
                   the infected. Mark Spitz is a member of one of the civilian teams working in lower Manhattan, tasked with clearing out
                   ‘malfunctioning’ stragglers, who exist in a catatonic state, transfixed by their former lives. Alternating between flashbacks
                   of Spitz’s desperate fight for survival during the worst of the outbreak and his present narrative, the novel unfolds over three
                   surreal days, as it depicts the mundane mission of straggler removal, the rigours of Post-Apocalyptic Stress Disorder, and the
                   impossible job of coming to grips with the fallen world.
anGEls oF vEnGEancE
John Birmingham RRP $32.99
sIGnED copIEs avaIlaBlE
In the New World, can Jed Culver disobey his President? The Republic of Texas: Mad Jackson Blackstone, rogue governor,
is destroying his country. New York: Does Caitlin Monroe’s nemesis still live? Darwin: Lady Julianne Balwyn must survive to
save her friends. Sofia Pieraro, completely alone, lives only for revenge. The wrong decisions; the right time; the final battle
to save America is fought with the choices of vengeance-driven individuals. Angels of Vengeance is the third book in The
Disappearance trilogy that started with Without Warning and After America. The books present a compelling vision of what the
world would look like after the sudden end of the United States superpower.

                   praGUE FaTalE
                   Philip Kerr RRP $24.99
                   Philip Kerr’s historical thrillers featuring private detective Bernie Gunther forms a body of work comparable to two
                   masters of the genre, Len Deighton and John le Carre. Prague Fatale is Bernie Gunther’s eighth outing. Set in Prague in
                   1942, Bernie Gunther returns from the horrors of the Eastern Front to find his home city of Berlin changed, and changed for
                   the worse. Now back at his old desk on Homicide, Bernie is obliged to drop everything when his old boss orders him to Prague
                   to spend a weekend at his country house. The weekend turns sour when a body is found in a room that was locked from the
                   inside and the spotlight falls on Bernie to show off his investigative skills and solve this seemingly impossible mystery.

lITTlE sTar
John Ajvide Lindqvist RRP $32.95
When embittered ex-pop-star Lennart Cederström finds a baby left for dead in a plastic bag, he is uncertain what to do –
until he hears her cry. The child’s voice is a clear, haunting, perfectly pitched note. Lennart decides the girl will be his project
and raises her in isolation – she will become the vehicle for a pure, exquisite music. But his delinquent son, Jerry, has other
ideas for the infant prodigy, involving talent shows, celebrity and enormous success. Meanwhile the child is growing up and
developing a few ideas of her own. Only hers involve a hammer and a very strong taste for violence and a strange ambition to
appear on Swedish Idol…

                ThE                                 ThE                                          playEr                                ThE sEcrET In
                aFFaIr                              Drop                                         onE                                   ThEIr EyEs
                Lee Child                           Michael Connelly                             Ernie Cline                           Eduardo Sacheri
                RRP $32.95                          RRP $32.99                                   RRP $32.95                            RRP $29.99

4     Books kInokUnIya
ThIs Is a call: ThE lIFE anD TIMEs oF DavE Grohl
Paul Brannigan RRP $35.00
This Is a Call, the first in-depth, definitive biography of Dave Grohl, tells the epic story of a singular career that includes Nirvana,
Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, and Them Crooked Vultures. Based on ten years of original, exclusive interviews with
the man himself and conversations with a legion of musical associates, this is Grohl’s story. He speaks candidly and honestly
about Kurt Cobain, the arguments that almost tore Nirvana apart, the feuds that threatened to derail the Foo Fighters’s global
success and the dark days that almost caused him to quit music for good.

                   Joshua Cody RRP $29.99
                   Joshua Cody, a brilliant young composer, was about to receive his PhD when he was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.
                   Facing a bone-marrow transplant and full radiation, he charts his struggle: the fury, the tendency to self-destruction, and the
                   ruthless grasping for life and sensation; the encounter with a strange woman on Canal Street that leads to sex at his apartment;
                   the detailed morphine fantasy complete with a bride called Valentina while, in reality, hospital staff are pinning him to his
                   bed. [sic] is a cross between Susan Sontag’s Illness as Metaphor and Jay McInerny’s Bright Lights, Big City: a mesmerising,
                   hallucinatory glimpse into a young man’s battle against disease and a celebration of art, language, music, and life.

aFTEr WorDs
P. J. Keating RRP $59.99                                                                                                           OUR PRICE
Books of speeches are rarely published as a compendium of work by one person. After Words is unique in Australian
publishing by virtue of its scale and range of subjects, and that all the speeches are the work of one eye and one mind:
former Prime Minister Paul Keating. Each speech has been conceptualised, contextualised and crafted by Paul Keating.
For those interested in matters that go to the future of Australia and the world, After Words presents, unmediated, panoply
of issues which the policy mind and writing style of Paul Keating has sculpted into a recognisable landscape.

                    WalTZInG aT ThE DooMsDay Ball: ThE BEsT oF JoE BaGEanT
                    edited by Ken Smith RRP $32.95
                    DUE laTE novEMBEr
                    In 2004 at the age of 57, Joe sensed that the internet could give him editorial freedom. Without gatekeepers, he began
                    writing about what he was really thinking, then submitting his essays to left-of-centre websites. Joe Bageant died in March
                    2011 at the age of 64, having published 89 essays online. The 25 essays presented here are edited by Kenneth Smith,
                    who managed Joe’s website and disseminated his work to the wider media and Joe’s dedicated fans and followers.

                hoUDInI anD conan                                                                                                          ThE laDy
                DoylE: ThE GrEaT                                                                                                           anD ThE
                MaGIcIan anD                                     charlEs                                                                   pEacock: ThE
                ThE InvEnTor oF                                  DIckIns:                             a poInT                              lIFE oF aUnG
                shErlock holMEs                                  a lIFE                               oF vIEW                              san sUU kyI
                Christopher Sandford                             Claire Tomalin                       Clive James                          Peter Popham
                RRP $29.99                                       RRP $39.95                           RRP $32.99                           RRP $29.95

                                                                                                                 Books kInokUnIya                    5
history and science
                   DoUBlE EnTry: hoW ThE MErchanTs oF vEnIcE shapED ThE MoDErn WorlD –
                   anD hoW ThEIr InvEnTIon coUlD MakE or BrEak ThE planET
                   Jane Gleeson-White RRP $29.99
                   A fascinating exploration of how a simple system used to measure and record wealth spawned a cultural revolution. Prepare
                   to have your idea of accounting changed forever. The story begins in the Dark Ages in northern Italy with a new form of record
                   keeping perfected by the merchants of Venice called double-entry bookkeeping. This is one of history’s best-kept secrets and
                   one of its most important untold tales.

MaD DoG: WIllIaM cyrIl MoxlEy anD ThE MoorEBank kIllInGs
Peter Corris RRP $29.95
William Cyril Moxley was hanged at Sydney’s Long Bay Gaol in 1932. His crime was the brutal rape and murder of 21-year-old
Dorothy Ruth Denzel and the vicious beating and killing of her boyfriend, Frank Barnby Wilkinson. How did this World War I
army deserter, small-time thief, conman and police informer come to be the infamous murderer ‘Mad Dog’ Moxley? Was it
simply a robbery gone wrong? Did his blackouts and migraines stem from a head injury as he claimed, or was he the monstrous
sociopath described by the prosecution lawyers and the tabloids? Why did he leave such an obvious trail? Would he be found
guilty today? Corris reconstructs the facts surrounding the case and presents a fascinating look at Depression-era Sydney.

                       a naTIon In ThE MakInG: aUsTralIa aT ThE DaWn oF ThE MoDErn Era
                       Alasdair MacGregor RRP $59.95
                       The output of the two largest photographic studio’s in Australia in the late 19th century were bought and placed in
                       storage. It became known as the Tyrell Collection. Largely unseen ever-since it is now stored at the Powerhouse museum
                       and has been made available to Australian Geographic. This unique collection provides a multi-faceted portrait of an
                       increasingly diverse and confident Australia. A nation metamorphosing from six separate colonies into one federated
                       Commonwealth: literally a nation in the making. Extensive text has been freshly written by Alasdair MacGregor to give a
                       rich context to these wonderful photographs.

aTrocIToloGy: hUManITy’s 100 DEaDlIEsT achIEvEMEnTs
Matthew White RRP $34.95
Which wars killed the most people? Was the twentieth century the most violent in history? Are religions, tyrants or ideologies
responsible for the greatest bloodshed? In this remarkable and original book, ‘atrocitologist’ Matthew White assesses man’s
inhumanity to man over several thousand years. From the Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage to the cataclysmic events
of World War II, Atrocitology spans centuries and civilisations as it measures the hundred most violent episodes in history.

              on hIsTory:                             ThE BETTEr anGEls                        lIsBon:
              TarIq alI anD                           oF oUr naTUrE:                           War In ThE                        aUsTralIans:
              olIvEr sTonE In                         ThE DEclInE                              shaDoWs                           EUrEka To
              convErsaTIon                            oF vIolEncE In                           oF ThE cITy                       ThE DIGGErs
              Oliver Stone and                        hIsTory anD ITs                          oF lIGhT,                         (volUME 2)
              Tariq Ali RRP $24.95                    caUsEs                                   1939-1945                         Thomas
              DUE laTE                                Steven Pinker                            Neill Lochery                     Keneally
              novEMBEr                                RRP $32.95                               RRP $35.00                        RRP $59.99

