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					Beatriz Armendariz –
   A Lecturer In
                Beatriz Armendariz –
          A Lecturer In Economics
   Beatriz Armendariz is a highly qualified individual,
    with vast amount of experience working as a
    Lecturer in several leading educational
    institutions. She is the Founding Member of
    Grameen Credit Agricole Microfinance Foundation,
    Paris and serves on its Board of Directors. She is
    also a Research Fellow and Member of the
    Scientific Committee for the Center for European
    Research in Microfinance (CERMi). Her current
    academic positions are Senior Lecturer in
    Economics at the University College London, UK
    (2010 to 2011), and Lecturer in Economics at
    Harvard University, USA (2010 to 2011).
           Academic Background

   Beatriz Armendariz attended ITAM, Mexico to
    pursue her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics
    (1984) and thereafter enrolled at the University of
    Cambridge, UK (1986) to complete her M. Phil in
    Economics. She also holds Ph.D in Economics
    from EHESS, Paris, France, with Dissertation on
    “Foreign Debt Negotiations: An Historical and
    Theoretical Analysis”.
          Professional Experience
   Throughout her career, Beatriz Armendariz has
    held several prominent positions at different
    educational institutes. She served as Teaching
    Assistant at ITAM; as Research Officer at INEGI
    (Mexico); as Visiting Scholar in Economics
    Department of MIT, Cambridge; as Lecturer in
    Economics at London School of Economics; as
    Visiting Professor at Toulouse School of
    Economics (France); & as Lecturer in Economics
    at University College London, UK. From 2000 to
    2002, she served as a Research Fellow at the
    Center for International Development, Harvard
    University, & then as Senior Lecturer in
    Economics at University College London,UK.
Beatriz Armendariz – The Recipient
  Of Various Grants And Awards
   Beatriz Armendariz is an exceedingly
    knowledgeable individual who has received
    several titles & accolades. She has also earned
    praise and numerous awards in her lifetime. She
    was honored with research grants & academic
    awards by Belgian and Mexican institutes. Beatriz
    Armendariz also likes to read books of writers
    belonging to different parts of the globe. She has
    also worked as a visiting professor at Brussels in
    Belgium and at Massachusetts Institute of
    Technology at Cambridge in USA. In 2009, Beatriz
    Armendariz received “Brains Back in Brussels”
    research grant from the Government of Brussels,
    Belgium. She also won Raul Bailleres Academic
    Award” given by ITAM Mexico, D.F., Mexico (2006-
   Beatriz Armendariz co-authored The Economics of
    Microfinance, First Edition (2005) & Second Edition
    (2010), with Jonathan Morduch. Her forthcoming
    books are The Handbook of Microfinance, with
    Marc Labie, and The Economics of Contemporary
    Latin American Economy, with Felipe Larrain.
    Currently, she is working on various field projects,
    most notably on Environmentally-friendly Rural
    Farming in Burundi, with Ephrem Niyongabo of
    Universite de Mons, Belgium. Some publications
    by Beatriz Armendariz are “Gender Empowerment
    in Microfinance”, joint with Nigel Roome; “Peer
    Group Formation in an Adverse Selection Model”,
    with Christian Gollier, The Economic Journal;
    “Microfinance Beyond Group Lending”, with
    Jonathan Morduch, The Economics of Transition;
    and more.
    Co-Authored The Economics Of
    Microfinance, First Edition (2005)
   Beatriz Armendariz has significantly contributed in
    a large number of publications. She co-authored
    The Economics of Microfinance, First Edition
    (2005), and Second Edition (2010), with Jonathan
    Morduch. Apart from this, along with Ariane
    Szafarz, she has made a significant contribution in
    the paper, “Microfinance Mission Drift?” This
    paper highlights the poorly understood
    phenomenon in microfinance which is often
    referred to as a “mission drift”, i.e. a tendency
    reviewed by several microfinance institutions to
    extend larger average loan sizes in the process of
    scaling – up.
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