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									84                                   CHAPTER 3. DISTRIBUTIONS AND INFERENCE

3.32        Assignment 2: Generating datasets
Day 2 - Assignment #2: Due Monday, June 25th

      Make sure your name is written in the upper left had corner of the first page
      of your submission, that 2136 is written in the middle, and the assignment is
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      your name                      2126                   Assignment 2, June 25

     1. Using R, create five data sets of differing lengths, means and variances. One should
        be deterministic - for example the numbers from 100 to 120 in reverse order. One
        should be a list of the ages of people you know. The other tyhree should be generated
        using Name and print these data sets along with the commands used to produce
     2. Use R to calculate the following for each of your data sets. Show all your com-

         (a)    Mean
         (b)    median
         (c)    range
         (d)    length
         (e)    maximum
          (f)   minimum
         (g)    variance
         (h)    standard deviation

     3. Produce two histograms for each of your series based on different realizations of
        the vector of random variables.
     4. Calculate the variance of x=(6, 8, 10 ) BY HAND, showing all the necessary calcu-
     5. Calculate the variance of x=( 1, 4, 2, 5 ) BY HAND, showing all the necessary

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