6     Books kInokUnIya
                                                                                                history and science
Ian FlEMInG’s coMManDos: ThE sTory oF 30 assaUlT UnIT In WWII
Nicholas Rankin RRP $39.99
This is the true story of Ian Fleming’s Second World War unit, known as ‘30 Assault Unit’, the real-life inspiration for James
Bond. They were a unit of authorised looters, men who would go in hard with the front-line troops and steal enemy intelligence.
In this gripping and highly enjoyable book, Nicholas Rankin, puts 30 Assault Unit’s fascinating story in a strategic and
intelligence context. He also argues that Ian Fleming’s Second World War service was one of the most significant periods
of his life – without this, the most popular spy fiction of the twentieth century would not have been written.

                   anZacs on ThE WEsTErn FronT: ThE aUsTralIan War MEMorIal BaTTlEFIElD GUIDE
                   Peter Pederson RRP $49.95
                   Meticulously researched and written by the Head of Research at the Australian War Memorial, Dr Peter Pedersen, this
                   landmark publication guides readers chronologically through the battles in which Australians and New Zealanders fought on
                   the Western Front from 1916–1918. Lavishly illustrated in vibrant colour, with fascinating images from the AWM archive as
                   well as new panoramic location shots to provide an in situ perspective for the reader, each chapter covers the important
                   tactical milestones passed along the way and explains how the Australian Imperial Force and the New Zealand Expeditionary
                   Force evolved to meet the war‘s changing demands.

hIroshIMa naGasakI
Paul Ham RRP $55.00
The atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki instantly killed more than 100,000 people. Many hundreds of
thousands more succumbed to their horrific injuries later, or slowly perished of radiation-related sickness. Yet the bombs were
“our least abhorrent choice”, American leaders claimed at the time – and still today most people believe they ended the Pacific
War. Ham describes the political manoeuvring and the scientific race to build the new atomic weapon. He also gives powerful
witness to its destruction through the eyes of eighty survivors, reminding us that these two cities were full of ordinary people
who suddenly, out of a clear blue summer′s sky, felt the sun fall on their heads.

                  a hIsTory oF ThE WorlD In 100 oBJEcTs
                  Neil MacGregor RRP $35.00
                  DUE laTE novEMBEr
                  This book takes a dramatically original approach to the history of humanity, using objects which previous civilisations have
                  left behind them, often accidentally, as prisms through which we can explore past worlds and the lives of the men and women
                  who lived in them. The book’s range is enormous. It begins with one of the earliest surviving objects made by human hands,
                  a chopping tool from the Olduvai gorge in Africa, and ends with an object from the 21st century which represents the world
                  we live in today. An intellectual and visual feast, it is one of the most engrossing and unusual history books published in years.

               cITy oF
               ForTUnE:                                                                                                      hanDWrITTEn:
               hoW vEnIcE                           vanIshED                                                                 TEn cEnTUrIEs
               Won anD                              kInGDoMs                             Marco                               oF ManUscrIpT
               losT a naval                         Norman Davies                        polo’s                              TrEasUrEs
               EMpIrE                               RRP $59.95                           sIlk roaD                           The National
               Roger Crowley                        DUE laTE                             Marco Polo                          Library of Australia
               RRP $39.99                           novEMBEr                             RRP $39.99                          RRP $49.95

                                                                                                           Books kInokUnIya                       7
                   planET WorD: ThE sTory oF lanGUaGE FroM ThE EarlIEsT GrUnTs
                   To TWITTEr anD BEyonD
                   J. P. Davidson with foreword by Stephen Fry RRP $45.00
                   Planet Word uncovers everything you didn’t know you needed to know about how language evolves: from the dusty scrolls of
                   the past to the unknown digital future, will we no longer have need for a written language and instead communicate in pictures
                   and symbols? With (heart) the first graphic to enter the OED, are we already well on our way? In a round-the-world trip of a
                   lifetime, discover all this and more as J. P. Davidson travels across our gloriously, endlessly intriguing multi-lingual Planet Word.

Kaz Cooke RRP $59.95
Women’s Stuff is your must-have guide, from leaving school to menopause and beyond. It’s a best friend in book form, a
complete guide to how to get your life together and face any challenge at any age. Three years in preparation, this guide
covers the practical side of life, including work, money and homemaking, as well as getting to know and make friends with
your body, family, mental and physical health, and sex and relationships and includes the quotes and comments of more
than 7000 women from all over the world, sharing their innermost thoughts.

                     a GEEk In Japan: DIscovErInG ThE lanD oF ManGa, anIME,
                     ZEn anD ThE TEa cErEMony
                     Hector Garcia RRP $21.99
                     For every fan of manga, anime, J-pop, or Zen, A Geek in Japan is a hip, smart and concise guide to the land that is their
                     source. Comprehensive and well informed it covers a wide array of topics in short articles accompanied by sidebars and
                     numerous photographs, providing a lively digest of the society and culture of Japan. Designed to appeal to the generations
                     of Westerners who grew up on Pokemon, manga and video games, A Geek in Japan reinvents the culture guide for readers in
                     the Internet age.

ThE WavE: TalEs FroM ThE IMpacT ZonE
Dave Sparkes RRP $39.99
The Wave is a collection of world-class surfing images from acclaimed surf photographer and writer David Sparkes.
Capturing the fleeting instant of a wave, recording a particular surfing location at a precise moment and following a surfer
as they try to ride their perfect wave. Dave brings together these unique experiences in a form we can all share. The Wave
enables us to take an armchair ride with surfers like Stephanie Gilmore, Tom Curren, Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater; travel
to the landscapes where the best waves are found; and witness the quirky sights and fascinating people who are all part
of the quest to find the perfect wave.

                                                 JUsT ThE arGUMEnTs:
                                                 100 oF ThE MosT                                 ThE arT oF
              a lITTlE                           IMporTanT                                       happInEss                           MIssED
              hIsTory oF                         arGUMEnTs In                                    Matthieu                            connEcTIons:
              phIlosophy                         WEsTErn phIlosophy                              Ricard                              lovE, losT &
              Nigel                              edited by Michael Bruce                         RRP $9.99                           FoUnD
              Warburton                          and Steven Barbone                              DUE                                 Sophie Blackall
              RRP $29.95                         RRP $29.95                                      DEcEMBEr                            RRP $19.95

8     Books kInokUnIya

sWaInsTon’s FIshEs oF aUsTralIa: ThE coMplETE IllUsTraTED GUIDE                                                          OUR PRICE
Roger Swainston RRP $125.00
Roger Swainston’s breathtaking artwork provides a fascinating overview of the extraordinary diversity of Australia’s
marine and freshwater fishes. Here, more than 1500 remarkable illustrations portray every family of fishes ever recorded
from Australian waters. The names of all known species are listed alongside detailed information on the taxonomy and
biology of each family.

                  Why Don’T spIDErs sTIck To ThEIr WEBs? anD 317 oThEr EvEryDay
                  MysTErIEs oF scIEncE
                  Robert Matthews RRP $19.95
                  Why can’t we tickle ourselves? Which properties give you the best chance of winning Monopoly? What would happen if you fell
                  into a black hole? Is it possible to hurt your brain if you think too much? In this entertaining and enlightening tour of day-to-day
                  life, award-winning writer and scientist Robert Matthews tackles everything from the puzzling maths of odd socks to the real
                  ‘string theory’ mystery: how does string acquire all those unwanted knots?

ThE MaGIc oF rEalITy: hoW WE knoW WhaT’s rEally TrUE
Richard Dawkins
illustrated by Dave McKean RRP $39.95
The Magic of Reality, with its explanations of space, time, evolution and more, will inspire and amaze readers of all ages
- young adults, adults, children, octogenarians. Teaming up with the renowned illustrator Dave McKean, Richard Dawkins
answers all these questions and many more. In stunning words and pictures this book presents the real story of the world
around us, taking us on an enthralling journey through scientific reality, and showing that it has an awe-inspiring beauty and
thrilling magic which far exceed those of the ancient myths.

                       aUsTralIa’s WIlD WEaThEr
                       Mark Tredinnick RRP $39.95
                       Marrying photographs from the collection of the National Library of Australia with an evocative and contemplative essay
                       by poet Mark Tredinnick, Australia’s Wild Weather is a lyric field guide to Australia’s climate. Tredinnick considers what
                       it means to be living at time when weather is no longer small talk; it is most of the news. Beautifully written, the author
                       contemplates what weather means to us and how it affects our daily lives.

                                                         ThE physIcs                                                                 TWEETInG
                       ThE                               Book: FroM                                                                  ThE UnIvErsE
                       naTUral                           ThE BIG BanG                            sTEaMpUnk                           Marcus Chown
                       WorlD                             To qUanTUM                              GEar, GaDGETs                       and Govert
                       closE-Up                          rEsUrrEcTIon                            anD GIZMos                          Schilling
                       Giles                             Clifford A.                             Thomas                              RRP $24.99
                       Sparrow                           Pickover                                Willeford                           DUE
                       RRP $34.99                        RRP $39.99                              RRP $29.95                          DEcEMBEr

                                                                                                             Books kInokUnIya                        9
                   kEynEs / hayEk: ThE clash ThaT DEFInED MoDErn EconoMIcs
                   Nicholas Wapshott RRP $35.00
                   Can government fix a broken economy? Two great economists disagreed eighty years ago, and their debate dominates
                   politics to this day. As the stock-market crash of 1929 plunged the world into turmoil, two men emerged with competing
                   claims about how to restore balance to economies gone awry. John Maynard Keynes, the mercurial Cambridge economist,
                   believed that government had a duty to spend when others would not. Friedrich Hayek, a little-known Austrian economics
                   professor, considered attempts to intervene both pointless and potentially dangerous. Author Nicholas Wapshott unearths the
                   contemporary relevance of Keynes and Hayek.

