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					Page 8 — Wednesday, August 26, 2009
                                                                                            Family                                                                                                    The Indiana Gazette

Save                                                                   CLEANING FOR A CAUSE                                                                                98TH BIRTHDAY
                                                                                                                                                            Gertrude Johnson will cele-
money at                                                                                                                                                  brate her 98th birthday today.
                                                                                                                                                          She grew up in Creekside and
                                                                                                                                                          rode a street car to Indiana to
the movies                                                                                                                                                attend school, where she grad-
                                                                                                                                                          uated in 1930.
                                                                                                                                                            She was taught to play the
  Going to see a movie at the                                                                                                                             piano by her mother when she
theater has become a luxury.                                                                                                                              was 6 years old and continues
Tickets and snacks cost a                                                                                                                                 to play today.
small fortune. Even if you eat                                                                                                                              She resides in Crystal Waters
beforehand, it can be hard to                                                                                                                             Personal Care Home. Gertrude
resist the Junior Mints or the                                                                                                                            enjoys having visitors and re-
buttery popcorn. Two people                                                                                                                               ceiving cards. Feel free to stop
going can cost $40 easily. But                                                                                                                            by and wish her a happy birth-
there are some movies that                                                                                                                                day.
you want to see on the big                                                                                                                                  Her mailing address is Crystal
                  screen. For-                                                                                                                            Waters Personal Care Home,
FRUGAL            tunately, you                                                                                                                           4639 Route 119 Highway North,
LIVING            don’t have to                                                                                                                                                                     GERTRUDE JOHNSON
                                                                                                                                                          Home, PA 15747.
                  wait for a
                  movie to be
released on DVD to avoid the
high prices. You can try inde-
pendent or drive-in theaters
or go to a matinee. How have
you saved money when going
to the movies?
  Here are a few tips to make
movie going cheaper that ex-
clude food smuggling.

  AAA: If you’re a member of
AAA, it offers a plethora of dis-
                                                                                                                                       TOM PEEL/Gazette
counts, one of which is dis-
counted movie tickets for            THE INDIANA Area Senior High School girls basketball team will hold a car wash from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
some areas. Visit                    Saturday at Bob’s Pizza. Donations will be accepted and Bob’s Pizza will award 25 percent discount to             coupons for each donation received. From left: front, basketball players Olivia Houser, Jordan Mateer,
find which discounts apply to        Kelsey Thompson, Tiara Stossel, Aubree Frye and Megan Lewandowski; back: Coach Otto Peterson,
your area.
                                     Coach Dave Woodall and Ted Geletka, owner of Bob’s Pizza.
  COSTCO: It offers discount
movie tickets to Regal, AMC
and Cinemark. The tickets are
                                                                                                                                                                       1969                                 2009
                                           In praise of unstructured
sold in groups of five. There is
a shipping charge if you buy
online at, so
check your local store. Online                                                                                                                                           40TH ANNIVERSARY
                                              playtime for tweens
prices are Regal $37.50, Cine-
mark $37.50 and AMC $39.99.                                                                                                                                 Patrick      and   Jeanette        ana; Jennifer (Joe) Kretchman,
                                                                                                                                                          Bernard, of Indiana, celebrat-       of Meyersdale; Leah (Matthew)
  ENTERTAINMENT BOOK: The                                                                                                                                 ed their 40th anniversary on         Hicks, of Marion Center; and
2010 book became available                By ANNE WALLACE ALLEN            the pressure we feel to help our       playing away,” said Brandy Van-         Sunday with a family celebra-        Jeremy (Jessica) Bernard, of
Aug. 12. Typically, the cost for           For The Associated Press        kids succeed at sports, at music,      derlee, a mother of three in            tion.                                Homer City.
a book is $30 to $56, depend-                                              and at school, many people             Macedon, N.Y.                             They were married at St.             They have 10 grandchildren:
ing on your location. Included          When we chose our house after      manage to make room for play in          There are scolds in the blogos-       Bernard’s Church, Indiana, on        Kayla, Luke, Sage and Kaden
are discount movie tickets           moving to Boise, Idaho, in 2005,      their kids’ lives.                     phere who tell us that parents          Aug. 23, 1969.                       Bernard; Gabriel, Noah and
that range from $6 to $8.50          we definitely didn’t go on curb         “We have a swing next door, we       who let their children take risks         They have four children:           Emma Kretchman; and Kyle,
per ticket, depending on par-        appeal. Built in 1893, the house      have scooters, we have bikes, we       by being on their own are neg-          Brian (Tina) Bernard, of Indi-       Erik and Zachary Hicks.
ticipating theaters. They sell       was clad in fleshtone cedar shin-     have skateboards,” said Shaun          lectful.
two tiers. One ticket level is       gles, and the bathroom was so         Hammersmark, a Boise land-               Plenty on the other side say
for newly released movies,           small that even the dog could         scape designer who works at            parents overschedule their kids
and the other requires a 12-
day waiting period after a
                                     hardly turn around in it.
