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                   Child Care

Survey Results Summary
Updated December 21, 2009
• To assist the Child Care Planning Council (CCPC)
  understand the needs of family child care in
  Monterey County.
• To include significant findings and survey results in
  reports and presentations made by CCPC staff.
• Identified issues may become part of the CCPC
  Legislative Platform and/or advocacy efforts.
• To provide information to others so they can apply
  for funding and support improvements in family child
• Survey questions for family child care were
  developed by CCPC members during their annual
  September 2008 Retreat Meeting.
• CCPC staff and independent contractors made phone
  calls to interview family child care providers during
  the Spring of 2009.
• Answers to questions were entered into an on-line
  survey tool that assisted in the analysis of responses.
• 95 completed surveys represents approximately 20%
  of active providers.
Surveys Responses by Zip Code

                          Survey question 1

 How many children would you like to care for? 918

 How many children do you care for now (not your own)?


          Large Family through Small Family Homes
     Maximum Number of Spaces for Children (Licensed Size)
                                                             Survey questions 2, 3, 4
      What language do
      use with children?

Why did providers want to open a family child care home?
                           2 Major Reasons:
 60        54   55          Interest in Children
 40                         Home with Own Children
 30                         and Needed Job
  0                                                  Survey questions 5, 6
Do other family members
help care for the children?

   Do providers
 employ assistants?

                              Survey questions 7, 8
Current Education Levels of Providers
     DEGREE LEVEL                    Provider       Assistant
 Master’s degree: ECE                  1 (1%)                   0

 Master’s degree: another field                 0               0
 Bachelor’s degree: ECE                2 (2%)          1 (3%)
 Bachelor’s degree: another field      3 (3%)                   0
 Associate’s degree: ECE             16 (17%)          2 (6%)
 Associate’s degree: another field   10 (11%)         6 (19%)
 High school diploma or GED          36 (38%)        14 (45%)
 Less than high school diploma       24 (25%)         8 (25%)

                                                       Survey question 9
    Education Goals of Providers
    DEGREE LEVEL                    Provider

Master’s degree: ECE                        4 (6%)

Master’s degree: another field                       0
Bachelor’s degree: ECE                  14 (23%)
Bachelor’s degree: another field            2 (3%)
Associate’s degree: ECE                 36 (58%)
Associate’s degree: another field           2 (3%)
High school diploma or GED                  4 (6%)
Less than high school diploma                        0

                                          Survey question 10
         What kind of support would
help providers achieve their educational goals?

                                         Survey question 12
Are providers taking classes now?

                                    Survey question 11
       What other kinds of training/support would
         help providers get a college degree?
                                                                       Children: Beh. & Soc. Issues
                                                                       Classes: Creative Activities
                                                                       Health & Safety Classes
                                                                       Support Group
                                                                       On-Site Asst: Beh & Soc Issues
                                                                       Children: Special Needs
              49%                                                      Classes: Running FCC Business
                                                                       Info: Resources for FCC
                    31%                                                Classes: Doing Taxes
                          21% 21%                     20%              Info: Resources for Children &
10%                                                                    Families
                                                11%              11%   On-Site Technical Coaching

                                                                                            Survey question 13
       How do providers find out about what is
       happening (classes, opportunities, etc.)?
                                                        Other Providers

90%                                                     Child Care R&R

70%             74%

60%                                                     FCC Network

50%       52%                                           CCPC
30%                         32%

20%                                                     AP Provider
                      20%         19%
10%                                     14%
                                                        TV or Newspapers
 0%                                           1%   1%

                                                                  Survey question 14
  How do families                                     Do providers want
  learn about                                         help in promoting
  providers?                                             their business?
90%    95%
60%          62%
50%                            57%

40%                      44%
20%                20%               19%
       Current Families              MAOF

       CSI                           Friends

       R&R Agency                    Ads

       GoKids                        Yellow Pages

                                                               Survey questions 15, 16
Are providers nationally accredited?
(Passed rigorous study and testing to offer
   a high standard of quality services.)

                                         Survey question 17
  Most providers offer
services throughout the
      entire year.
  Average 50.43 weeks per year.
    Ranging 36 to 52 weeks.

   Almost all providers offer
services Monday through Friday
  with some offering weekend

Survey questions 18, 19
  All providers offer full
  day services and most
   offer “wrap around”
   hours for school age
  flexible hours at other
  times throughout the
      week are not as

Survey questions 20
    Many providers
  compliment school
     programs with
 “wrap around” hours
for school age children.

                           Survey question 33
Services are widely
available for all age
 groups of children
   needing care.