BUlls, BEars anD a croUpIEr Who sToppED GaMBlInG anD MaDE MIllIons
Matthew Kidman RRP $34.95
Matthew Kidman, an experienced Australian fund manager, explains how the share market can be a fun and simple place to
operate if you take the right approach. He deconstructs the share market, explodes the myths and turns traditional thinking
on its head to show new and experienced investors alike that the share market can be a lot of fun and you can make a lot of
money. You just have to know how!

                   ThE 3rD alTErnaTIvE: solvInG lIFE’s MosT DIFFIcUlT proBlEMs
                   Stephen R. Covey RRP $29.99
                   In any conflict, the First Alternative is my way, and the Second Alternative is your way. The fight always boils down to a
                   question of whose way is better. This book presents a new and practical, but incredibly effective and eye-opening, way
                   to reach resolution through using the ‘Third Alternative’. The 3rd Alternative moves beyond your way or my way to a higher
                   and better way – one that allows both parties to emerge from debate or even heated conflict in a far better place than either
                   had envisioned.

BooMEranG: ThE MElTDoWn ToUr
Michael Lewis RRP $39.95
Boomerang is a tragi-comic romp across Europe, in which Lewis gives full vent to his storytelling genius. The cheap credit that
rolled across the planet between 2002 and 2008 was more than a simple financial phenomenon: it was temptation, offering
entire societies the chance to reveal aspects of their characters they could not normally afford to indulge. Lewis’s investigation
of bubbles across Europe is brilliantly, sadly hilarious. He also turns a merciless eye on America: on California, the epicentre of
world consumption, where we see that a final reckoning awaits the most avaricious of nations too.

               GrEaT By choIcE                         Who rEpo’D My JET?                           DIrTy MonEy                       GranD
               Jim Collins and                         Robert Frank                                 Matthew                           pUrsUIT
               Morten T. Hansen                        RRP $32.95                                   Benns                             Sylvia Nasar
               RRP $45.00                              DUE laTE novEMBEr                            RRP $34.95                        RRP $59.99

10      Books kInokUnIya

rIDInG ThE TraIns In Japan: TravEls In ThE sacrED anD sUpErMoDErn EasT
Patrick Holland RRP $29.95
Arriving late in Kyoto, Patrick Holland cannot find a room for the night. Homeless and disorientated and in a place where
loitering is not encouraged his only solution is to ride the trains. The train journey is the starting point for a book that also
describes travels through Vietnam, mountains in the Chinese Himalaya, lost cities of the Silk Road, mist-swathed cemeteries
in Japan and the flat plains of Australia.

                      GrEaT JoUrnEys: TravEl ThE WorlD’s MosT spEcTacUlar roUTEs
                      Lonely Planet RRP $49.99
                      Lonely Planet has selected the world’s most spectacular journeys with expert content and stunning images, practical
                      planning tips and inspiring background information plus thematic coverage including famous literary journey’s, great walks,
                      classic rail journeys and more.

ThE holIDay GoDDEss hanDBaG GUIDE To parIs, nEW york, lonDon anD roME
edited by Jessica Adams RRP $35.00
The Holiday Goddess Handbag Guide reveals the secrets of what women REALLY want to know about four of the world′s most
fabulous cities: Paris, London, New York and Rome. Born in a handbag from scribbled tips shared between holiday goddesses
whose work, love and life adventures scattered them all over the globe, it will take you where few women have been before.
Elegantly packaged in red linen, it′s as irresistibly chic as a designer handbag and ten times more useful.

                                                                                     lonEly planET noT For parEnTs cITy
                     ThE TravEl Book – noT                                           GUIDEs – lonDon, nEW york, parIs, roME
                     For parEnTs EDITIon                                             $19.99 each
                     Lonely Planet RRP $29.99                                        Each title in the new series is designed to encourage a whole
                     Based on Lonely Planet’s bestselling                            new generation of explorers. Written with perfect pitch for
                     pictorial The Travel Book, this will                            young readers, the intriguing stories and spooky histories
                     be a great hit with children who are                            are illustrated with an exciting blend of full-colour photos,
                     curious about the world.                                        illustrations and great cartoons.

                                                                                         MolEskInE METal                            MolEskInE
                                                                                         rollEr Ball pEn                            WooDEn
                                                                                         Designed to attach                         pEncIl sET
                                                                                         to the Moleskine                           Designed to
                                                                                         notebook cover. Inks                       attach to the
 MolEskInE MEssEnGEr BaG MolEskInE lapTop casE                                           are made specifically                      Moleskine
 (30cM x 42cM x 8cM)     10” $59.95, 13” $64.95                                          for Moleskine paper.                       notebook cover.
 $159.95                 15” $69.95                                                      $69.95                                     $19.95

                                                                                                           Books kInokUnIya                    11
                      cUMUlUs Inc.
                      Andrew McConnell RRP $59.99
                      In a few short years, Cumulus Inc. has won a place in many hearts. With its open kitchen, industrial architectural elements
                      and light streaming in through the bank of windows, it is somewhere to gather, talk and eat at any time of day. And the food
                      fits like a glove, starting with the perfect breakfast and ending with a late-night charcuterie plate. Based around the ebb
                      and flow of a day at Cumulus, Andrew McConnell’s first book gathers his recipes for the signature dishes that keep people
                      coming back for more. This is food for the way we eat now.

MarqUE: a cUlInary aDvEnTUrE
Mark Best and Pasi Petanen RRP $79.95
Marque is a highly illustrated, contemporary recipe book, celebrating and reflecting on Marque, the successful Sydney
restaurant. Also included will be the personal journey of chef and owner Mark Best and approximately 80 of Marque’s
signature recipes. Most will be complete dishes but the book will also contain a myriad of smaller recipes and techniques
which are the backbone of chef, Mark Best’s creations. A stunning book to treasure as both a compilation of beautiful
recipes and a record of one of the world’s best restaurants.

                      ThE FaMIly MEal: hoME cookInG WITh FErran aDrIa
                      Ferran Adria RRP $39.95
                      Every day at 5.20pm the staff at elBulli gather together for a three-course ‘family meal’, an important moment of the day,
                      when the team can pause, take stock and prepare themselves for the pressures of the evening service. The family meal is
                      very important to Ferran, so much so that he prepares the daily menus and recipes for it a whole year in advance. Now, for
                      the first time, Ferran is making his recipes available to all home cooks. He shows how to prepare tasty, everyday food with
                      31 nutritionally balanced daily menus, each one consisting of three courses, with a total of 93 recipes.

BalI: ThE FooD oF My IslanD hoME
Janet de Neefe RRP $59.99
When Janet De Neefe traveled to Bali 26 years ago she fell in love – not only with a man, but also with the island’s fascinating
culture, warm people and mouth-watering food. Since then, Janet has been collecting Balinese recipes, teaching local cooking
methods and heralding the delights of this colourful cuisine, and in this book she shares all that she has learned. Follow Janet
on a spice trail through Bali and its rich food culture, with chapters exploring sambals, rice dishes, curries and coconut, street
food, ceremonial food, modern offerings and sweets.

                                                                                          MIssIon sTrEET
                                                     MovIDa                               FooD: rEcIpEs
                                                     cocIna                               anD IDEas FroM
                                                     Frank                                an IMproBaBlE                              Bocca
                   InDochInE                         Camorra                              rEsTaUranT                                 cookBook
                   Luke                              and Richard                          Anthony Myint and                          Jacob
                   Nguyen                            Cornish                              Karen Leibowitz                            Kenedy
                   RRP $69.99                        RRP $49.99                           RRP $47.95                                 RRP $69.99

12       Books kInokUnIya
hEsTon BlUMEnThal aT hoME
Heston Blumenthal $65.00
Heston Blumenthal at Home is an ingeniously designed book for cooks who want to know how food works, and who are
excited about adopting an unconventional approach that will revolutionize the experience of cooking at home. The first part
of the book maps the new techniques in fifteen sections, including: taste and flavor; stocks and infusing; brining, curing,
marinating, and macerating; and sections on proper care of meat, fish, pasta, and many other dishes. In the second part,
there are 150 specially chosen recipes. Here, at last, is the secret to irrefutably perfect fish and chips, as well as a few more
unconventional dishes such as salmon with licorice, and crab lasagna.

                       ThE arT oF pasTa
                       Lucio Galletto and David Dale RRP $59.95
                       The Art of Pasta brings together Lucio Galletto’s two great passions in life: food and art. In an inspiring collaboration,
                       more than 160 authentic pasta recipes are complemented by original artwork from Luke Sciberras. There are detailed
                       instructions for making and cutting pasta (including pasta flavoured with herbs, porcini, saffron and squid ink), and for
                       making simple filled pastas and perfect gnocchi. You can also choose from an array of mouth-watering pestos.

ThE arT oF FrEnch BakInG
Ginette Mathiot RRP $49.95
From éclairs to soufflés and macaroons to madeleines, when it comes to desserts, no-one does it better than the French.
Beautiful, elegant and delicious, French desserts are easy to create at home as only a few basic recipes are needed to make
some of the world’s most renowned cakes and tarts. The Art of French Baking is the definitive collection of authentic French
pastry and dessert recipes. From Tarte Tatin and Hazelnut Petit Fours to Cherry Tartlets and Choux Buns, it contains more than
350 simple recipes that anyone can follow at home.

                      Pierre Hermé RRP $39.99
                      Pierre Hermé is universally acknowledged as the king of French pastry with shops in Tokyo, Paris and London. Now for the
                      first time, all the macaron recipes from this most celebrated French pâtissier are published in English. There are 200 pages
                      of recipes and beautiful food photography, and because making macarons is mostly about technique, rather than just a
                      standard recipe, readers will appreciate the 32-step-by-step photo-illustrated instructions for making shells and fillings.

