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									 Competency Based Job Profile

                          JOB PROFILE

 DEPARTMENT: Regeneration & Culture             SERVICE GROUP: Museums &

 POST TITLE: Museum Assistant                   REPORTS TO: Visitor Services

 GRADE: SCALE 3                                 POST REFERENCE (SAP)/ VACANCY
                                                CONTROL NUMBER :

The following information is furnished to help Council staff and those people considering
joining the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council to understand and appreciate the
general work content of their post and the role they are to play in the organisation. The
following points should be noted:

1   Whilst every endeavour has been made to outline the main duties and responsibilities
    of the post, a document such as this does not permit every item to be specified in
    detail. Broad headings, therefore, may have been used below, in which case all the
    usual associated routines are naturally included in the job description.

2   Employees should not refuse to undertake work, which is not specified on this form,
    but they should record any additional duties they are required to perform and these
    will be taken into account when the post is reviewed.

3   Bradford is an Equal Opportunities Employer and requires its employees to comply
    with all current equality policies both in terms of equal opportunity for employment and
    access to the Council Services.

4   The Council is committed, where possible, to making any necessary reasonable
    adjustments to the job role and the working environment that would enable access to
    employment opportunities for disabled job applicants or continued employment for any
    employee who develops a disabling condition.

Key Purpose of Post: explain the main purpose of post i.e. why does it exist, what is its
main focus. Information can be drawn from a relevant Job Description/Job Profile
A key role is to create a pleasant atmosphere for visitors and provide them with help,
direction and information on exhibits and the buildings as necessary. To ensure the
safety and security of Museums and Galleries premises, their contents and artefacts,
their visitors and staff. To ensure the cleanliness of premises and their contents, assist in
the mounting and dismantling, packing and care of exhibitions and displays. To work at
any site within the service as required.

Main Responsibilities of Post: explain what needs to be done to do the job fully.
Describe the main duties in priority order, addressing the questions why the task is carried
out? and what does it seek to achieve? Information can be drawn from a relevant Job
Description / Job Profile

                                                             Draft 2 Version 2 26 July 2011
 Competency Based Job Profile

To support the work of at least two sites, but to work peripatetically in response to the
needs of the service.

Responsibility for equipment such as hand tools, ladders, carts, floor-polishers.

Responsibility for cash (from sales desk and deposits for pictures and other exhibits
purchased by the public. (Value ranges from £100 to £2,000). Responsibility for the
security of irreplaceable permanent and temporary exhibits (value varies from £3 million
to £5 million).

Responsibility for lost property.

To sell publications and souvenirs.

To maintain stock levels and advise Business Assistant of low stocks

To maintain the display and attractiveness of the shop

Responsibility for the security of the site including galleries, stores, offices, toilets etc
and their contents (i.e.; exhibits, furniture and fittings),

Assisting with evacuation procedures during emergencies

Occasional sole charge of the premises e.g.; call-out duty and supervision of contractors.

Evaluating the technical requirements of moving and hanging extremely valuable

Lifting and manoeuvering items of varying weight and size, such as are associated with
Museum work, individually or as part of a team, following lifting and handling procedures.

Working at heights involving use of ladders and other equipment.

Opening and closing of premises at stipulated times, activating and de-activating all
gates, shutters, bollards, locks and alarm systems.

Acting as part of the security call-out rota as required for the specified site. (this can
involve sole charge of premises).

Completing any necessary records confirming that set procedures have been followed.

Carrying out observations of the CCTV monitoring system; patrolling galleries and halls;
observing collections and fabric of building and reporting concerns as appropriate,
watching for theft, vandalism, damage and unruly or anti-social behaviour and taking any
action necessary in accordance with instructions.

Alerting Visitor Service Supervisor or authorised deputy in the event of any defects being
found in the security or fire alarm system.

Custodianship of items requiring special surveillance.

                                                               Draft 2 Version 2 26 July 2011
 Competency Based Job Profile

Dealing with any other matters that may affect the security of buildings, their contents,
staff or visitors.

Directing the public to sections or particular exhibits upon enquiry.

Telephone reception duties; receiving and re-directing calls as necessary to appropriate
staff. Taking messages as required.

Providing visitors with information on exhibits etc as instructed.

Drawing the attention of the public to any contravention of the Museums, Galleries and
Heritage Byelaws, and taking any action in accordance with the byelaws.

Dealing with the sale to the public of all items of commercial stock within the sales
procedures of particular buildings.

Recording deficit in stock levels and passing information to relevant staff.

Dealing with the sale of items from or relating to exhibitions, tickets for events and
activities as required. Where appropriate, to calculate and accept deposits and accept
payment of balance for items from selling exhibitions.

Assisting Curatorial/Collections staff in loading and unloading of extremely valuable
exhibits and goods; moving exhibitions exhibits and display systems as instructed.

Assisting and accompanying the van driver as necessary.

Moving and setting out of furniture, equipment, sales material, stationery and other items
as required.

Assisting Curatorial/Collections staff with the special packing and unpacking, and crating
and uncrating of extremely valuable objects and other materials as directed.

Washing, dusting, sweeping, scrubbing and polishing in all parts of buildings and their
environs as directed, including cleaning up after functions.

Snow clearing as necessary.

Attending to heating and lighting etc as directed.

Undertaking basic repair and maintenance tasks as directed.

Replacement of light bulbs, tubes etc as part of general lighting.

Use of fire hoses and extinguishers as appropriate.

Basic preparation of display surfaces and exhibits prior to display as instructed.

                                                             Draft 2 Version 2 26 July 2011
 Competency Based Job Profile

Basic preparation of exhibits for photography etc as required. (Can involve de-framing
and re-framing).

Erecting of racking, screening and other display systems for the display and storage of
works of art and other exhibits as directed.

