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In our classroom, many students keep losing their ballpoint pen because they don’t
have any pencil case or they are tired of putting it inside their pencil case. That’s why
they kept on borrowing ballpoint pens from their seatmates. They also kept on asking
their seatmates about the time because they would like to know if it is already recess or
lunch break and also to remind the teacher that his time is done. These are the
problems that we site in our classroom.

To solve these problems I, together with my group mates thought of a solution to these
problems. We present to you the Tool Dock. This is an innovation of today’s modern
pencil case. Tool Dock offers you a pen holder/pencil case so that you won’t lose your
ballpoint pen again and a watch on the side so that you can keep track of time. This
product also has a strap so that you can wrap it around your armchair.

Their is a demand of our product. For one thing it is unique and multipurpose and
people today are looking for cheap but elegant to make them look like a fashonista or to
make them look rich. Our product is for them a cheap but stylish product.

What is Tool Dock?

We student of L.P Science High School frequently face a day is a of activities, projects,
assignments, test, and sometimes contests. When this happens, we forget our own
things that lead to frustration that builds stress.

Our product is a pencil case, wallet, and watch... in one! We are making sure that our
product could help you know time, have your things organized, and have a stylish and
modern pencil case. Our product can also fit on top of an armchair. Put it on the top of
an armchair, lock the strap and it can’t be moved any more (unless you unlock the
strap). When you look inside, you will see a “fuzzy colored paper” covering the inside to
make it look elegant.

For brief explanations, Tool Dock: hate late, has the beauty of being organized of being
elegant, helpful if you want to be careful, a desktop, and fragrant.

1. Compelling Idea

Every entrepreneur believes his or her idea is compelling. The reality is that very few
business plans present ideas that are unique. It is very common for investors to see
multiple versions of the same idea over the course of a few months, and then again
after a few years.

2. Team

You may have a great idea, but if you don’t have a strong core team, investors aren’t
going to be willing to bet on your company. This doesn’t mean you need to have a
complete, world-class, all-gaps-filled team. But the founders have to have the credibility
to launch the company and attract the world-class talent that is needed to fill the gaps.
The lone entrepreneur, even with all the passion in the world, is never enough.

3. Market Opportunity

If you are focused on a product/market opportunity that is not technology-based, you
probably should not be pursuing venture capital—there are different private equity
sources for non-technology businesses. Venture capital is focused on businesses that
gain a competitive edge and generate rapid growth through technological and other
advantages. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about how big the market is; it’s about
how much value you can create. Brilliant new companies create big markets, not the
other way around.

4. Competitive Advantage

Every interesting business has real competition. Competition is not just about direct
competitors. It includes alternatives, “good enough” solutions, and the status quo. You
need to convince investors that you have advantages that address all these forms of
competition, and that you can sustain these advantages over several years. A few years
ago entrepreneurs could get away with saying that “competition validates my solution,”
but today that’s not good enough. Moreover, you have to show that you have a good
way to reach your target customers and beat out your competitors. As a friend of mine
has said, it’s not good enough to build a


As a team we have decided to require our employees to be at least a grade school
graduate. Working experience is not important since we rely more on interview.

Employees should have pleasing attitude to avoid complaints. It is also their
responsibility to pay anything from the company that they intentionally damaged or took
our product without authorization or permission. If they won’t be able to pay, it would be
deducted to their salary gross.


The reason why we chose this product is because from time to time we lost are ball
pens and pencils because they don’t have a pencil case. Some cases those of who
have pencil case are tired getting their pencil case inside the bag. There are also some
cases that some of our classmates are asking time to those who have watches are tired
of always saying the time to our fellow classmates.


Corporate Objective

To sell and to satisfy our costumers needs and to supply them with our product. It is not
just about gaining profit but also helping our costumers. Also to gain just the right
amount of profit. Also to be affordable and convenient for the costumers.

SWOT Analysis

We think that our Strengths are our product is unique and multipurpose because we
believe that uniqueness is a must. We all noticed that every unique product in the world
is famous because it is useful and convenient. Our Weakness is the durability our
product because it may not be stable and it might break. Our opportunity is the students
in L.P.S.H.S because are our costumers are just around us we don’t need to go far just
to find our costumers and we are assuming that a lot of students would buy our product.
Our Threat is our competitors because our competitors might steal our costumers. For
example you have the same product like your competitors the costumers will always
buy the product with a cheaper value.

Marketing Strategy

We would like to hand-out flyers to some students and some teachers about our product
the Tool Dock for them to have an idea about our product, also these flyers will
encourage them to buy our product. We would also like to give warranties for every Tool
Dock; the warranty is only good for 1 week. Finally we would allow our costumers to pay
for the Tool Dock after 1week they purchased our product so that they can save money
to buy our product.

Target Costumers

Our idea costumers are students and fashonistas who need Tool Dock for their studies.
Students that want organized their stuff. Also some buyers that are in to fashion.

Action plan

The first step in our action plan is we are going to come up a product which is going to
take us 2-3 days to think of a product. The next step is we are going to think of a name
for our product which is going to take us 1hr. The next step is to come up of a budget for
our raw materials which is going to take us 2-3 days to talk about it. Assign a person in
charge in a certain job which is going to take us 1 day. To make the product which is
going to take us 2-3 hrs.