                                                                                          BEnnETT’s                                 kITchEn
                  MoMoFUkU                              FrEE ranGE                        FrancE: a                                 coqUETTE
                  MIlk Bar                              In ThE cITy                       pErsonal GUIDE                            Katrina Meynink
                  Christina                             Annabel                           To FInE DInInG                            RRP $39.99
                  Tosi                                  Langbein                          Shannon Bennett                           sIGnED copIEs
                  RRP $55.95                            RRP $49.99                        RRP $44.99                                avaIlaBlE

                                                                                                           Books kInokUnIya                         13
kinokuniya cookbook of the year

                                                                                       OU R PRICE

                        GInGErBoy: crEaTIvE sTrEET FooD
                        Teage Ezard and Chris Donnellan RRP $69.99
                        KinoKuniya CooKbooK of the year 2011
                        Every year the staff at Kinokuniya choose a stylish, original and practical
                        cookbook to share. If you love cookbooks, you can be assured that our range
                        is the best of the best. For 2011, we are pleased to award Teage Ezard and
                        Chris Donnellan’s Gingerboy with the Kinokuniya Cookbook of the year award.
                        Iconic Melbourne restaurant Gingerboy is renowned for its funky decor, Asian-
                        inspired dishes and hip laneway location. Serving creative street food, based
                        around plates for sharing, chefs Teage Ezard and Chris Donnellan take a unique
                        and bold approach to the food of the region. Gingerboy serves traditional and
                        modern Asian dishes with flavours from Thailand, Malaysia and China – perfect
                        for the urban foodie.
                        Soak up the atmosphere of the restaurant on every page of this amazing book.
                        You’ll be hit with beautifully lit dishes that ooze flavour and style. You won’t
                        find sexier, saucier, more sumptuous recipes anywhere. With its sizzling style,
                        Gingerboy is a cookbook that will bring 21st century fusion into your kitchen.

14   Books kInokUnIya
                                                                                                          performing arts

                                                 OUR PRICE

on shakEspEarE               FooTprInTs:                     ThE coMplETE                  ThaT MovIE Book:               aBsolUTEly
John Bell RRP $39.99         ThE InsIDE sTory                rEcorD covEr                  aWEsoME, WEIrD                 Joanna Lumley
sIGnED copIEs                oF aUsTralIa’s                  collEcTIon                    anD WonDErFUl                  RRP $45.00
avaIlaBlE                    BEsT lovED BanD,                Robert Crumb                  FlIcks For EvEry               Joanna Lumley is one
After many years of          poWDErFInGEr                    RRP $34.95                    WEEkEnD oF yoUr                of Britain’s undisputed
reading, performing and      Dino Scatena                    Robert Crumb first began      yEar                           national treasures, but it is
directing Shakespeare,       RRP $45.00                      drawing record covers in      Marc Fennell                   the sheer diversity of her
in the UK and in Australia   For the first time, Bernard,    1968 when Janis Joplin        RRP $27.99                     life that has made her so
with the Bell Shakespeare    Darren, Ian, John and           asked him to provide          DUE DEcEMBEr                   compelling a personality
Company, John Bell offers    Jonathan look back and          a cover for her album         So many movies –               – early years in Kashmir
us a unique ‘backstage       tell their whole story from     Cheap Thrills. This early     but which ones are             and Malaya, growing up in
pass’ to the histories,      childhood to their final        collaboration proved so       worth watching? Movie          Kent, then a photographic
tragedies, comedies          farewell. Written with          successful that Crumb         critic and mischief-maker      model before becoming
and romances and a           journalist Dino Scatena,        went on to draw hundreds      Marc Fennell (triple j,        an actress, appearing in a
memorable insight into       the up-until-now very           of record covers for both     Hungry Beast, The Circle)      huge range of roles, from
the sonnets. John Bell’s     private members of the          new artists and largely       has cunningly programmed Bond girl to documentaries
passionate relationship      band have opened up             forgotten masters. So         and reviewed more than         on the Northern Lights,
with Shakespeare             to detail the full history      remarkable were Crumb’s       260 movies to fill every       Bhutan and the Nile
informs and deepens          of Powderfinger. This           artistic interpretations      weekend of the year.           and of course as the
our understanding of         illustrated edition will        of these old 78 rpm           Expect movies from the         unforgettable Patsy. The
the man and his works.       feature the never-before-       singles that the art itself   past as well as the present, absolutely fabulous Joanna
On Shakespeare is vivid,     seen photos of the local        proved influential in their   from Hollywood to art          Lumley opens her private
accessible and fascinating   Brissie boys who became         rediscovery in the 1960s      house, from kids to adult.     albums for this illustrated
– a book that confirms       Aussie rock icons.              and 1970s.                    It′s a veritable film festival memoir.
Shakespeare’s enduring                                                                     from your couch.
relevance to our lives.

                    InDUsTrIal                                                                                                         WorlD oF
                    lIGhT anD                                ThE arT oF                            TIM                                 DoWnTon
                    MaGIc                                    pIxar: 25Th                           BUrTon                              aBBEy
                    Pamela                                   annIvErsary                           Antoine De                          Jessica
                    Glintenkamp                              Amid Amidi                            Baecque                             Fellowes
                    RRP $70.00                               RRP $59.95                            RRP $49.95                          RRP $40.00

                                                                                                         Books kInokUnIya                        15
children’s books

ThE GhosT oF                look, a Book!                ThE WIZarD                      ThE caT anD                      ThE hIGhWay raT
MIss annaBEl                Libby Gleeson                oF oZ: a                        ThE FIDDlE                       Julia Donaldson
spoon                       illustrated by               scanIMaTIon                     Jackie Morris                    illustrated by Axel
Aaron Blabey                Freya Blackwood              Book                            RRP $29.95                       Scheffler RRP $24.99
RRP $29.95                  RRP $24.95                   Rufus Butler Seder              With over forty traditional      You may have heard of a
No matter what hour,        Look, A Book! You never      RRP $19.95                      nursery rhymes, personally       Highwayman – but what
she lurked looking sour,    know where it might take     We’re off to see the wizard     chosen by the illustrator        about a Highway Rat?
be it midnight or mid-      you. When two ragamuffins    … through the magic             and laid out in colour-          No food is safe from this
afternoon. Her dresses      stumble across a book        of Scanimation. Take a          drenched double spreads,         rascally rodent! He steals
were shabby, her mood       in the dust their world      journey down the Yellow         this is a beautiful, painterly   clover from a rabbit,
always crabby. Her name     begins to change.            Brick Road with Dorothy,        collection of rhymes             and snaffles nuts from a
was Miss Annabel Spoon.     The familiar becomes         the Scarecrow, the Tinman,      that has the makings of          squirrel. He even hijacks
Life is cursed for the      fantastical, the mundane     and the Cowardly Lion –         a classic. Included are          his own horse’s hay! But
people of the village of    becomes magical, and         and Toto, too! – reliving ten   familiar favourites such         when a cunning duck
Twee. The ghost of Miss     a fractured community        memorable scenes from           as: Hickory Dickory Dock,        crosses his path, has
Annabel Spoon haunts        finds a focus. Set in a      the classic movie: from the     Baa Baa Black Sheep,             the Highway Rat met his
their every waking hour     dreary, underprivileged,     twister that started it all,    Lavender’s Blue and Pop          match? Put your hands
and they’ve had enough!     contemporary world, Look,    to a melting Wicked Witch       Goes the Weasel. And then        up for this rhyming romp
But then one day, the       A Book! is an exhilarating   of the West, to the great       there are some unusual           from the current Children’s
brave and practical young   whirl through the magic      and powerful Oz – not to        rhymes to discover, such         Laureate, starring a
Herbert Kettle has the      of imagination that          mention the ruby slippers’      as Jumping Joan, Gray            wickedly lovable baddie
most extraordinary idea…    leaves the reader in an      three heel-clicks that          Goose and Gander, and            who’ll steal your grub –
                            vertiginous trance.          finally bring Dorothy           Hark, Hark, the Dogs Do          and your heart!
                                                         back to Kansas.                 Bark. The perfect book to
                                                                                         share, not only with a baby,
                                                                                         but with the whole family.

                    ThE JEWEl                                                        ThE                                            WanTs a pET
                    FIsh oF                                                          TWElvE                                         Cathleen Daly
                    karnak                        sTUck                              Days oF                                        illustrated
                    Graeme                        Oliver                             chrIsTMas                                      by Stephen
                    Base                          Jeffers                            Jane Ray                                       Michael King
                    RRP $29.95                    RRP $24.99                         RRP $19.99                                     RRP $24.99

16       Books kInokUnIya
                                                                                                           children’s books