                                        Yet the house had one feature
                                                                           home and has made a conscious
                                                                           effort to create an environment
                                                                                                                  and are hindering their develop-
                                                                                                                  ment.                                                     COMING EVENTS
show first appears. These tick-      we loved: It was set in a neigh-      where her kids, ages 5 and 11,           I don’t know which side is right.
ets are ordered and shipped,         borhood full of scooters, bicy-       and others can play.                   But the kids I know seem happier          REUNION: The 54th Sagamore         uled to 5:30 p.m. Sept. 15 at the
so there is a shipping fee.          cles, swingsets, and other signs        The experts tell us that letting     when we just leave them alone to        reunion for current and former       Rustic Lodge.
There’s an eight-ticket mini-        that children lived all around.       kids play, instead of organizing       play.                                   residents of Sagamore, their
mum purchase, too.                      We were looking for a place        things for them to do, helps them        “In most cultures and                 families and friends will be           FLEA MARKET: A three-day flea
                                     where the kids could roam freely,     socially, physically and even aca-     through most of history, people         held Sept. 5 at the Plumville        market will be held from 10
   ANGIE’S LIST: Thousands of        as so many parenting books,           demically.                             did know that kids needed time          Fire Hall.                           a.m. to 6 p.m. Sept. 11 and 12,
consumers share their ratings        blogs, and experts assure us kids       Play supposedly promotes cre-        to play, but they didn’t feel that        Open house and reminiscing         and from noon to 8 p.m. Sept.
and reviews on local contrac-        don’t get to do nowadays. And in      ativity and enhances problem-          adults should play with kids,”          begins at 1 p.m. The dinner will     13 on parish grounds at Our
tors and companies in more           our block, we found it.               solving skills.                        said Stephanie Coontz, who              begin at 2 p.m. Admission is a       Lady of the Assumption Parish,
than 425 different categories.          The kids, now 11 and 9, swing        The American Academy of Pe-          teaches history and family              favorite covered dish or             Lucernemines Site.
Membership costs an average          on a tree swing three doors           diatrics says unstructured play-       studies at The Evergreen State          dessert. The committee will
of $6 per month. Membership          down.                                 time helps children learn to           College in Olympia, Wash.               provide meat, rolls, coffee or         MAN TO MAN: Men facing
perks include discounts from            They disappear for hours into      share, to conquer their fears, to        Until recent decades, “there          punch.                               prostate cancer receive sup-
dozens of retailers and organ-       another      neighbor’s     house,    adjust to new situations, and to       wasn’t this idea that parents             The Sagamore Reunion or            port, information and re-
izations such as Blockbuster         emerging with strange crafts          stick up for themselves.               should be intervening constantly        Pictorial Book can be ordered        sources by talking with trained
Total Access — 50 percent off        they’ve created from scraps of          In a 2007 report, the Academy        to make things a teachable mo-          for $10 plus $2 shipping. Re-        prostate cancer survivors. Call
first month and discounted           wood in the basement.                 said free playtime and recess are      ment and expand their minds,”           union committee members are          (800) 227-2345 for more infor-
movie tickets. The cost for             This week, my daughter and         slipping away as schools focus         said Coontz.                            Marge Goldstrohm, Clair Mc-          mation.
tickets is $5.50 to $6.50, usual-    four neighborhood friends spent       on meeting new academic                  “Their minds expand a lot bet-        Curdy, Julia Sonni and Anthony
ly restricted to two weeks after     days in our living room sewing        achievement demands brought            ter when they pursue things             Sottile.                               REACH TO RECOVERY: Newly di-
release and includes most            stuffed animals out of mis-           about by laws like No Child Left       they’re interested in for them-           For more information, call         agnosed breast cancer patients
major theaters. Visit                matched socks, filling them with      Behind.                                selves.”                                (724) 349-3157.                      receive support, information                  rice and beans, and selling them        Hammersmark          said    the       And when they’re playing on                                                and resources through visits
                                     to raise money for the Make-A-        freestyle play in her yard helps       their own, their parents get a lot       MEETING CHANGE: The Indiana         and conversations with trained
  SPECIAL PROMOTIONS AND             Wish foundation.                      kids from ages one year to 12          more stuff done. Sure, the sewing       Business and Professional            breast cancer survivors. Call
DISCOUNTS: Check your local             It seems that whenever I talk to   learn to get along with others.        circle of kids in my living room        Women meeting scheduled for          (800) 227-2345 for more infor-
movie-theater Web sites, or          experts on childhood — be they          “They learn to work with each        ended up accidentally using             Labor Day has been resched-          mation.
give the theaters a call. Ask        psychologists, school principals      other, and what better education       someone’s mother’s $12 socks
whether they have any special        or other parents — they bemoan        can you give your kids?” she said.     that weren’t actually mismatched
promotions. See whether they         the way that childhood has been         The academics who study chil-        in the course of their stuffed ani-
offer student, senior or mili-       taken up by structured activities.    dren and childhood tell us kids        mal creation.
tary discounts. Many theaters        They talk about our children’s        need to figure out playtime on           A small price to pay for the full
offer specials during the sum-       over-scheduled, high-pressure         their own. They don’t need to be       day of uninterrupted working
mer, bulk-ticket deals and loy-      lives.                                directed.                              time that I enjoyed in my office
alty rewards clubs, so you can          Yet I know — or see — many           “They say, ‘I’m bored, I’m           about 8 feet away.
