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									Newhaven monitoring
Meeching Hall, Newhaven
13 October 2010

Alan Dengate
Principal Engagement Officer

6.30pm   Welcome and introductions
6.45pm   Presentations
7.00pm   Group question and answer sessions
         The way forward
9.00pm   Close

 Enable information sharing and discussion
 round key issues and responsibilities with
 regard to monitoring and the new incinerator
 currently under construction in Newhaven.

 Help participants understand issues and
 organisational responsibilities.
Securing compliance locally
Jane Longman
PPC Team Leader, Environment Agency
Role of the Local Regulatory Officer

 Receives and Reviews Monitoring Reports
 Audits Local procedures for collecting and
 storing data.
 Makes unannounced visits
 Reviews site Engineering
 Encourages Continuous improvement in
Example of Emissions Data

 Duty of Operator to notify problems
 Sanctions if they do not
 Graduated response
 All in public domain
Stack emissions
Rupert Standring
Environment Agency Process Technical Advisor
National Monitoring Service
Preventing pollution

 European Waste Incineration Directive

 Legal document

 Must be complied with

 Very strict control on pollution
Releases to air

 Reduce as far as possible the negative effects
 of air pollution

 Incinerator not allowed to operate if it exceeds
 minimum levels
Continuous monitoring of pollution

 Independently approved monitoring equipment

 Measures pollutants 24 hours a day every day

 Automatic alarm if pollutants approach the
 minimum level

 Results are recorded and stored securely
Monitoring companies

 Frequent short term checks also required

 Carried out by monitoring companies
   scientific laboratories with well trained, specialist
Policing monitoring companies

 Approved by the UK Accreditation Service
   they can lose their approval to work

 Their employees must be registered with us
   we can take away their approval to work
Further checks by us

 Use our national team of experts to audit:
   incinerator’s monitoring systems
   the monitoring organisations they use
   monitoring results

 Take action if anything is wrong
            in Quality in
Air Quality AirNewhaven
LDC Monitoring
            LDC Monitoring
John Nicklin
                       John Nicklin
Senior Pollution Officer
Lewes District Council
                       Senior Pollution Officer
                       Lewes District Council
        Reporting and monitoring
   Continuously monitor NO2 and PM10
   Monitoring data used to model exposure
   Traffic levels, meteorology, and air quality data
   Annual DEFRA report
   200+ AQMA throughout the UK
   Lewes Town AQMA
Monitoring types
 PM10 – TEOM analyser measures particles with
  aerodynamic diameter smaller than 10 microns
  (breathable particles) by weighing the particles.
 NOx –Chemiluminescence analyser measures
  how many parts per billion of NOx in a sampled
  volume of air.
 NOx diffusion tube – works on exposure is sent to
  an independent laboratory for analysis.
   Local Air Quality Management
 Since 1997 LA duty to review and assess local AQ

 7 pollutants C6 H6, 1,3 Butadiene, CO, PB, NO2, PM10
  and SO2

 Majority of these pollutants well below the AQO

 Nitrogen dioxide has exceeded the AQO of 40ug/m3

 PM10 not yet exceeded the annual mean AQO of
•   UWE
•   Kings College London
•   Bristol Scientific Services
Temp AQ Monitoring
 Installation of Denton Road early November

 Installation of temp A26 roadside late

 All data available on
   Newhaven monitoring
Meeching Hall, Newhaven
    13 October 2010
The way forward

Alan Dengate
Principal Engagement Officer
Thank you for attending this evening’s
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