                                                                                OUR PRICE

MEGa Mash-                    ThE annoTaTED                   WonDErsTrUck                  ThE hoUsE BaBa                  BroThErBanD 1:
Ups: pIraTEs                  pETEr pan                       Brian Selznick                BUIlT                           ThE oUTcasTs
v ancIEnT                     J. M. Barrie                    RRP $34.99                    Ed Young RRP $24.99 John Flanagan
EGypTIans In a                edited by Maria Tatar Ben and Rose secretly                   This powerful, poignant, RRP $17.95
haUnTED MUsEUM                RRP $49.99            wish their lives were                   and exquisitely illustrated     In Skandia, boys are
Nikalas Catlow                One hundred years after         different. Ben longs for      memoir is the story of          chosen for teams called
and Tim Wesson                J. M. Barrie published the      the father he has never       one of our most beloved         brotherbands and must
RRP $11.99 each               novel Peter and Wendy,          known. Rose dreams            children’s illustrators and     endure three months
It’s Pirates vs Ancient       Maria Tatar revisits a          of a mysterious actress       the house his baba built.       of gruelling training in
Egyptians in the fourth       story that, like Alice in       whose life she chronicles     Ed Young’s childhood home       seamanship, weapons
book of this hilarious        Wonderland, bridges the         in a scrapbook. When Ben      in Shanghai was a place         and battle tactics. When
series. What happens          generations, animating          discovers a puzzling clue     to play hide-and-seek, to       Hal Mikkelson finds
when some Ancient             both adults and children        in his mother’s room and      eat bamboo shoots, and          himself the unwilling
Egyptians, take on a crew     with its kinetic energy.        Rose reads an enticing        to be safe. Outside, China      leader of a brotherband
of bloodthirsty Pirates, in   This brilliantly designed       heading in the newspaper,     was at war and soon the         made up of outcasts,
a Haunted Museum? Read        volume with period              both children set out alone   house held not only Ed and      he must step up to the
the story and add your own    photographs includes            on desperate quests to        his four siblings but also      challenge. The Heron
drawings and doodles to       full-colour images              find what they are missing.   friends, relatives and even     brotherband might
the illustrations to make     by iconic illustrators,         Set fifty years apart,        strangers who became            not have the strength
the story uniquely yours.     commentary on stage             these independent stories     family. The war grew            and numbers of the
Also available Aliens v       and screen versions, and        weave back and forth with     closer, and Ed watched as       other teams, but with
Mad Scientists Under the      an array of supplementary       mesmerising symmetry.         friends joined the air force.   inventiveness, ingenuity
Ocean, Robots v Gorillas in   material, including Barrie’s                                  But through it all, Ed’s        and courage on their side,
the Desert and Romans v       screenplay for a silent film.                                 childhood remained full         they might just surprise
Dinosaurs on Mars.                                                                          of joy and imagination.         everyone.

               BETWEEn                             Colin Meloy                         ThE WInDvalE
               TWo EnDs                            illustrated by                      sprITEs                                   FInIsh ThIs Book
               David Ward                          Carson Ellis                        Mackenzie Crook                           Keri Smith
               RRP $21.95                          RRP $19.95                          RRP $22.99                                RRP $16.95

                                                                                                          Books kInokUnIya                       17
young adult

ThE sEnDInG:                  ThE naME oF                      FUry                           DaUGhTEr oF                  ThE scorpIo
ThE oBErnEWTyn                ThE sTar                         Elizabeth Miles                sMokE anD BonE               racEs
chronIclEs                    Maureen Johnson                  RRP $24.99                     Laini Taylor                 Maggie Stiefvater
Book 6                        RRP $19.99                       It’s winter break in           RRP $24.99                   RRP $24.99
Isobelle Carmody              Sixteen-year-old American        Ascension, Maine.              Daughter of Smoke and        It happens at the start
RRP $32.95                    girl Rory has just arrived       The snow is falling and        Bone is a book unbounded     of every November: the
The sixth book in The         at boarding school in            everything looks pristine      by genre but located at a    Scorpio Races. Riders
Obernewtyn Chronicles.        London when a Jack the           and peaceful. But all is       magical crossroads where     attempt to keep hold of
The time has come at          Ripper copycat-killer            not as it seems... Em is       The Passage meets Philip     their water horses long
last for Elspeth Gordie       begins terrorising the city.     thrilled that the guy she’s    Pullman and Twilight meets   enough to make it to the
to leave the Land on her      ‘Rippermania’ takes hold         been into for months is        Pan’s Labyrinth. Karou       finish line. Some riders
quest to find and stop the    of modern-day London,            finally noticing her. But if   has managed to keep          live. Others die. At age
computermachine Sentinel      and the police are left          she starts things with him,    her two lives in balance.    nineteen, Sean Kendrick
from unleashing the deadly    with few leads and no            there’s no turning back.       On the one hand, she’s       is the returning champion.
Balance of Terror arsenal.    witnesses. Except one.           Because his girlfriend is      an art student in Prague;    Puck Connolly is different.
But before she can embark     Rory spotted the man             Em’s best friend. And on       on the other, errand-girl    She never meant to ride
on her quest, she must find   police now believe to be         the other side of town,        to a monstrous creature.     in the Scorpio Races. But
a lost key. And although      the prime suspect. But she       Chase’s secret harassment      Raised half in our world,    fate hasn’t given her much
she has long prepared for     is the only one who saw          of a social outcast            half in ‘Elsewhere’, she     of a choice. She enters
this day, nothing is as she   him. In this edge-of-your-       spirals out of control.        has never understood         the competition – the
imagined. Elspeth’s search    seat thriller, Rory will learn   In Ascension, mistakes         Brimstone’s dark nor how     first girl ever to do so and
will take her where she       the truth about the secret       can be deadly. There are       she came into his keeping.   is in no way prepared for
never thought to go and       ghost police of London and       three girls to choose who      The doors to Elsewhere       what is going to happen.
it will test her as she has   discover her own shocking        will pay. Em and Chase         are closing, and Karou       The Scorpio Races is an
never been tested before...   abilities.                       have been chosen.              must choose between her      unforgettable reading
                                                                                              human life or Elsewhere.     experience.

                                                                                      sTEaMpUnk! an
                                                                                      anTholoGy oF
                                                                                      rIch anD sTranGE                         ThE coMInG oF
               sIlEncE                         ThIs Dark                              sTorIEs                                  ThE WhIrlpool:
               Becca                           EnDEavoUr                              edited by K. Link and                    shIp kInGs Book 1
               Fitzpatrick                     Kenneth Oppel                          G. J. Grant RRP $24.95                   Andrew McGahan
               RRP $24.99                      RRP $24.95                             DUE DEcEMBEr                             RRP $22.99

18       Books kInokUnIya
                                                                                                    the world of tintin

ThE arT oF ThE                       hErGé ThE GEnIUs oF                   ThE aDvEnTUrEs oF                       TInTIn anD ThE
aDvEnTUrEs oF TInTIn                 TInTIn: a BIoGraphy                   TInTIn: collEcTor’s                     sEcrET oF lITEraTUrE
Weta Workshop                        Raphaël Taylor RRP $32.99             GIFT sET                                Tom McCarthy RRP$22.99
RRP $45.00                           Georges Remi, better known            Hergé RRP$170.00                        Hergé’s Tintin cartoon adventures
Steven Spielberg and Peter           as Hergé, is widely regarded as       Collected in seven hardcover            have been translated into more
Jackson are teaming up to launch     the greatest twentieth-century        volumes, this box set contains          than fifty languages and read by
The Adventures of Tintin. This       master of the European bande          all 23 Tintin classic graphic           tens of millions of children aged,
first of two movies brings to life   dessinee. His Tintin books have       novels including an unfinished          as their publishers like to say,
the enormously popular books by      sold well over 200 million copies     adventure, Tintin and Alph              ‘from 7 to 77’. Arguing that their
Hergé in performance-captured,       worldwide. Drawing from private       Art. There is a bonus book              characters are as strong and their
3D form. In this book, readers       archives, exclusive interviews and    featuring Tintin and Co., by            plots as complex as any dreamt
will get the inside story on how     thousands of hours of research,       famed Tintinologist Michael Farr        up by the great novelists, Tom
the movie progresses from the        Raphael Taylor both tells the story   which looks at favourite Tintin         McCarthy asks a simple question:
original works, through the movie    of the man’s life – which spanned     characters, revealing their origins,    is Tintin literature? McCarthy
design process, to the final look    the greater part of the twentieth     inspirations, and the source of         takes a cue from Tintin himself,
on the big screen.                   century – and searches for the        their enduring fascination. This is     to capture what’s going on in
                                     inspiration behind his work.          the ultimate gift for any Tintin fan.   Hergé’s work.

      tintin collectables

 TInTIn sITTInG             TInTIn hEaD             TInTIn anD snoWy           TInTIn – coUpE               snoWy GrEy T-shIrT
 FIGUrInE                   BUsT (lIMITED           WalkInG (lIMITED           spIDEr FroM                  (kIDs sIZEs 4-12, aDUlTs sMl – xxl)
 (pvc, 5.5cM Tall)          EDITIon rEsIn,          EDITIon rEsIn,             ThE BrokEn Ear               $39.99
 $9.99                      35cM Tall)              15cM Tall)                 (8.4cM lEnGTh)               Other styles and sizes are also available.
                            $299.99                 $224.99                    $44.99                       See in-store for more details.

                                                                                                         Books kInokUnIya                        19
                        vITaMIn p2
                        Phaidon Press RRP $79.95
                        The first volume of Vitamin P, published in 2002, inaugurated a vibrant period for painting. Since its publication, a whole
                        new generation of painters has emerged, some inspired by the artists who appeared in that book, others taking cues from
                        new sources. Vitamin P2 introduces this new wave of painters to the world. The vast medium of painting continues to be
                        a central pillar of artistic practice, and Vitamin P2 presents the outstanding artists who are currently engaging with and
                        pushing the boundaries of the medium.

arT noUvEaU
                                                                                                                             OUR PRICE
Norbert Wolf RRP $120.00                                                                                                      $96.00
This sumptuous volume explores key aspects of Art Nouveau – decorative arts, architecture, fashion, dance, advertising,
and more – with an in-depth approach and stunning illustrations. Comprehensive and authoritative, art historian Norbert Wolf
explores Art Nouveau as a logical outgrowth of the historic forces in which it arose. The book focuses on the movement’s wide
variety of applications and reclaims its prominence in the pantheon of modern art history. Beautifully produced to appeal to a
wide range of readers, it gives one of the world’s most popular styles the serious consideration it deserves.