earn concession food or tick-        people making a conscious effort      bored,’ but guess what, five min-        Then again, they weren’t my
ets. Sometimes your local            to resist that trend. And despite     utes later you peek in and they’re     socks.
newspaper, grocery store or
hotel might run a promotion,
too. For example, Marriott of-
fers four free tickets when
making reservations until                                                          4-H NEWS
Sept. 7. Call (800) 228-9290,
and ask for promotional code
LLS when making your reser-          HORSE PRODUCTION                        In hunter type horse grade           in the 3-year-old English pleas-
vations, or visit www.mar-           WINNERS                               classes, exhibitors qualifying for     ure class. Tyler Dillon qualified in for            Six Indiana County 4-H horse        the state show were Shyan Dil-         the 3-year-old western pleasure
details.                             members have qualified 11 ani-        lon, 2-year-old gelding and 3-         class, and Angela Moretti won a
                                     mals for the State 4-H Horse Pro-     year-old gelding; Mandy McKin-         blue ribbon in the 4-year-old
  GO BIG: Buy the larger-sized       duction Show to be held in Har-       non, 3-year-old filly, and Amy         western pleasure class.
popcorn and drinks for the           risburg in October. Members           Miller, 3-year-old filly. Tyler Dil-     Paige Henry also competed in
best savings. Many theaters          qualified by winning a blue rib-      lon won a blue ribbon for his          the show and won a red ribbon
offer free refills, too. One read-   bon at an area horse production       stock type horse 3-year-old geld-      in the 3-year-old western pleas-
er, J. Moffitt, shares: “When        show.                                 ing.                                   ure futurity class.
buying snacks, buy the big             In breed classes, blue ribbons        Several members also compet-           The purpose of the horse pro-
one and share. Our theater           went to Mikhala Stover, minia-        ed in the pleasure futurity class-     duction program is for 4-H
lets us get extra cups for free,     ture horse yearling filly, and An-    es.                                    members to work with brood-
                                                                             Shyan Dillon and Angela              mares and raise and train young           Celebrating birthdays today are:
and we use these to dole out         gela Moretti, Palomino 3-year-
the popcorn.                         old gelding.                          Moretti both won blue ribbons          horses.
                                                                                                                                                            ■ Tonya Abrams, Bowdertown
  Everyone gets a cup of pop-                                                                                                                               ■ Bill Barr, Clymer
corn, and when they need                                                                                                                                    ■ Tyler Betz, Indiana
more, they just pass the cup                                                                                                                                ■ Courtney Burnheimer, Coral
back. This is a handy way of                                                                                                                                ■ Janet Clark, Punxsutawney
sharing the popcorn, as
everyone can reach it. You can
                                                                      SUBMISSION GUIDELINES                                                                 ■ Shasta Hamil, Clymer
                                                                                                                                                            ■ Shirley Hennessey, Creekside
also get extra cups to share a         Items submitted for publica-        editing for space and content.         of both parents must be provid-           ■ Jill Hopkins, Commodore
drink without sharing the            tion on the Family page must fol-          Wedding anniversaries are         ed.                                       ■ Matt A. Letso, Blairsville
germs.                               low these guidelines:                 accepted beginning with the                  Birthday/card shower an-            ■ Janelle McCombie, Indiana
  Use the large drink as a                For coming events, reunion       25th and in increments of 5 years      nouncements for those 80 years            ■ Mary Jane Overdorff, Brush Valley
pitcher, and pour everyone           and anniversary announce-             thereafter until the 40th, after       old and over.                             ■ Kristie Palmer, Seward
their own drink.”                    ments, items must be submit-          which they may be submitted                                                      ■ Megan Strotman, Shelocta
                                     ted at least one week prior to        annually.                                    All those submitting baby           ■ Jason Thomas, Latrobe
  BUYING ONLINE: Check gift-         the requested date of publica-             Only first and second baby        birthdays, births and engage-             ■ Jean Wright, Tunnelton
card Web sites such as Car-          tion.                                 birthdays will be accepted.            ments will receive a call confirm-, GiftCardRes-                  All submissions must be              High school reunions are          ing the submission.                       To add a name to the “Happy Birthday” list, call (724) 465-5555,,           TYPED and must include a day-         accepted starting with the 25th          Submissions may be mailed to          ext. 265.
and, where             time phone number.                    and in increments of 5 years           The Indiana Gazette, 899 Water            If you leave a message, be sure to spell out the entire name of the
you can buy, sell or swap gift         The Gazette is not responsi-        thereafter.                            St., Indiana, PA 15701; faxed to        person celebrating their special day and give their birthday date
cards. Some offer free ship-         ble for errors made due to                 For baby birthdays and for        (724) 465-8267; or phoned into          and where they live.
ping. You can check Craigslist       handwritten submissions.              births, if the child’s parents have    the Gazette by calling (724) 465-         Messages left with incomplete information will not be run.
or, too.                         Submissions are subject to       different last names, signatures       5555.                                                              Happy Birthday!

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