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					The Internet offers a world of opportunity for anyone and everyone who
has access to it, including children. It provides a great medium for
communication, research and entertainment and it is a useful thing to
have in any family home. Although this is very much the case, the virtual
world also has its fair share of disadvantages and there is no way that
it can be considered as an appropriate environment for children to roam
freely around without any restrictions. Although the parental control
features included in your computer's operating system do help to block
out inappropriate content, they are not enough by themselves. Also, it is
hardly practical to be constantly looking over their shoulders every time
they are sitting in front of the computer screen. What you need is a
complete monitoring solution in the form of a keylogger for Mac. This
will allow you to know exactly what your computer is being used for at
all times. It's also as effective as looking over their shoulders!

 REFOG Mac Keylogger is a complete solution for monitoring Macintosh
computers. The keylogger for Mac allows you to monitor absolutely anyone
logged into your computer, making it ideal for monitoring children's
safety online and for a variety of other situations. The keylogger for
Mac doesn't actually prevent any activities itself, but it allows you to
always be in touch with what's going on. This way, you can quickly get
any situation under control before it's too late. For best results, when
monitoring children's activities online and on the computer, you should
use parental control software for setting restrictions alongside a
keylogger for Mac to provide the important monitoring component. REFOG
Mac Keylogger records every keystroke, meaning that you can see web
addresses and web searches typed, emails and instant messages sent and
anything else entered on the keyboard. The program also takes screenshots
at specified intervals.

 You can use REFOG Mac Keylogger for monitoring anyone on your computer;
not just children. It's ideal for trying to catch out a spouse whom you
are suspicious of cheating. It's a quick way to reveal such a situation
since you can read all emails and chat messages sent.

 REFOG Mac Keylogger is a cutting edge tool for computer surveillance,
but it's also easy to use. You can run it on almost any Macintosh
computer. It's very easy to install and configure and, once you have
everything set up, the program can be left unattended. It runs invisibly,
so no one needs to know that it is there and, even if they do, a master
password prevents it from being shut down. All you need to do, once the
software is installed, is sit back and read the logs as they are

 REFOG Mac Keylogger also records screenshots, offering you a detailed
visual history of your computer's usage. With this feature, combined with
the main key logging feature, you can be sure that using a keylogger for
Mac is almost as effective as standing right behind the person using the
computer. To find out more about REFOG Mac Keylogger, visit the product
website at

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Description: No one can reasonably deny the value that the Internet has as a medium of communication, education and entertainment. The web is also very useful for children, but there are dangers in the virtual world that parents need to be aware of. The virtual world can be just as dangerous as the real world, so it's essential that you carefully monitor your children online. Macintosh computers do provide an advanced set of parental controls to help restrict access to inappropriate content and these features are easy to set up and use straight out of the box. In spite of this, however, parental controls do not provide a decent enough monitoring solution and they're also prone to missing certain inappropriate content. A keylogger for Mac provides a way of thoroughly monitoring anyone using your computer. It's every bit as effective as standing right behind them.