                    Annie Leibovitz RRP $69.95
                    DUE DEcEMBEr
                    Pilgrimage took Annie Leibovitz to places that she could explore with no agenda. She wasn’t on assignment. She chose the
                    subjects simply because they meant something to her. Leibovitz started with a small digital camera at the historical houses of
                    Emily Dickinson and Virginia Woolf, but after a trip to Niagara Falls with her three young children, she started making lists and
                    her work became more ambitious. She began to use more sophisticated cameras and a tripod and to travel with an assistant,
                    but the project remained personal. Pilgrimage is a restorative project for Leibovitz, and the arc of the narrative is her own.

Phaidon Press RRP $225.00
The Art Museum is the finest art collection ever assembled between two covers. This revolutionary and unprecedented
virtual art museum in a book, features 992 oversized pages of nearly 2,700 works of art. It is the most comprehensive and
visually spectacular history of world art ever published. Ten years in the making, this unique book was created with a global
team of specialists in all fields of art, including museum curators and educators, who have collected together important
works as they might be displayed in the ideal museum for the art lover.

                       arTIsTs oF ThE WEsTErn DEsErT
                       Ken Greg Weight and Ken McGregor RRP $79.95
                       This is essentially a book of portrait studies of more than 80 senior artists of the Western Desert art movement. Each
                       stunning full-page portrait, reproduced in duotone, is accompanied on its opposite page by an example of the artist’s work.
                       The photographers have made a number of journeys to significant Indigenous communities located west of Alice Springs
                       and thence into the north of Western Australia – these include: Haasts Bluff, Kintore, Papunya, and Yuendumu to name a
                       few. The story of the numerous meetings with the artists, including opportunities to create their portraits and consolidate
                       friendships, is included in the book.

20       Books kInokUnIya
                                                                                architecture and interiors

ForTy-sIx sqUarE METrEs oF lanD DoEsn’T norMally BEcoME a hoUsE
Stuart Harrison RRP $70.00
The new book from award winning architect, writer and broadcaster Stuart Harrison, author of A Place in the Sun. Forty-six
Square Metres of Land showcases 45 residences that have been designed and built on a small footprint and looks in detail
at innovations and sustainability in small house design. It presents the most up to date space-challenging architecture and
design complete with informative text, plan and specifications and fabulous photography.

                       Sibella Court Price:$59.99
                       Stylist, globetrotter and treasure hunter Sibella Court, travelled to Syria, Mexico, Italy, India and Japan to be inspired by
                       everything from door knobs and street signs to roadside shrines and household brooms – things that most of us wouldn’t
                       even notice. In Nomad, the ideas, photographs and mementos she collected are used to inspire room settings, illustrating
                       simple, practical and surprising ways to be reminded of your travel experiences. Sibella’s approach is not about recreating
                       a whole look but about transforming and rethinking to make interior spaces that reflect your personality and experiences.
                       Nomad will help open your eyes to what’s around you and fuel your imagination long after the suitcase is unpacked.

InTErIors: aUsTralIa & nEW ZEalanD
Mitchell Oakley Smith RRP $75.00
From the well established BKH, Carr Design Group & Hare+Klein, to the innovative Arent & Pyke, Greg Natale Design
& Mltiplicity, we are taken on a tourof rich textures and vibrant clours. Ranging from coastal retreats and ecologically
sustainable farmhouses, to renovated Victorian terraces and contemporary city penthouses, this book demonstrates
how the best designers are able to adapt to variables of geography, climate and individual client needs whilst maintaining
the unioque character of each dwelling.

                     WarM hoUsE cool hoUsE
                     Nick Hollo RRP $44.95
                     We all want to minimise our environmental impact, but we don’t always know how. In this new edition of the bestselling
                     Warm House Cool House, respected Australian architect Nick Hollo provides valuable advice, illustrated by more than 100
                     inspiring contemporary examples of low-energy housing design, to help keep our homes cool in summer and warm in winter
                     with little or no cooling and heating by appliances. Whether you are planning to renovate, build or buy, this book offers clever
                     ideas on how to make any house, anywhere, an environmentally sustainable, comfortable and attractive place to live in, all
                     year round, while keeping electricity, gas and water bills comfortably low.

ThE phaIDon aTlas oF 21sT cEnTUry WorlD archITEcTUrE: TravEl EDITIon
Phaidon Press RRP $29.95
A condensed version of the information contained in The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture, this travel edition
is pocket sized and portable, ideal for the holiday or business traveller. Organized geographically and illustrated with global,
sub-regional and city maps, the buildings are easily located. The book contains over 1,000 buildings including 50 new
projects, each of which is illustrated with a single image and accompanied by a brief description, with addresses, websites
and telephone numbers.

                                                                                                         Books kInokUnIya                       21
                     JUxTapoZ IllUsTraTIon 2
                     Gingko Press RRP $45.00
                     Juxtapoz Illustration 2 is the tenth book in the series and revisits the magnetic attraction of the figurative line. Once again an
                     exciting roster of contributors ranging from commercial illustrators to outsider artists puts forth a retina-searing collection.
                     From the irreverent cartoon style of Johnny Ryan, to fine drawings by Josh Cochran marked by precision and depth, to
                     the mysterious miniature universes portrayed by Evah Fan, Juxtapoz Illustration 2 traverses a generous cross section of
                     contemporary illustrators. In all, more than 20 leading artists and designers pushing the boundaries of figure and ground are
                     presented in top form.

                                                                                                                             OUR PRICE
Victionary: Vector Graphics Today RRP $60.00                                                                                  $48.00
Vectorism is the first complete survey to focus entirely on today’s vector graphic art. Beautifully designed layout by artist
and their principle theme, the showcase displays a wealth of contemporary and experimental imageries amassed from 50
multitalented artists and presented with an introduction by eminent graphic designers, Craig & Karl and Mark Brooks. The
simple yet explicit graphics in this book are the absolute representation of the latest vector vocabularies that continue to
explore our brain mechanism and beautify routines in its decisive colours, shapes and humour in a lively yet exquisite way.

                           sTrEET arT
                           Cristian Campos RRP 65.00
                           Graffiti has evolved. It has widened its limits from the traditional tags and sprayed murals to urban art, that is to say
                           stickers, stencils, oil paintings and installations. This book is an exhaustive compilation of graffiti and urban artworks
                           done by 50 of the best international urban artists all over the world, in cities including Los Angeles, Tokyo, New York,
                           London or Singapore, among many others. A route through the latest trends in urban art and the myriad of styles
                           within it: 3D, bubble, wild style… The book is divided into three chapters and includes works of all kinds, from the
                           smallest stickers to the huge graffiti that fill facades several storeys high.

Adrian Franklin RRP $59.95
Using one of the most spectacular displays of retro objects ever assembled, and covering all the bases – furniture,
fashion, ceramics, technology, metal, graphics, plastic and glass – twentieth-century expert Adrian Franklin provides
the answers. Spanning the period from the 1950s to the 1980s and beyond, and with international coverage, the book
identifies the designers, manufacturers, brands, innovations, technologies and materials that transformed the world and
still cast their magic spell. Authoritative, entertaining and beautiful, Retro is itself an object to be treasured.

                      TaTToo parloUr
                      edited by Martin McIntosh & Gemma Jones RRP $29.95
                      DUE DEcEMBEr
                      From Amsterdam to Brighton, New York to San Francisco and Mexico, Tattoo Parlour is a showcase of artworks made by
                      artisans who also make tattoos. These are tattoo artists in the broadest and best sense of the term. From skin to canvas to
                      laser cut dollar bills these are artists who are at once immersed in tattoo culture but also their own creative practice. Forget
                      clichés and parodies of tattoo imagery – here we delve a little deeper and explore artists who are influenced by different
                      dimensions of what it means to be tattooed, make a tattii and understand the language of tattoo discourse.

22        Books kInokUnIya
100 shoEs
The Metropolitan Museum of Art RRP $29.95
In a brilliant follow-up to 100 Dresses, the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum once again opens
the vaults of its heralded permanent collection to introduce readers to the rich diversity of shoes within its
holdings. A hundred pairs of shoes, from the 16th to the 21st century, paint a vivid picture of how styles
have changed – sometimes radically – over the years. Beautifully designed and produced, 100 Shoes
presents examples of fashionable footwear in a range of styles, from flats to stilettos and everything in

                    JapanEsE FashIon DEsIGnErs
                    Bonnie English RRP $39.99
                    An accessible overview of the inspirational work of the big three Japanese fashion designers and their enormous influence on
                    fashion today – Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo. Miyake, Yamamoto and Kawakubo have gained worldwide
                    respect and admiration and have influenced a generation of designers and artists alike. Based on twelve years of research,
                    this book provides a richly detailed and uniquely comprehensive view of the work of these three key designers. It outlines
                    their major contributions and the subsequent impact that their work has had upon the next generation of fashion and textile
                    designers around the world.

FKG Publishing RRP $69.95
Fashion reflects the global and regional diversity of modern fashions, offering a comprehensive overview of radically
different creations by courageous and innovative designers from five continents – Africa, Asia, Australia, North America
and South America. Detail views are draw your attention to innovative materials, new fabrics, interesting workmanship,
and special prints. Illustrations show how inspirations are put to paper before designs are realized. Instead of
presenting their collections at traditional fashion shows, many fashion designers attract attention with novel forms of
presentation. Excerpts from these staged fashion installations and exhibits complete the volume.

   The name Fashionary evolved from the ideas of Fashion + Diary + Dictionary. A cult item amongst fashion designers and students,
   the Fashionary journals combine intensive fashion information and barely visible figure templates to streamline the design work-flow.