Hanging of exhibitions, positioning of sculpture and other exhibits as instructed.

Erecting and positioning (and assisting with same) of display cases, stands, and lighting
systems as directed.

Loading and unloading, packing and unpacking of vehicles and exhibitions

Laying-out exhibitions and displays as per verbal and written instructions.

Contributing to and following the objectives of the Health and Safety Policy of the Council
by being alert at all times to the safety of all visitors and staff and contractors, and
alerting emergency services as necessary.

Operating a range of audio visual and other equipment as instructed.

Operating environmental control equipment, e.g. humidifiers and de-humidifiers.

Accepting deliveries, checking and signing delivery notes.

Required to work a rota system, which will involve working Bank Holidays and weekends.

Required to work at other museums/galleries.

Required to wear uniform and protective clothing as supplied.

To operate and demonstrate machinery and processes to the public, either through small
groups or individuals. (e.g. textile processes and machinery, steam engines, water
wheels etc.)

To have the ability to prepare relevant materials for demonstration (e.g. textile machinery,
steam engines etc.) with due care to the Health and safety of staff and visitors and to
deliver a coherent commentary during demonstrations.

To assist the appropriate Officer with the delivery of educational programmes

Job Dimensions: Give facts and figures which explain the size of the job, for example if
the post has management responsibilities how many employees directly report, is there a
specific client group, does the post have responsibility for plant, equipment, budgets or
income generation. If so indicate the amount.

If this post has decision making responsibility outline its extent: state the degree of authority the
postholder has to make decisions or recommendations e.g. to devise and implement new policy/procedure. State the
level of influence a post holder has and at what level it is implemented e.g. makes routine day to day decisions within
set systems, referring others to a more senior manager.

                                                                        Draft 2 Version 2 26 July 2011
 Competency Based Job Profile

To makes routine day to day decisions within set systems and procedures, referring
others to the visitor services supervisor.

Professional Qualifications:
No statutory qualifications required

(NB when utilising job Profiles for redeployment purposes qualifications should only be
specified if it is a statutory requirement e.g. Social Work qualification).
Routine Communications: outline all individuals the post holder regularly communicates
with both internal and external to the Council e.g. Elected Members. What is the nature of the contact e.g. is
it a task where information is exchanged or does it require the postholder to exercise judgement and
influence the outcome of the contact?
Regular contact with the general public. Occasional contact with Regeneration and
Culture staff and other BMDC departments..


                                         Museums Manager

   Museums Manager                       Museums Manager                         Museum Manager
        East                                  North                                  Central

                                          Visitor Services
                                         Museum Assistants
                                         Shop Receptionists

                                                                        Draft 2 Version 2 26 July 2011
  Competency Based Job Profile

                                   Museums Manager

   Museums Manager                 Museums Manager                 Museum Manager
        East                            North                          Central

                                    Visitor Services
                                   Museum Assistants
                                   Shop Receptionists

 Core Employee Competencies:
 Add those essential to the post from the core competencies section of the Skills /
 Competencies Directory (Insert hyperlink to Skills/Competencies Directory)
 Number Skill /Competency
 A3       Must be accurate and able to demonstrate good innumeracy and literacy skills
 CUS4     Able to work flexibly to accommodate the needs of the service
 H&S1     Able to understand, interpret and implement health & safety legislation
 LEG2     Ability to plan, prioritise and manage a heavy workload from a variety of sources while
          maintaining a high standard of quality and working under time constraints.
 EPCF1 Acts with courtesy and professionalism at all times
 BS2      Demonstrate ability to work with a high degree of accuracy across a range of
 BS3      Able to work with / provide information to the public-in writing, face to face and
          over the telephone
 BS5      Able to work productively both within a team and, on occasion, alone
 BD3      Understands the operation and financing of local government structures and
          developments in service, functions and policies
 BS4      Able to handle cash including issuing receipts in line with agreed financial
          regulations/standing orders
 CUS10 Able to confidently handle, count and reconcile large sums of coinage
          and notes.
BSC1       Ability to maintain a vigilant presence in Council buildings to ensure building,
           staff and customer security
BSC2       Ability to undertake internal management, movement and delivery of small to

                                                           Draft 2 Version 2 26 July 2011
  Competency Based Job Profile

          medium sized items
BSC3      Ability to undertake range of small building repairs and maintenance tasks
BSC4      Ability to take on responsibilities associated with building security including
          alarms, key-holding and emergency response to call out
CLS1      Ability to perform cleaning (mop/vacuum/dust/toilet) to high standards
CLS4      Ability to manage stock/supplies within budgets
 Main Technical Skills/Competencies: Add any essential to the post from the Skills /
 Competencies Directory. See the Managers Guidance notes for further information.
 Number Skill /Competency
 MT1     Demonstrate an understanding of working in a museum or theatre environment
 Management Competencies: Add any essential to the post from the management
 competencies section of the Skill/Competencies Directory.
 Number Skill /Competency

 Working Conditions:
 Must be able to work evenings, weekends and bank holidays as required by the
 needs of the service. Must be able to perform all duties and tasks with reasonable
 adjustment, where appropriate, in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.
 Special Conditions: Management require that the following checks be carried out as
 part of the recruitment process e.g. CRB, Warner Process, Occupational Health Check,
 any other special conditions: CRB

 The three boxes below are only required to be completed for grading information
 Education/Qualifications: for grading purposes only outline the type of educational
 background expected of a typical candidate.

 Experience : for grading purposes only state the minimum length and type of experience
 which is essential to the post e.g. must have 3 years experience in a senior capacity in a
 large organisation.
 Minimum of 2 years experience in a similar customer environment.

 Compiled by:                    Grade Assessment Date: Post Grade:


                                                                         Draft 2 Version 2 26 July 2011

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