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									                        Job Placement Agencies in Edmonton

Agencies offering job placement in Edmonton help match the right employer with suitable
employees that fit the advertised position. Recruiting agencies are approached by both
companies and job seekers. Most companies prefer to outsource the process of hiring the
right person for the job as it can save a lot of time. This is effective because it is not always
easy for prospective employees to find the best jobs on their own. Although there are
periodical job fairs Edmonton job placement agencies are usually the best bet for the
following reasons:

• They match qualified applicants with the right employers, acting as the communicative
middlemen who support both the employer and the employee so that there is mutual
• They do the research and put in the effort to shortlist the right candidates for the jobs
available and take care of the preliminary interviews so that the companies can make the
final decision. This makes it easy for them.
• They offer personalized services, taking the time to understand what skill sets the position
and what kind of individual the employer is looking for.
• In an emergency situation, they can usually refer to their job listings and database of
employees to meet the employer’s or job seeker’s requirements.
• They help with resume building services and help candidates alter their resumes according
to the job profile they are aiming for.
• Some agencies providing job placements in Edmonton also offer training services so that
the new recruit can ease into the job faster.
• Placement agencies usually do not charge the candidates. They get their fee from the
company in which the job applicant has been placed.

In Edmonton, job placement agencies must be licensed by Service Alberta. This rule applies if
they assist businesses to find and hire employees, no matter where the agency is located.
Under Alberta’s Fair Trading Act, every business must hold an Employment Agency Business
License in order to operate in the State.
Businesses in Edmonton prefer to hire job placement agencies as it is convenient and brings
them many benefits. A recruitment agency can serve as a single, trustworthy source for new
recruits at various levels. If they are considering hiring a specific candidate, it is easier to
hire a head hunter rather than approach the individual directly.

For companies that are looking to establish offices in Edmonton, this is even more relevant as
a local job placement agency can offer valuable help with their in-depth knowledge of the
city, their experience and their specialist services. A staffing service with a good reputation
can be a valuable asset for the business recruiting new employees. Some agencies also take
care of temporary staffing needs, executive search, contract staffing and need-based staffing

Companies seeking cost-effective solutions can identify a job placement agency that not only
handles the recruitment process, but also specializes in human resources consulting, forging
a long-term relationship that is beneficial to both.

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