Perry Quinton Short Bio by xV3WmZE


                                        Perry Quinton
                                  Vice-President, Marketing
                                  Investor Education Fund

Perry Quinton lives and breathes financial education. “I love making personal finance accessible to
everyone,” says the Vice President of Marketing for Investor Education Fund (IEF), a leading not-for-
profit authority in financial literacy, education and research.

Since she first began managing investor communications efforts for the Ontario Securities
Commission in 2001, Quinton’s responsibility to help develop, implement and market investor
education resources to target markets like seniors, baby boomers, Canadian newcomers, women,
youth and university students has given her a deep-rooted and instinctive appreciation of the many
challenges Canadians and Ontarians face every day in managing their debt and planning for the
future. As the mother of two young children, she shares the same worries of many families who want
their children to understand that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Quinton, who joined IEF in 2009, has proved to be a valuable addition to the financial literacy
debate, working closely with IEF President Tom Hamza to identify and convey the core messages of
the Fund to the who’s who of financial industry leaders and media outlets in Canada and the U.S.
She also oversees IEF’s research efforts that drive marketing and outreach programming.


Contact: Margo Rapport
Phone: 416-895-5672


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