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									     Project Guidelines

         Airport Systems
Planning, Design, and Management

          Term Paper

                    Airport Systems Planning & Design / RdN

 Learning Objective:
     Opportunity for you to go into depth into a
      particular aspect of subject, integrating several
      aspects of course
     Experience in making professional presentations
     Sharing of material worldwide material

                                  Airport Systems Planning & Design / RdN
               Your Product
 A written document, on order of 20 to 30
  pages (depends on number of illustrations)
 An oral presentation during last 2 classes
     Examples of previous presentations on web:

 Note carefully: ALL material not your own
  (quotes, pictures, text) must be fully cited
  to source. No exceptions.
       Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
                                 Airport Systems Planning & Design / RdN

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