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Make you company favorable and prominent under company registration in india for
those who need precise and accurate company incorporation in india.

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Company is formed for the purpose of business having a distinct identity or name and limited
liability. It is an association of persons created by the process of law. Under Indian law the rules are
set down in The Companies Act 1956 for the establishment of both public and private companies. A
company is formed by registering the Memorandum and Articles of Association with the State
Registrar of Companies of the state in which the office is located. Under the Companies Act, an
entrepreneur can form mainly two types of companies, namely a private company or a public
company. The companies can be further classified as: trademark registration

1) Public Company

2) Private Company

3) Limited and Unlimited Companies

4) Section 25 Company or Non Profit Organization(NPO)

5) Holding and Subsidiary Companies

6) Government Company

7) Foreign Company

Public Company - It is a company in which shares are held collectively by the general public instead
of few individuals. Minimum number of members is seven and if members become less than seven
than the company is no longer a public company. Its shares are freely transferable and there is no
ceiling on its membership. It can invite general public to subscribe to its shares. Public Company
can be registered with minimum of rupees five lakh as capital with seven members and three

Private Company - It is the most popular form of business entity used for Foreign Investors in India,
including USA investors in India. It restricts the right of members to transfer its shares and limits
the number of its members to fifty. Minimum number of members in a private company is two. A
private company does not need a separate certificate from the Registrar of Companies for the
commencement of its business. Public Company can be registered with minimum of rupees two
lakh as capital with two members and two directors. company registration india

Limited and Unlimited Companies - Companies may be limited, limited by shares or limited by
a) Company limited by shares - In this the liability of the members is limited to the amount of
uncalled share capital. No member of the company limited by the shares can be called upon to pay
more than the face value of shares or so much of it as has remained unpaid. The members of limited
companies have no liability in case of fully paid up shares.

b) Company limited by the guarantee – In this company the liability of members are limited by its
Memorandum of Association (MoA) to such amount as the members may thereby undertake to pay
if necessary on liquidation of the company. The liability of the members to pay the guaranteed
amount arises only when the company has gone into liquidation and not when it is a going concern.

c) Unlimited Company - In this company the liability of the members is similar to that of the liability
of the partners in a partnership firm and the members of an unlimited company are unlimited.

Section 25 Company or Nonprofit Organization - It is a company established for promoting
commerce, science, art, religion, charity or other socially useful objectives .The company apply its
profits and other income in promotion of its objectives instead of paying any dividend to its
members. Under Section 25, the Central Government may allow companies to remove the word
"Limited / Private Limited” from the name. Many privileges and exemptions are provided to these
companies under Company Law like it is exempted from requirement of Minimum Paid-up capital
and Stamp duty for registration. new company registration

Holding and Subsidiary Companies - When the other company controls the board of directors and
holds more than half (>50%) in face value of its equity share capital than the company is Holding or
Subsidiary Company. The holding company has the power of discretion over the subsidiary
company. It can appoint or remove all or majority of directors without consent or concurrence of
any other person. fcra registration

Government Company - A Government Company is the one in which all the decisions related to
management and operations are taken by the government and 51% or more is held either by the
central government or by the state government or is jointly held by the central and the state

Foreign Company- which has set up its business in India and has been incorporated outside India,
under the law of some other country, is registered in that country and is called a Foreign Company.
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Description: Make you company favorable and prominent under company registration in india for those who need precise and accurate company incorporation in india.