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unemployment-A Big Problem In The World by moingee5


									                     Unemployment In World
What Is Unemployment?
Unemployment is an economic term. Employment means occupation. To be engaged in doing
something productive is to be employed. So unemployment means absence of employment.
When the people are out of work, they are said to be unemployed. Unemployment is a
worldwide problem. Even rich and advanced countries like U.S.A, U.K and France suffer from
unemployment. In the Asian countries, unemployment is at its highest peak.

Causes of Unemployment:
The causes of world-spread unemployment are four:

       Firstly, our education system does not suit our needs. The teaching institutions turn out
        a peculiar type of young man who hates manual labour.
       Secondly, if a country is not much advanced in industry. Then the country cannot absorb
        his young men in factories because they are not skilled.
       Thirdly, in any country like Asian countries, few privileged persons are keeping all the
        key industries to them. If work and leisure are equally divided then the educated people
        can try their luck in business.
       Lastly, if the birth rate in country is very high then the resources of the country are not
        enough to maintain a large population. People are more, the jobs are few. The result is
        unemployment. This is the cause that in Asian countries the unemployment is much
        greater then Europe.

How We Can Control Unemployment?
We can control unemployment by keeping in view the consequences of this evil, the
Government of any country should take revolutionary steps. Here there are some useful
measures to eradicate the unemployment.

       Vocational training institutes should be build for guidance of young people and assist
        them in finding jobs suited to their taste and ability.
       Labour department of the country should set up the technical training centers at
        various places to provide technical education to the young generation.
       Production of country should be stepped in agriculture.
       The country should be industrialized to provide new channels of employment.
       Planned distribution of wealth should be ensured.
       Population must be kept within reasonable limits.

It is only after a long time struggle that we can get rid of this (unemployment) evil.

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