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									Evergreen’s Volunteer Application Form
When completing the form electronically, tab to move to the next spot. Click the box to mark an X.

Personal Information
Title      Mr      Miss      Ms    Mrs            First Name                                        Last Name
Street Address
City                                                Province                                      Postal Code
E-Mail Address
Phone 1                   Home         Business     Cell
Phone 2                   Home         Business     Cell
Emergency Contact Name                                                         Emergency Contact Number
Have you volunteered with Evergreen before?                Yes       No             If yes, when and where:
How did you find out about Evergreen?

Volunteering Interests
    I’m applying to this specific volunteer position:
                                                               GREATER TORONTO AREA                           GREATER VANCOUVER AREA
                                                                  Parc Downsview Park        Eglinton Flats
   Planting, Weekly Stewardship
                                                                  Evergreen Brick Works      Humber Bay
                                                                                                                 North Vancouver      Surrey
(plant native species–spring and fall; take care of                                                              Richmond            Vancouver
                                                                  York Region                Peel Region
naturalization sites)                                             Halton Region
  Office Support (assist with administrative tasks,
                                                                  Toronto Office (550 Bayview Ave)
                                                                                                                 Vancouver Office
data management, reception during office hours)                                                              (107-555 Great Northern Way)
                                                               Evergreen Brick Works
                                                               550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto
   Evergreen Brick Works Programming
                                                                  Weekend Program Assistant
(support Evergreen’s programming on site at                       Tour Guide                                  Toronto only
Evergreen Brick Works (550 Bayview Ave), including                Festivals
the Saturday Farmers’ Market, outdoors)                          Day Camp/Kids Programs
                                                                  Bike Programming
                                                                  Welcome Host
   Special Event Support
                                                                Toronto (mostly at Evergreen Brick
(day of help at special events)                                Works, 550 Bayview Ave)
   Leadership Roles
                                                               Specify:                                       Specify:
(leading specific volunteer teams)

    My idea:

My Availability:
I can commit to:          Event only        Occasional           up to 3 months        More than 3 months            # hours/month
I can start on                                    and am available until                              (leave blank if not applicable)

Time/Day                    Weekdays                                                      Weekends
Are you volunteering to meet requirements?                                                     If yes, how many hours do you
                                                                              Yes      No
(eg. community service)                                                                        need?

                                                                                                                                        OVER 
 What I Bring:
 I am interested in volunteering for the above program(s) because:

 My experience (paid or volunteer work), qualifications, skills, related to the program(s) I am interested in:

 My other interests/hobbies:                                                    Languages Spoken

                                                                                Languages Written

  Parental Approval:
  Youth aged 18 and under require parental consent to volunteer with Evergreen. Youth aged 14 and under must be accompanied by a
  parent or guardian. I am the parent and/or legal guardian of                    who is under 19 years of age. I hereby verify that I
  give consent for my child to volunteer with Evergreen.
                                       Parent’s Name                                                         Date
                                    Parent’s Signature
     OR Parent’s e-mail address (for verification only)

 By submitting this application, I understand that:
 Volunteer placement is made on the basis of the program requirements, the skills and experience of the applicant and, when
 appropriate, successful reference checks. Evergreen may need to collect personal information appropriate to the position(s) applied for
 concerning my academic background and employment/volunteering history, and to conduct reference checks.
 Evergreen adheres to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Evergreen respects your privacy and will not trade or
 sell your personal information to other organizations. I agree to respect the confidentiality of all information I may have access to at
 If I require volunteer hours to qualify for community service, I will have my hours validated when I volunteer and/or sign in at the event.
 By selecting the “I agree” box below, you acknowledge that the information provided is true and accurate and that you have read
 understand the points above.
     I agree          Date:
     Evergreen respects your privacy. Contact information is collected to send you information about Evergreen programs, events, and
 special appeals. Please tick this box if you DO NOT wish to receive these benefits. All volunteers will be sent information about the
 volunteer program through a volunteer newsletter and other means.

                                         THANK YOU for completing this form.
                    Please submit the completed application and, if you wish, a copy of your resume to:
Greater Toronto
Area/Canada/Virtual:                          Evergreen Brick Works:                       BC Only:
Christine Martin,                             Becky Lamb,                                  Allison Houser,
Manager, Volunteer Development                Coordinator, EBW Volunteer Resources         Community Development and Office Coordinator
cmartin@evergreen.ca                          blamb@evergreen.ca                           ahouser@evergreen.ca
Tel: 416-596-1495 x251 Fax: 416-596-1443      Tel: 416-596-1495 x331 Fax: 416-596-1443     Tel: 604-689-0766 x30 Fax: 604-669-6222
550 Bayview Ave, Suite 300,                   550 Bayview Ave, Suite 300,                  107-555 Great Northern Way,
Toronto, ON M4W 3X8                           Toronto, ON M4W 3X8                          Vancouver, BC V5T 1E2

                                      1-888-426-3138 toll free in Canada - outside Toronto and Vancouver

                Evergreen is a registered Canadian charity. Donations over $10 are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.
                                       Charitable Registration Number: BN 131815763 RR0001

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