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									     Central Florida
    Coordination Area
South Florida, St. Johns River and
        Southwest Florida
  Water Management Districts
    Presentation Overview

• Background
• Central Florida Coordination Action Plan
Area (CFCA)
• SJRWMD proposed issuance of Consumptive
  Use Permit to Orange County – February

• March 2006 Joint Water Management District
  Governing Board Meeting
  – WMDs, DEP & Governor’s Office
  – Coordination Across WMD Boundaries in central
• Two cycles of water supply planning
  completed (2000 – 2020 and 2005 –
   – Traditional groundwater sources limited
     and not adequate to meet growing PWS
     demands on a regional basis
   – Alternative sources must be developed
1st Step - Guiding Principles and Mutual
  Understandings among the 3 WMDs

• Significant increases in demands
• Insufficient groundwater to satisfy without harm
• Need to continuously improve predictive tools to
  quantify available groundwater
• Need to transition to alternative supplies for future
  PWS demands
• Need to equitably distribute remaining groundwater
 Central Florida Coordination Area
             Action Plan
• How to implement Guiding Principles?
• 3 WMD’s Developed “Central Florida
  Coordination Area (CFCA) Action Plan”
  – 3 Components:
     • Regulatory
     • Modeling and Predictive Tools
     • Planning
• Scope – public supply
      Regulatory Component
 Short Term - Key Concepts in current rulemaking

• Limits groundwater allocations to a
  maximum of that needed to meet 2013
• For those utilities that commit to building
  AWS projects to supply water demands
  beyond 2013, provides opportunity for 20-
  year permit duration for the 2013 allocation.
           Modeling and Tools
• Goal is to make the best set of tools available for
  regulatory and planning in the region.

• Develop tools with improved precision for better
  assessment of impacts due to groundwater uses.

• Organize and coordinate data-sharing that will ensure
  consistency in application and updating of the tools.
           Planning Component
              2006 to 2007 Time Frame
• Identify:
   – Future demands
   – Alternative water supply (AWS) projects to satisfy needs
     beyond 2013 demand

• Evaluate combinations of AWS projects to best
  meet projected demands
• Develop implementation strategies, including
  funding from Water Protection & Sustainability
• Coordinate all of above with stakeholders
Regional Water Supply Plans
 Regional Water Supply Plans
• Evaluate water needs in the region for a 20-year
  planning period
• Identify traditional and alternative water supply
  development projects necessary to meet projected
• Identify water resource development projects that
  support alternative water supply development
            CFCA Action Plan
• Over the short term, this plan will result in:
  – Greater regulatory consistency
  – Equitable distribution of available groundwater
  – Identification of Alternative Water Supply (AWS)
    projects to be built

• Over the long term, this plan will result in:
  – Enhanced planning coordination
  – Coordinated data collection, models & tools in the
  – Equitable distribution of any additional groundwater
    determined to be available
  – Implementation of AWS projects to meet future needs
       Goals of Action Plan

 Protection of water resources

 Equitable distribution of available groundwater

 Expedited development of AWS projects

 Consistent results across WMD boundaries
Central Florida Coordination Area
   Potential Funding Sources
• Water Resource Protection and
  Sustainability Trust Funds
• Water Management District Ad Valorem
• State and Federal Appropriations
• WMD Bonding
• Matching Requirements

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