                                                                                       a5 JoUrnal (MEn’s anD WoMEn’s EDITIons)
                                                                                       With its handy size, it is the perfect tool for sketching
                                                                                       anywhere and also fits perfectly on a scanner.
                                                                                       a4 JoUrnal (MEn’s anD WoMEn’s EDITIons)
                                                                                       The drawing template is 40% bigger than the original
                                                                                       version which allows more elaborate garment details.
                                                                                       a5 rED covEr (WoMEn’s EDITIon)
                                                                                       lIMITED EDITIon oF 1000
                                                                                       ExclUsIvE In syDnEy To kInokUnIya

                                                                                                          Books kInokUnIya                         23
craft and hobbies
                      ThE nEW arTIsans
                      Olivier Dupon RRP $49.95
                      Profiling over seventy artisans who use craft techniques to create stylish, whimsical, desirable objects, this book features
                      hundreds of one-of-a-kind, handmade wonders from all over the world. Olivier Dupon began his career at Christian Dior.
                      He expanded his expertise in the fields of fashion and lifestyle by working as a buyer and product manager for several large
                      retail companies before opening his own boutique. Based in Australia, he now scouts international markets in search of
                      design, art and craft objects and projects to feature on his blog.

crochET BakEMono
Lan-Anh Bui & Josephine Wan RRP $29.99
‘Bakemono” are shape-shifting monsters straight out of traditional Japanese folklore – and now they can come adorably
to life through the art of crochet! Here are plans, patterns, and illustrated instructions for 20 wild and wacky Bakemono
creations that take only basic skills to complete. Just as they did with their well-received title Amigurumi, the authors
have captured Japanese pop culture and brought it to a Western audience. The result is an inspirational sourcebook that
crafters will turn to again and again.

                         ThE lITTlE vEGGIE paTch co.
                         Fabian Capomolla and Mat Pember RRP $45.00
                         Fabian Capomolla and Mat Pember install edible gardens: in boxes on balconies, in crates you can put anywhere in your
                         backyard, or by creating no-dig garden beds. After years of helping clients grow fruit and vegetables they believe anyone
                         can create their own little edible garden, in most any area in Australia. And in this easy-to-use guide they show you how
                         simple it is! Fundamentals such as Soil, Climate, Watering, Composting, Worm Farms, Saving and Sowing Seeds, and
                         Raised Garden Beds and Crates are all covered comprehensively – each with fully illustrated step-by-step plans that show
                         how to create your own little veggie patch in any space.

MInxy vInTaGE: hoW To cUsToMIsE anD WEar vInTaGE cloThInG
Kelly Doust RRP $45.00
Whether you’ve been trotting out in vintage forever, or you’ve come late to the vintage trend, quality vintage pieces are a
modern staple of every woman’s wardrobe. But how do you find the best vintage pieces, or know them when you see them?
And how can you customise and wear them, without looking dated? Crafter, fashionista and vintage vixen Kelly Doust
delves through her wardrobe and scours flea markets far and wide to bring together a fabulous collection of delectable
vintage finds. This is not just a book about loving vintage fashion: it’s about seeing the wonderful possibilities for updating
all old clothes, and how to look fabulous doing so, no matter what your age, location or budget.

                       ThE cUlT oF lEGo®
                       John Baichtal and Joe Meno RRP $49.95
                       In The Cult of LEGO®, John Baichtal of MAKE Magazine and Wired’s GeekDad blog and Joe Meno of BrickJournal take
                       readers on a story-packed adventure through the history of LEGO®, from its humble beginnings in a small Danish village
                       to its ascent to the summit of the toy world. Along the way, readers learn hundreds of obscure LEGO® facts as they’re
                       surrounded by countless fantastically complex and challenging models built by some of the most famous adult LEGO®
                       builders. Exhaustively researched and lavishly illustrated in full colour, The Cult of LEGO® is destined to be the definitive
                       guide to LEGO® fan culture.

24       Books kInokUnIya
                                                                         japanese and chinese books

sElF-MaDE sTaTIonEry
Ugagawa Kazumi $27.95
Tired of using ordinary stationery? With Self-made Stationery you can enjoy making original stationery! Although the text
is Japanese, the diagrams and illustrations enable all readers to create or decorate notes, envelopes, greeting cards, card
holders, book markers, and pen cases. You could find your new favourites here!

                   hEllo kITTy’s GUIDE To Japan In EnGlIsh anD JapanEsE
                   Kuwabara Kouji $34.95
                   Welcome to Japan! Learn what to say, what to see, what to eat, and how to cook, and understand the Japanese way of life with
                   the world-famous ‘Hello Kitty.’ The text is bilingual, with romanised Japanese words, giving the reader detailed images of daily
                   life in Japan. Become an expert in Japanese culture! This is recommended for Japanese language-learners and for those who
                   wish to share Japanese culture with others.

hoW To Japan: a Tokyo corrEsponDEnT’s TakE
Colin Joyce $18.95
Colin Joyce, a Tokyo correspondent for The Daily Telegraph, lived in Tokyo for 12 years and had lost count the number of times
people would ask him “Tokyo? Really? How the life there like?” So he decided to write about his experiences and life in “the
most exotic place on earth”. The result is a wonderful an interesting ‘memoir’ that reveals the real Japan.

                   养瘦:能吃能睡又能瘦 [平装]
                   蔡依林 (Jolin) (作者) $27.95
                   《养瘦:能吃能睡又能瘦》        内容简介: 蔡依林减肥多年,实验过各式减肥法, 最后终于拥有窈窕体态和苹果光,
                   她最后究竟是怎么办到的?          不只要瘦,还要瘦得漂 亮,答案永远只有一个,那就是    。
                                                                  “养瘦” Jolin将亲自教你
                   最新瘦身概念,      先认识自己的身体,    养成瘦身体质,培养超简单健康+瘦身的生活习惯, 跟着公主 一起开始美

窗里窗外 [平装]
林青霞 (作者) $39.95
《窗里窗外》 是林青霞近5年所写的46篇散文的结集,      虽是旧作,但该书记录她19岁以《窗外》 成名后多方面的
人生经历, 字字真实深刻。     《窗里窗外》共分为 六个章节:“戏”里说的是她的出道故事、  拍戏的甘苦、 对于作品
的内心话; “亲” 谈她的家人亲情;    “友”则书写她与挚友的交往, 细谈她与三毛、黄霑、 张国 荣、龙应台、琼瑶、
徐克等人的往来互动;      “趣”是她的生活记趣, 有旅行见闻,也有她与影迷的邂逅; “缘”则书写她一生难忘的相
遇,像是和记者的友谊,      和季 羡林的会面之缘;“悟”里记录了她对人生的体悟和感动,  以及她向圣严法师求道
的故事。 此外, 书中还完整收录了林青霞一些未公开的照片。

                                                                                                       Books kInokUnIya                      25
                                       WrEck ThE halls
                                       Jen Yates RRP $19.95
                                       Award-winning blogger Jen Yates has focused on confectionery calamities at her popular Web site
                              since May 2008, while her debut book, Cake Wrecks: When Professional
                                       Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong, quickly climbed the charts to become a New York Times best-seller within
                                       weeks of its release. Now, Yates is back with Wreck the Halls, a fresh mix of fan favourites and plenty of
                                       never-before-seen holiday wreckage. Wreck the Halls has an icing-smeared disaster for every occasion.

5 vEry GooD rEasons To pUnch a DolphIn In ThE MoUTh
(anD oThEr UsEFUl GUIDEs)
Matthew Inman RRP $19.95
In Matthew Inman’s 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth (And Other Useful Guides), samurai sword-
wielding kittens and hamsters that love .50-caliber machine guns commingle with a cracked out Tyrannosaur that is
extremely hard to potty train. Bacon is better than true love and you may awake in the middle of the night to find your
nephew nibbling on your toes. Inman creates these quirky scenes for, which launched in July 2009 and
already has more than 82 million page views.

                  ThIs Is a Book
                  Demetri Martin RRP $29.95
                  Demetri Martins’s first literary foray features longer-form essays and conceptual pieces (such as Protagonists’ Hospital,
                  a melodrama about the clinic doctors who treat only the flesh wounds and minor head scratches of Hollywood action
                  heroes), as well as his trademark charts, doodles, drawings, one-liners, and lists (i.e., the world views of optimists,
                  pessimists and contortionists). Martin’s material is varied, but his unique voice and brilliant mind will keep readers in
                  stitches from beginning to end.

                                                                                                hoT GUys
                                                                                                anD BaBy
                                                      Boo: ThE                                  anIMals
                                                      lIFE oF ThE                               Audrey                            sErIoUsly…
                olD Is                                WorlD’s                                   Khuner and                        I’M kIDDInG
                ThE nEW                               cUTEsT DoG                                Carolyn                           Ellen
                yoUnG                                 J.H. Lee                                  Newman                            DeGeneres
                RRP $9.95                             RRP $16.95                                RRP $14.95                        RRP $29.99
                 GEEk WIsDoM:                                                              TExT: so
                 ThE sacrED                                                                MUch saID,
                 TEachInGs oF                           Go ThE F**k                        so lITTlE                                sIGn
                 nErD cUlTUrE                           To slEEp                           UnDErsTooD                               lanGUaGE
                 Stephen H.                             Adam                               Lauren Kaelin,                           Daily
                 Segal                                  Mansbach                           Sophia Fraioli                           Telegraph
                 RRP $19.95                             RRP $17.95                         RRP $19.99                               RRP $19.99

26      Books kInokUnIya
                                                                               graphic novels and manga
Craig Thompson RRP $39.99
Habibi, tells the story of Dodola, who escapes being sold into slavery and rescues an abandoned baby she names Zam.
They live in isolation in an old boat in the desert and Dodola is forced to prostitute herself to desert traders in order to
provide for Zam. When he seeks an alternative means of income Dodola is captured by the Sultan and Zam is forced into
a quest to try and rescue her. Set in the place where Christianity and Islam began, it explores the fundamental connection
between these religions, and also the relationship between the first and the third world and the increasingly important
battle for the earth’s resources.