                        Survey question 21
Children Currently in Care

                        Survey questions 29, 30
 Services to Children with Special Needs
• 42% of Providers have experience with special
  needs children.
• 44% have some type of education (training,
  classes) regarding special needs children.
• 13% are currently providing services to 1 or more
  children with documented special needs.
• Some providers are caring for special needs
  children but have no training.
• 12% of providers would like training.
                                           Survey question 22
How do providers get paid?

 Most are paid through parent

    A variety of “assistance
  programs” for low income
  parents also help to pay for

 All providers may access the
USDA Food program, however
very few take advantage of the
         free service.

                         Survey question 23
  How much do Providers Charge?
Full Time Care - Infants          Part Time Care - Infants
• Range $15 - $56 per day         • Range $7 - $56 per day
• Average almost $32 per day      • Average $33.50 per day
Full Time Care – Toddlers         Part Time Care – Toddlers
• Range $15 - $45 per day         • Range $6 - $48 per day
• Average just over $30 per day   • Average $31 per day
Full Time Care – 2 ½ to 5 yrs     Part Time Care – 2 ½ to 5 yrs
• Range $15 - $80 per day         • Range $15 - $48 per day
• Average almost $30 per day      • Average over $28 per day
Full Time Care – School Age       Part Time Care – School Age
• Range $15 - $44 per day         • Range $5 - $64 per day
• Average just over $27 per day   • Average $25.49 per day
                                                  Survey questions 31, 32
Do providers charge extra
  for “some” services?

 Basic services can vary from
provider to provider and extra
charges often apply for things
      needed everyday.

It is important that providers
make it clear to parents about
         ALL charges.

                     Survey question 24
         Transportation is a common extra service
           provided by family child care homes.

Note: Interesting that 48% of providers transport children, but only 25% of providers
charge extra for the service (previous slide).

                                                                             Survey question 34
  Most providers
 include day time
meals and snacks as
   a part of their

            Survey question 37
• It’s not surprising that 99% of providers are in a single family home
  but there are some other interesting aspects listed above.
• The average square footage dedicated to children in provider
  homes is 1,136.
• 9% of providers have converted their garage space for use with
                                                          Survey questions 25 26,, 27
Most interviewed providers needed prompting in order
 to understand questions on the kind of program and
            operating philosophy they had.
         99% did not offer a religious program.
                      Survey questions 35, 36, 46 NOTE: Not all providers answered all questions.
Do providers take children
to park?
Yes                      65%
No without reason        13%
No because too far       16%
No because it is not safe 6%

                               Survey questions 39, 40
All providers have     How many hours are
outdoor space          children taken outside on
connected to their     a daily basis?
home and most allow
children a few hours
a day to go outside.

                                        Survey questions 38, 41
Types of Activities Providers Offer Children

                                        Survey question 42
Most providers know about
the toy lending library at
the Resource and Referral
Agency in Salinas (free
check out of toys to
Monterey County licensed
providers and those
attending classes).
Very soon the Salinas Public
Libraries will offer similar
services to all with library
cards (transitioned program
from Salinas Adult School)

                  Survey questions 44, 45
needs were
for specific
toys and

     Survey question 43
Provider Comments
1. There is no park nearby to take the children. The only park
   nearby is unsafe.
2. Wants to participate in CARES, but she is having trouble with
   her permit. She continues to take classes, but is having
   trouble with her English classes.
3. Very Discouraged with the Rules that Monterey /Pacific Grove
   puts on the home care providers.
4. Government wants to cut programs such as CalWORKs and
   90% of her children are from the CalWORKs. If program is cut
   she will loose her business. Can CCPC or CARES support
   providers with this issue? Are CCPC or CARES doing anything
   to assist or support providers?
5. Providing someone qualified when she needs to step out: age,
   schedules, multi tasking, cooking to particular wants.
              Struggles (cont.)
6. Economy. New pay rate scale to be enforced from
    the state. Parents not paying.
7. Would like to receive trainings in English.
8. Would like to have programs that offer money for
    toys and books.
9. Very comfortable with what I am doing, know the
    families for long time.
10. Would like to learn more on dealing with behavioral
1. Provide a better website "resource wise" topics
   concerning special needs-provider referral listing,
   health alerts, anything child related and a place that
   parents could go to or that providers could refer
   them to.
2. Toy lending library open on weekends or evening
3. CARES is a great motivator for borderline people.
   Incentives are great and helpful.
4. Evening classes or weekend classes, maybe shorter
   classes at Hartnell College.
5. Would like to receive support in English tutoring and
   entering college.
                Sharing (cont.)
6. Nutritional Programs; trainings on what to cook and
   prepare for the children. Would like to have more
   classes available on weekends.
7. Programs like CARES are wonderful and hope they
8. Would like to see more trainings available with child
9. Would like to take classes on developing imagination
   & creativity with children.
  For more details on report:
       Child Care Planning Council
             (831) 796-3530
    This report is posted on the web:

         Consultant: Kim Stemler
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