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19 Fixing the root of a problem at its Roots - Mezuzah Scrolls


At Mezuzah Scrolls we have selected a group of dedicated and certified Sofer Stam Scribes from Jerusalem, Safed, Kfar Chabad and Tel-Aviv, in order to provide you with authentic handwritten, strictly kosher and reasonably priced Mezuzah Scrolls. For 3300 years in Jewish homes around the world we have kept this practice for protecting ourselves and our households in accordance of Hashem’s (God) commandments. We are today a team in Israel dedicated to promote proper daily usage of a Mezuzah and helping anyone to order and share their own Mezuzah Scrolls Made in Israel according to Jewish laws. Literally taking hours of work to write every single one, these holy scrolls are made with devotion and sanctity, handling, affixing and even disposing your old scrolls must be done with respect and special attention. If you require in-depth information on authenticity and transliteration we invite you to read through the sidebar links or contact us for information.

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