                     Drops oF GoD, volUME 1
                     Tadashi Agi RRP $19.95
                     Shizuku Kanzaki is the son of a recently deceased, world renowned wine critic named Yutaka Kanzaki. In order to take
                     ownership of his father’s legacy, an extensive wine collection featuring some of the most rare labels of the last 30 years,
                     he must find 13 wines, known as the ‘Twelve Apostles’ and the heaven sent ‘Drops of God’ that his father described in
                     his will. But despite being an only child, Shizuku is not alone in this unique wine hunt. He has a competitor. Issei Tomine,
                     a renowned young wine critic, was recently adapted into the Kanzaki family and is also vying for this most rare of prizes.

sEnsITIvE crEaTUrEs
Mandy Ord RRP $24.99
Wonderfully off-beat, Mandy Ord’s stories reveal with poetic power the intimate, mundane and extraordinary moments in
everyday urban life. From spammers who take over your email identity, to dealing with a dead rat, to putting out flames in a
train station bin, to how to warm your feet in winter. The experiences and reflections of Mandy’s one-eyed girl will put you in
touch with what really matters.

                    Art Spiegelman RRP $45.00
                    In the pages of MetaMaus, Art Spiegelman re-enters the Pulitzer prize-winning Maus, the modern classic that has altered how
                    we see literature, comics, and the Holocaust ever since it was first published twenty-five years ago. He probes the questions
                    that Maus most often evokes – Why the Holocaust? Why mice? Why comics? – and gives us a new and essential work about
                    the creative process. MetaMaus includes a bonus DVD that provides a digitized reference copy of The Complete Maus linked
                    to a deep archive of audio interviews with his survivor father, historical documents, and a wealth of Spiegelman’s private
                    notebooks and sketches.

Grant Morrison RRP $45.00
Grant Morrison charts the history of the superheroes to their modern, multiplex incarnations. From Batman to the Flash to
Dr Manhattan, Supergods looks at every key character, but also takes in unique national strips, and the strange spin-offs and
forgotten curios that litter the outer reaches of this weird universe. In doing so, Morrison explores the relationship between our
world and that of the superheroes, showing how each reinvention of a character by a new creative team has held up a mirror to
real-world preoccupations, latent or otherwise. Written in a conversational style, and full of Morrison’s trademark wit, humour
and dynamic storytelling, Supergods unlocks one of the most exciting and least explored strands of popular culture.

                                                                                                          Books kInokUnIya                      27
graphic novels and manga
                   a TalE oF sanD
                   Jim Henson, Jerry Juhl and Ramon K. Perez $34.95
                   Discovered in the Archives of The Jim Henson Company, A Tale of Sand is an original graphic novel adaptation of an
                   unproduced, feature-length screenplay written by Jim Henson and his frequent writing partner, Jerry Juhl. It follows scruffy
                   everyman, Mac, who wakes up in an unfamiliar town, and is chased across the desert of the American Southwest by all
                   manners of man and beast of unimaginable proportions. Produced with the complete blessing of Henson co-CEO Lisa Henson,
                   A Tale of Sand will allow Henson fans to recognize some of the inspirations and set pieces that appeared in later Henson
                   Company productions.

GoDspEED: ThE kUrT coBaIn GraphIc
Barnaby Legg and Jim McCarthy RRP $19.99
GodSpeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic tells Cobain’s story in the form of a totally unique graphic novel. Writers Barnaby Legg
and Jim McCarthy have constructed their story using biographical fact interwoven with references to the singers tortured self-
image. The vibrant art by Flameboy captures both the subjective dreamscape and the objective reality that form the heart of
this examination of a tragic musical legend. Much more than a biography, GodSpeed is unlike anything you have read about
Kurt Cobain before. Going beyond the facts it transmutes an extraordinary life into an equally extraordinary work of art.

                    Jim Ottaviani and Leland Myrick $34.95
                    This substantial graphic novel biography presents the larger-than-life exploits of Nobel-winning quantum physicist,
                    adventurer, musician, world-class raconteur, and one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century: Richard Feynman.
                    Written by non-fiction comics mainstay Jim Ottaviani and brilliantly illustrated by Leland Myrick, Feynman tells the story
                    of the great man’s life from his childhood in Long Island to his work on the Manhattan Project and the Challenger disaster.
                    Ottaviani tackles the bad with the good, leaving the reader delighted by Feynman’s exuberant life and staggered at the loss
                    humanity suffered with his death.

ThE DEaTh-ray
Daniel Clowes $35.00
Teen outcast Andy is an orphaned nobody with only one friend, the obnoxious but loyal Louie. They roam school halls and city
streets, invisible to everyone but bullies and tormentors, until the glorious day when Andy takes his first puff on a cigarette.
That night he wakes, heart pounding, soaked in sweat, and finds himself suddenly overcome with the peculiar notion that he
can do anything. The Death-Ray utilises the classic staples of the superhero genre and reconfigures them in a story that is
anything but morally simplistic. Daniel Clowes delivers a contemporary meditation on the darkness of the human psyche.

                                                                                                                                   anD pEarl
                 GEronIMo                                                                                                          aDvEnTUrE!
                 sTIlTon sErIEs                          ThE BEsT                          ThE kITE rUnnEr                         Box sET
                 Geronimo                                oF archIE                         Khaled Hosseini                         Shigekatsu
                 Stilton                                 coMIcs                            and Fabio Celoni                        Ihara
                 RRP $14.99 each                         $11.95                            RRP $26.99                              RRP $74.95

28      Books kInokUnIya
                                                                            graphic novels and manga
BakE salE
Sara Varon $19.95
Cupcake’s life is pretty good. He’s got his bakery, and his band, and his best friend, Eggplant. His days are full of cooking,
socialising, and playing music. But lately, Cupcake has been struggling in the kitchen. He’s sure the solution to all his
problems is out there somewhere. But maybe that solution is hiding closer to home. Sara Varon returns with an ageless tale
as dreamy and evocative as her break-out hit graphic novel Robot Dreams. At once deeply metaphorical and hilariously literal,
Bake Sale is a story for anyone who’s ever looked for an easy answer to life’s intractable difficulties. It’s also a cookbook:
Varon includes seven delicious recipes, from classic cupcakes to sugared flower petals to marzipan.

                     spy vs spy: ThE coMplETE casEBook
                     Antonio Prohias $57.95
                     Spy vs. Spy: The Complete Casebook chronicles the creation and history of the Spies and features all 247 of the strips
                     written and illustrated by its illustrious creator, Antonio Prohias. Delighted fans will discover a virtual treasure trove of
                     material. Here for the first time are unpublished and never-before-seen preliminary sketches and artist roughs, photographs
                     from his family scrapbooks, and rare political cartoons. Also included are eight biographical and historical essays, each
                     detailing a different aspect and perspective on the Spies and their creator. A special colour section reproduces dozens of
                     Spy collectibles from over the years, including paperbacks, Super Specials, computer games, trading cards, and much more.

Dc coMIcs: ThE nEW 52
In September DC Comic launched 52 new #1 issues starring the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes! To commemorate this
incredible event, DC collected every one of these debut issues in a once-in-a-lifetime massive hardcover. Included are: Justice
League #1 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee; Action Comics #1 by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales; Batman #1 by Scott Snyder
and Greg Capullo; Green Lantern #1 by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke; Swamp Thing #1 by Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette;
Stormwatch #1 by Paul Cornell and Miguel Sepulveda; Teen Titans #1 by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth, and 45 more!

                  Barry Lyga and Colleen Doran $22.95
                  Ryoko, a manga character from a manga world, falls through the Rip into the ‘real’ world – the western world – and tries to
                  survive as the ultimate outsider at a typical American high school. Barry Lyga writes a metafictive masterpiece as manga meets
                  traditional Western comic book style, while Colleen Doran combines manga techniques and conventions with Western comic
                  book storytelling to create a unique seamless – though not Ripless – comic hybrid that is by turns hilarious and heartbreaking.

                                                             lEGEnD                                                         MaMEshIBa on
               DEaTh noTE sErIEs                             oF ZElDa                         saIlor                        ThE loosE
               (Black EDITIon)                               Box sET                          Moon                          James Turner,
               Tsugumi Ohba and                              Akira                            Naoko                         Jorge Monlongo
               Takeshi Obata                                 Himekawa                         Takeuchi                      and Gemma Correll
               $18.95 each                                   $84.95                           $12.95                        $12.95

                                                                                                        Books kInokUnIya                     29
                                              Haruki Murakami RRP $39.95
                                              The year is 1984 and the city is Tokyo.
                                              a young woman named aomame follows a taxi driver’s enigmatic suggestion and begins to
                                              notice puzzling discrepancies in the world around her. she has entered, she realizes, a parallel
                                              existence, which she calls 1q84 –“q is for ‘question mark.’ a world that bears a question.”
                                              Meanwhile, an aspiring writer named Tengo takes on a suspect ghostwriting project. he becomes
                                              so wrapped up with the work and its unusual author that, soon, his previously placid life begins
                                              to come unraveled.
                                              aomame and Tengo’s stories influence one another, at times by accident and at times
                                              intentionally, as the two come closer and closer to intertwining.
                                              a love story, a mystery, a fantasy, a novel of self-discovery, a dystopia to rival George orwell’s –
                                              1Q84 is haruki Murakami’s most ambitious undertaking yet.
                                              pUrchasE a copy oF 1Q84 To Go InTo ThE DraW To WIn a lIMITED, sIGnED EDITIon!
OU R PRICE                                    sEE In-sTorE For MorE DETaIls.

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