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PC Slow Fix Simple Ways to Fix Slow Computer


No one can reasonably deny the value that the Internet has as a medium of communication, education and entertainment. The web is also very useful for children, but there are dangers in the virtual world that parents need to be aware of. The virtual world can be just as dangerous as the real world, so it's essential that you carefully monitor your children online. Macintosh computers do provide an advanced set of parental controls to help restrict access to inappropriate content and these features are easy to set up and use straight out of the box. In spite of this, however, parental controls do not provide a decent enough monitoring solution and they're also prone to missing certain inappropriate content. A keylogger for Mac provides a way of thoroughly monitoring anyone using your computer. It's every bit as effective as standing right behind them.

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									For all computer users, they may find a fact: they are very satisfied
with their computer running speed when they take the new computer or
laptop home. While, they will be disappointed at that their computers
become slower and slower day after day. What is the PC slow fix? Ask for
help on the Internet or from your IT friends, they may tell you that you
need to kill viruses or free up your hard drive space by defragmentation.
After done above, you may find your problem has not been fixed.
 After several trials, we get 5 practical ways to make the computer back
to speed.

 1. Check for viruses

 To check for viruses is the most common way computer users may choose to
speed up their computers. But here we take it as a bad idea. For the
antivirus software itself is almost guaranteed to be one of the most
important reasons to make your computer slower than ever before.

 2. Open Windows Update

 To open your Windows Update and keep your Microsoft programs latest is
another way to improve your slow PC. But it is very annoying to allow
your Windows Update automatically which will insist on installing the
updates in the middle of a deadline or an important cha session, no
matter what you are doing then. I prefer to make the Windows wait until I
choose to update by manual.

 3. Remove Web page history

 IE usually stores a historical archive of websites you have visited. If
it is too big, it will surly slow your browser down. To clear your web
history weekly will be sure to fix your slow PC problem.

 4. Turn off add-ons

 Too   many items installed as add-ons in Brower are another key factor to
slow   your IE browsing. You need to choose to disable these add-ons to
make   your computer run faster. Follow steps below to turn off the add-
ons:   select Tools option in IE banner, and turn to Manage Add-ons.

 5. Free up hard disk space

 The running time of a hard disk will also slow down your computer. Thus,
another good and simple method to fix PC slow problem is to free hard
drive space by deleting junk files, removing useless and unneeded folders
or items, uninstalling unwanted installed programs, clearing Internet
cache files and emptying the Recycling Bin, etc. by some disk cleanup
software such as Acebyte Utilities.

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