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     Your People…Your Profit: Best Practices from World Class Employers
     of Choice

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     Thursday, August 30, 2012         10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT
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     Duration: 60 Minutes              Instructor: Richard Hadden

     Location: Online                  Price : $145.00   (for one participant)

                                                                                          Instructor Profile:

                                                                                                       Richard Hadden
    Using facts, not faith, Richard Hadden first lays out a compelling                                      CSP,
    business case showing that employers who make it a strategy to
    develop a focused, engaged, and capably led workforce, have the
                                                                                          Richard Hadden is a Certified
    potential to earn substantially greater profits than their less
                                                                                          Speaking Professional with a focus
    distinguished competitors, and more than the broader economy as a
                                                                                          on employee engagement, and the
    whole.                                                                                correlation between people practices
                                                                                          and profit performance. He is co-
    It's not just about recruiting or retention anymore, but rather, how                  author of Contented Cows Give
    do you turn your human capital assets into a powerful competitive                     Better Milk: The Plain Truth About
    weapon?                                                                               Employee Relations and Your Bottom
                                                                                          Line; Contented Cows MOOve
                                                                                          Faster: How Good Leaders Get
    The data to be shared represents the third iteration of a research
                                                                                          People to Put More OOMPH! Into
    process in which Richard's firm, Contented Cow Partners, has
                                                                                          Their Work; Rebooting Leadership:
    demonstrated that, by and large, employers with an intentional                        Practical Lessons for Frontline
    strategy of being an employer of choice simply outperform the                         Leaders (and their Bosses) in the
    competition.                                                                          New World; and an all new revision
                                                                                          of his first work, entitled Contented
                                                                                          Cows STILL Give Better Milk: The
    Areas Covered in the Session:                                                         Plain Truth About Employee
                                                                                          Engagement and Your Bottom Line.

       l   A compelling business case for executing a strategy of being                   He received a Bachelor’s degree in
           an outstanding place to work.                                                  management from Jacksonville
       l   The bottom-line value of respect in the workplace                              University, in Florida, and a Master
       l   Eleven things every manager should know about the people                       of Business Administration degree
                                                                                          from the University of North Florida.
           he or she leads
       l   Seven questions for a great employee conversation
       l   Going the extra mile – it works both ways
       l   The role of employee benefits in motivating and engaging
           workers                                                                       Suggest a Topic      More Webinars
       l   How to enable people to do their best work
                                                                                           Your Necessity is our Priority
       l   How to show you care, without coddling

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    Who Will Benefit:

       l   CEO's
       l   CFO's
       l   VP's
       l   Directors
       l   Managers in HR
       l   Finance
       l   Operations
       l   Customer Service

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