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Pay-Per-Click Advertising


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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

There are more than 500 million searches everyday for
 websites and information related to company. Pay-Per-
 Click advertising is based on the idea of paying a
 search engine to display a small ad within a page of
 search results for related searches of user’s choice. PPC
 allows the website to unnaturally or inorganically gain
 a high visibility & receive traffic using paid placement
 platform in searches. The amount that the customer
 has to pay to reach number 1 rank will depend upon
 the number of other advertisers that are bidding
 against you for the same position and for that
 particular keyword this varies.
Our PPC specialists will design the whole campaign for
 your company based on the industries or sectors you
 cater and the number of searches for those particular
 keyword take place per year. Your PPC campaign will
 be targeted towards relevant search phrases &
 preferably ones that only a few other advertisers are
 targeting. The success of PPC campaign is determined
 by analysing the right target group of search phrases
 that the customer wants to trigger, this is managed by
 our team of expert PPC professionals.
The best part is the customer can get update of each
 click and this can be used to measure the ROI for each
 new customer gained. Also at any point of time the
 number of keywords can be altered or changed based
 on seasonality of the product or services.
 Website design packages:
  •   Ecommerce website
  •   Professional Static website
  •   Personal blog
  •   Dynamic website with user login
  •   Website Maintenance
  •   Website re-designing
 We serve & We have our representatives in the
 following areas
 Dahanu, Boisar, Palghar Vasai. Virar Nalasopara Umbergaon
 ,Tarapur midc,Kaman industrial area, Bhiwandi industrial area,
 Wada industrial area.
 Just sms on 08097027355/09222086563 or
 email at vasai2boisar.com@gmail.com/
 contact@ vasai2boisar.com
  our representative will contact you asap.

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