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A monthly newsletter for the residents of the Filipino Plaza. March 2007
    Our March Birthday
    Celebrants:                                          Meet the Filipino Plaza Staff
                                                            Regional Manager: Diane Kaznowski
    Melissa Dinatale                03                      Property Manager: Nancy Ochoa
    Vivian Pomida                   04                    Asst. Property Mgr: Shirlee Stewart
                                                        Administrative Assistant: Lorraine Avalos
    Juan Joven                      08                      Maint/Janitor: Federico Gasmen
    Maria Rosanna Dayrit            11                          Janitor: Mario Caballero
    David Santillan                 13                      Social Services: Frank Gatdula
    Maricruz Arevalo                14                       Temporary Maint. Staff: Yeth
    Adelina Roxas                   15                  Worknet/CalWorks: Cherrie Mae Ramiscal
    Patricia Moreno                 17                    Computer Room Resident Volunteers:
    Joe Montantes                   17                           Andy Tallada, #305
    Sommer Castellano               18                           Steven Curtis, #413
    Dorinda Bourque                 20                               Office Hours
    Nancy Salcedo                   21                      Monday - Friday: 8:30 - 4:30 P.M.
                                                                  Wednesday: Closed
    Ruel Lamzon, Jr.                22                        Saturday and Sunday Closed
    Isaac Mora                      23
                                                                     Phone Numbers
    Mark Mondejar                   23                         Administration Office: 466-1416
    Brenda Moreno                   24                           Social Services: 466-3940
    Juanita Cruz                    27                                 Fax: 466-3985
    Eduardo Cruz                    28
    Marie McDaniel                  29
    Mandy Talaroc                   29
                               JOHN STEWART COMPANY
                                     SENIOR PROM
                                             Is back!
                                     FREE! GRATIS!
                                       July, 1, 2007
                                 San Francisco, California

                               Get those dancing shoes shined!

                                 Limited to 20 Seniors only.

                           Sign up now! Call 466-1416 or 466-3940!
March COMMUNITY EVENTS                      Patios
03-    5TH Annual Chinese-                  Please do not use your patios as storage area.
       Vietnamese New Year’s Parade         We are still seeing units with bed mattresses,
       12 P.M. Colorful design floats       floor mops, boxes and other junks that are not
       and marching bands deck out in       supposed to be stored there.
       wonderful costumes to ooh and        The management will be sending out notices
       aah you. Downtown Stockton.          regarding these types of violations that can
                                            affect your stay at the Filipino Plaza.
03-    Mayor’s Teen Conference
       The Annual Mayor’s Teen
       Conference, allows students the           UNSUPERVISED CHILDREN
       opportunity to give their concerns
       to the Mayor, City Council, and      We have been receiving a few calls from
       Youth Advisory Commission.           concerned residents about unsupervised
       8:30 a.m. Gary Podesto IMPACT        children running and playing around the
       Teen Center. 725 N. El Dorado.       hallways in the upper floors.
04-    Chinese New Year Festival.
       11:00 a.m. Stockton Memorial         These children have been knocking on
       Civic Auditorium. Food Booths,       doors of residents only to run away.
       merchandise and fun
       entertainment.                       These children’s behaviors are not
                                            acceptable and will not be tolerated by the
15-    Dr. Seuss Live @ Your Library        management.
       Come celebrate Dr. Seuss’
       birthday with an exciting live       Children caught knocking on doors of our
       performance by national              residents will be dealt with accordingly and
       recording artist Francie Dillon.     the parents may be given an eviction
       5:30 p.m. Fair Oaks Library          notice.
       2370 E. Main street.
                                                         HOUSE RULES
16-    Na Hoku Mai Kanoelani’s 4     th                   Attachment 1
       Annual Spring Ho ‘ike                            Paragraph 3 Line 1
       2:00 p.m. at Delta College           “Respect for other’s rights to privacy
       Na Hoku Mai Kanoelani will be        includes the right to peaceful and quiet
       sharing their aloha spirit through   enjoyment of one’s residence.”
       Polynesian dances. 547-1794                 Please obey the house rules.
31-    Pixie Woods Opens for 2007!          Trash Bin located in the southwest of the
       12:00 p.m. Pixie Woods               building (residents parking lot) is for
       opens for the Spring Season.         recyclable trash only, i.e., papers,
       Open weekends and holidays           aluminum cans, plastic bottles.
       from 12 noon to 5 p.m. through
       June 4.                              Please do not put garbage in this bin.

       Office will be closed on March 23,     MARTIAL ARTS FOR SENIORS AT THE
      2007 for the John Stewart Company                 FILIPINO PLAZA.
                                                Call Frank at 466-3940 to sign up
         Conference in the Bay Area.                     FREE! GRATIS!
           HALL.                                  New Look! New Computers!
       OF THE MONTH!                              More computer classes will be held at
                                                  the Filipino Plaza New Computer
                                                  Learning Center.

                                                  If interested in a computer class, please
                                                  give me a call at 466-3940.

                                                                          Introduction to the
                                                                          Internet Class for
                                                                          Adults and
             HAPPY FEET
            March 28, 2007
              3:00 p.m.                           Sign up now! Filipino Plaza Computer Learning
                                                  Center will teach the basics of Internet
                                                  Searching. You’ll be given instruction on using
                                                  search engines and hyperlinks to perform
                                                  successful searches.

                                                  Receiving and sending email will also be

                                                  Sign up now! Call Frank Gatdula at 466-3940
            Filipino Plaza                        ------------------------------------------------
        Residents’ Spring Party                   OUR SENIORS…
       Good Friday, April 6, 2007                             RESPECT THEM!
         4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.                                PROTECT THEM!
We are inviting all residents to
participate in this Annual Event.

We will have the following:
                                                                  March 11, 2007
       Dancing                                               Daylight Savings Time
       Games for Children and Adults                                Begins!
       Food – HOT DOGS and Drinks
       Entertainment                             Don’t forget to set your clock one hour ahead.
                                                    At 2:00 a.m. set your clock to 3:00 a.m.
This celebration is exclusively for the            Being 55 and over has its benefits…
Filipino Plaza residents only!
                                                    Union Bank of California has special programs
                    ***                                              for seniors.
                                                         Learn the benefits of direct deposit!
            Spring is in the air…                         Free Workshop at the Social Hall.
 It’s allergy season! Ask your doctor for                        Free Refreshments
the best medicine to fight spring allergies                  March 15, 2007 at 3:00 pm

                                   FOOD 4 THOUGHT PROGRAM
 Children who are receiving brown bags under the “Food 4 Thought Program” will have to sign up
               for the year 2007. Call Frank Gatdula 466-3940 for more information.

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