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					 Owning a humidor is a true sign of a cigar aficionado.
 There is a common misconception that humidors are
  large and often expensive. Yes, you can buy large,
even walk-in humidors that will cost you a years salary,
but that it unnecessary unless you have enough cigars
               to fill a humidor that large!
 The fact is that if you enjoy a cigar every now and then or even several times
a day, you may want to consider purchasing a humidor These handy
containers keep every cigar at just the right temperature and humidity This
ensures that your entire stock stays fresh so that you can enjoy them when
you are ready
  When you decide that you are ready to purchase your own humidor, you
need to consider a few things How many cigars would you ideally like to
store? How many cigars do you think you will actually have on hand at any
given time? The reason that this is important is because there should not be
too much dead space in your humidor This can throw off the humidity and
temperature level
  Those walk-in humidors are most often seen in a cigar store or specialty bar,
although some more wealthy people may have one as a status symbol The
majority of enthusiasts will choose to purchase a tabletop humidor These
generally hold up to three hundred cigars
 In addition, you can purchase a travel humidor if you want to bring some with
you As a cigar enthusiast, you want to get the best possible flavor every time
you smoke It is believed that aging in a humidor for up to ten years will
heighten the flavor continually
 While you may balk at the idea of waiting ten years to smoke a cigar,
remember that it is entirely up to you whether you even choose to explore the
aging process Not everyone with a humidor chooses to age their cigars
significantly, but the purpose of a humidor is to keep your stock as flavorful as
possible If you do decide to endeavor into the aging process, then you should
be aware of a few things
 Not all are going to taste better with age This is a personal preference and is
not easily figured out without some experimentation Cheaper cigars may not
need to be aged at all, while some will greatly benefit
from aging
 Again, this is trial and error A harshly flavored cigar will likely mellow in flavor
the longer it is aged If you dont like the taste of a cigar, then aging it will not
have any effect on your preference
 As long as you understand that a humidor is not going to magically transform
your cigars in a few simple months or years, you should be pleasantly
surprised at your own findings A true cigar enthusiast will choose a humidor
that meets his or her specific needs

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