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									CONSCIOUSNESS                                    SECURITY
            vs. Carelessness                     Countermeasures

                                                 Some commonsense security
                           hether        the
                                                 countermeasures should include:
                           person,       the
                           information, or
                                                 •	   Do not publicize travel plans and limit sharing of
               both are traveling overseas,
                                                      this information to people who need to know
               information electronically
               transmitted over wires or         •	   Conduct	pre-travel	security	briefings
               airwaves is vulnerable to
               foreign intelligence services’    •	   Maintain control of sensitive information, media,
               interception and exploitation.         and equipment. Do not pack these types of articles
                                                      in checked baggage; carry them with you at all
               Many      countries      have          times. Do not leave them unattended in hotel
               sophisticated eavesdropping/           rooms or stored in hotel safes
               intercept technology and
                                                 •	   Keep hotel room doors locked. Note how the room
               are capable of collecting
                                                      looks when you leave
               information we want to
               protect, especially overseas.     •	   Limit sensitive discussions. Public areas are rarely
                                                      suitable for discussion of sensitive information
               Numerous foreign intelligence
               services target telephone and     •	   Do not use computer or fax equipment at foreign
               fax transmissions. Suspicious          hotels or business centers for sensitive matters
               entities can easily intercept
               voice, fax, cellular, data, and   •	   Ignore	or	deflect	intrusive	or	suspect	inquiries	or	
               video signals.                         conversations about professional or personal matters

               It is the conscientiousness or
                                                 •	   Keep unwanted sensitive material until it can be
                                                      disposed of securely
                                                                                                                 Foreign Travel
               carelessness of the individuals
               responsible that determines
               whether or not our sensitive                                                                   VULNERABILITY
               information is protected from
               unauthorized disclosure.

Bottom Line:
                                                 Report suspicious activity to your local security contact.
Be Assertive. Be ALert. Be AwAre.                              Your DSS point of contact is:

report suspicious Activity!                                                                                        This product created by Defense Security
                                                                                                                    Service, Counterintelligence Directorate
FOREIGN TRAVEL                                             Favorite Tactics                                     Computer SECURITY

                                                                                                                         leared contractors provide critical research

                                                                                                                         and support to programs giving the United
                                                                                                  verseas                States an economic, technological, and
                                                                                                  travelers     military advantage.
                                                                                                  and the
                                                                                        information in          In a world where reliance on technology continues to
                                                                                        their possession        grow, foreign entities have increased the targeting of
                                                                                        are most vulnerable     electronic devices such as laptops, computers, and
                                                                                        during transit.         personal media such as Personal Digital Assistants and
                                                                                                                cell phones.
                                                                               Many hotel rooms overseas
                                                                        are under surveillance. In              Travelers should report theft, unauthorized or

                                                                  countries with very active intelligence/      attempted access, damage, and evidence of
        oreign travel increases the risk of foreign        security services, everything foreign travelers      surreptitious entry of their portable electronics.
        intelligence targeting. You can be the target      do (including inside the hotel room) may be
        of a foreign intelligence or security service at   monitored and recorded.                              The following countermeasures can decrease or
any time and any place; however, the possibility of
                                                                                                                prevent the loss of sensitive information:
becoming the target of foreign intelligence activities     Entities can analyze
is greater when you travel overseas. The foreign           their       recorded                                 ●   Leave unnecessary electronic devices at home
intelligence services have better access to you, and       observations       for
their actions are not restricted within their own          collecting information                               ●   Use designated “travel laptops” that contain no
country’s borders.                                         or exploiting personal                                   sensitive information
                                                           vulnerabilities (useful
                                                                                                                ●   Use temporary email addresses not associated
                                                           for targeting and
                                                                                                                    with your company
                                                           possible recruitment
Collection techniques include:                             approaches).                                         ●   Perform a comprehensive anti-virus scan on all
●    Bugged hotel rooms or airline cabins                                                                           electronic devices prior to departure and upon
                                                           A favored tactic for                                     return
●    Intercepts of fax and email transmissions             industrial spies is to
                                                           attend trade shows                                   ●   Encrypt data, hard drives, and storage devices
●    Recording of telephone calls/conversations
                                                           and conferences. This environment allows them            whenever possible
●    Unauthorized access and downloading, including        to ask questions, including questions that might
                                                                                                                ●   Use complex
     outright theft of hardware and software               seem more suspect in a different environment.
                                                           One	assessment	estimated	that	one	in	fifty	people	
●    Installation of malicious software                    attending	such	events	were	there	specifically	to	    ●   Enable login
                                                           gather intelligence.                                     credentials on
●    Intrusions into or searches of hotel rooms,
     briefcases, luggage, etc.                                                                                      laptops and
                                                                                                                    other devices
●    Recruitment	or	substitution	of	flight	attendants

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