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									Wedding Cake Designs

Picking out the perfect wedding cake design is so difficult that you
might be tempted to design your own wedding cake. I know that I was. I
figured that, if I did it myself, I would settle on one thing or another.
I would be limited by my skills, which would help me make the decision.
That is how frustrated I was looking through page after page of wedding
cake designs. Each one looked more beautiful than the last, and each one
definitely was more expensive than the last. Normally, picking out cakes
wouldn't be something that would faze me much. I'm not usually into
decorous, ornamental kinds of things. Nevertheless, I knew my wedding was
a special time for me. Everything about it had to be perfect.

Finally, I called my sister up in despair. When I was growing up, I never
got along well with my older sister, but during times of crisis we
usually draw together. I knew that she had become quite the homemaker,
and I was hoping that she would have some sort of tip or another for me.
It turned out that she knew an excellent wedding cake designer. We went
over to the store the very next day, and I looked at the book of wedding
cake designs. They were absolutely stunning. I was completely blown away
with what he could do with the simple tools of frosting, batter, and
wedding cake toppers.

There are a couple problems with working with really good wedding cake
designers. One of them is obvious – their cakes cost a lot of money. I
knew to expect this, and I wasn't so worried about it. The other problem,
however, is something you might not think of at first. They know that
they are good.

The guy who I was working with was an absolute snob about wedding cake
designs. Although technically I was supposed to be able to design my own
wedding cake in his shop, in fact he was very difficult about it whenever
he didn't like a design element. Finally, I decided that it was too much
of a hassle to fight with him about it. I let him control the wedding
cake designs. I gave him the basics of what I wanted – flavor, color, and
size – and let him do the rest. When it came out, I didn't feel too bad
that I had made that decision. It was an absolutely gorgeous cake.

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