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									DePuy Recalls Patients Continue To Strive For Proper Compensation

Medical equipments are supposed to make the lives of the patients easier and more comfortable, but
there are some cases that instead of eradicating pain the medical equipments implanted on the body of
the patient can be the source of all threats on his health and other trouble, just like what happened to
thousands of patients all over the world who were part of the controversial DePuy Recalls.

                                                             DePuy Orthopaedics Inc. the manufacturer
                                                             of the recalled products, DePuy ASR XL
                                                             Acetabular system and DePuy ASR hip
                                                             resurfacing systems decided to announce the
                                                             worldwide ASR recall of their products
                                                             because reports that the two devices has a
                                                             high failure rate.

According to the data that was released on the website of the company, about 12-13% or one out of
every eight patients implanted by the device are subject to a revision surgery after just five years. This
rate is fairly high compare to the normal 15 year revision rate of other hip replacement products.

The recalled hip replacement devices, which were supposed to make lives easier for patients suffering
from arthritis and other hip joint problems, have been implanted on approximately 93,000 people all
over the world. This makes the recall one of the biggest medical equipment recalls in the history of
medical devices.

As part of the announcement of the recall, the manufacturing company of the products, DePuy
Orthopaedics Inc. has also announced that they are going to reimburse “out of pocket” expenses on
medical procedures of the patients who were part of the recall. The company hired a third party service,
Broadspire Service, to take care of the claims of the patients who were implanted by the defective

Despite the effort of the company to make amends with the patients who were troubled by the recall,
expert hip recall lawyers sees the offer as more of a way to lessen their responsibilities to the patients
rather than a sincere attempt to help. They also believe that the patients who have experienced a lot of
trouble and damage because of the defective devices deserve more than what the company offers

There are patients with the help of their lawyers who decided to file lawsuits against the company; they
believe that there is no other way to get the proper compensation that they deserve from the company
but filing a DePuy hip recall class action.

The damage that was done to patients are clearly huge, and patients, knowing their rights continue to
strive for what they deserve for all the troubles and pain they experienced because of the recall.

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