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Hong Kong


									HONG KONG (1937-1938)

                                                   ●   Hong Kong is very crowded
                                                   ●   Air pollution is common
                                                   ●   Weather is usually very humid in
                                                       the summer.
“All through the thick, sticky summer, the heat made things worse.” (pg. 1,
  September 15th, 1937).
●   This quotation shows Hong Kong as a very uncomfortable and hot city
    during the 1930s, most likely due to its very crowded environment.
●   “Thousands have fled to China and have built their makeshift homes in
    the crowded streets of Hong Kong.” (pg. 4, September 15th, 1937).
●   The horrors of the war between China and Japan is openly presented
    within the streets of Hong Kong.
    It is Stephen’s birth place; it shows the troubles he
    had/covers when getting separated from it and when he is
    living in Tarumi.
    We learn about the basics of this city.

                                                       “What is it like to live
“It’s a
ceremony I                                             in a big city like Hong
                                                       Kong?...It’s noisy and
                                                       crowded, but between
refreshing after
                                                       the movie theaters
arriving from
the dirty streets                                      and restaurants,
                                                       there’s always
in Hong Kong”
                                                       something to do”
      The life Stephen lived in Hong Kong and then switching to
       Tarumi made the story change with a completely different
      It is one of the main reasons why Stephen has difficulty living.
       For example: TB, overpopulation, weather, poor living
      Explains about the concept of war and what difficulties people
       faced when they were in war with Japan.

“Remembering some                                               “By late July, the
of the typhoons that                                            heat had settled in
had pounded Hong                                                on Hong Kong. It
Kong. They swept in                                             was stifling in
gradually, only to leave
                                                                August. Some
uprooted trees, debris,                                         afternoons I could
and even fragments of                                           barely breath”
makeshift squatter
houses scattered across    m/image/facts/china-
the island” (pg. 64)       population.jpg
   A symbol that Hong Kong stands              Hong Kong is a symbol of the
    for in A Samurai’s Garden is that            hardships men and women face in
    it is the other part of Stephens life,       China, it symbolizes disease and
    the fast paced life, where he lays           pollutions. The fact that Stephen
                                                 is from Hong Kong makes it
    ill.                                         understandable why he has TB.

“What is it like to live in a big city           “It’s [Hong Kong] noisy and
  like Hong Kong” pg.60.                         crowded… there’s always
                                                 something to do” pg 64.

                                             Image url:
SYMBOLIZES:                            QUOTES:

  China, a place where Stephen
   must choose to take as his
 The difficult lives of the                 “During the height of my
   Chinese and how it affects their        Illness in Hong Kong, I would
   lives:                                  sometimes see spirits that
-Noisiness       -Crowdedness quotes       couldn’t be explained or
                                           identified” pg 36.
-Pollution     -Diseases
   The difference in cultures and
    what difficulties Stephen faces
    later in Tarumi.                      “In Hong Kong, we also used
   As the worse of the two places         to make the yearly pilgrimage
    to live at, he is weak in HK but       to honor our ancestors during
    when in Tarumi his health              the Ghosts’ Feast” pg 180.
    rapidly increases.
     D. How does the setting reveal information about
     the character and/or connect to the story?

The setting of Hong Kong reveals how
different characters respond to
traumatic problems, Pie helps out with
the Red Cross, while her Mother
cowers in fear of the refugees.
                                         “When you return, you won’t recognize the
                                         Hong Kong you left. In the past few
                        Evidence         months, the mountains near Wan Chai
                                         have become home to thousands of
                                         refugees” – Page 118

  “Mah-mee is afraid of all these poor and starving refugees
  pouring into Hong Kong from China, and prefers that we stay
  a safe distance” – Page 117
 Stephen has to undergo a personality transformation when he
 left Hong Kong to go to Tarumi; he changed from a rushing,
 Chinese city boy into more of a quiet, relaxed, timeless
 Japanese man. He doesn’t want to return to China, because he
 fears this will undo his personal growth.

                             “Still I had to urge to sit see…Sachi’s…. rock
                             garden again, to sit amidst tits quiet and think
                             about how I was going to face all the noise of
              Evidence       Hong Kong again.” – Page 125

“Pie’s letter and the large number of
refugees who flooded into Hong Kong let me
know it was only a matter of time before I’d
have to leave Matsu and Sachi.” – Page 126

   “I thought of how lonely my mother must be, always losing herself in
    charities, her constant shopping sprees for the latest styles fro Europe, and
    the long lunches and mah-jongg games that often ended in losses.” –p.84
   “I felt like a stranger…like I no longer belonged anywhere.” –p.197


      The events occurring in Hong Kong, thousands of miles away from
       Stephen, are those that cause him the most worry and concern.
  Hong Kong contributes to one very prominent mood in the story, the mood of
     calmness – it acts to show the difference between Hong Kong and Tarumi.
“The house appears smaller than I
   remember, though it feels                 “Meanwhile, I’d have to adapt to
   comfortable here, with a simplicity       the silence, put away all the noise
   I could never find in crowded             and comforts of my family and
   Hong Kong” P. 10                          friends in Hong Kong and Canton.”
                                             P. 11

Hong Kong connects to the atmosphere of Stephen’s helplessness to his family’s
struggles. He is constantly concerned about the place he once lived, the family
that he has left there, and everything that he misses - but he can’t do anything to
help them.

“I knew my mother’s even tone              “ ‘Japan’s most honorable Imperial Army
    masked the embarrassment                   has finally succeeded in convincing
    she must have felt, and part of            Shanghai to accept its protection.’ ”
    me wished I could be in Hong
    Kong to comfort her.” P. 51                P. 59

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