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									                      LETHBRIDGE SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 51
                                         433 - 15 STREET SOUTH
                                         LETHBRIDGE ALBERTA
                                                 T1J 2Z5
                                            PHONE: (403) 380-5300
                                             FAX: (403) 327-4387

                                DISTRICT SCHOOL COUNCIL
                              Monday, February 28, 2011 6:30 p.m.
                                Education Centre Board Room

Chair:                                      Karen Robbins
Vice Chair:                                 Shellie Kienzle
Recorder:                                   Karri Stewart
Policy Advisory Representative:             Shellie Kienzle
Poverty Intervention Representative:        Tricia Northcott
Administrators’ Representative:             Lisa McMullin
                                            Brenda Stendebach


6:30 p.m.       Welcome and Introductions
6:35 p.m.       Approval of the Agenda
6:37 p.m.       Approval of the Minutes of January 31, 2011
6:40 p.m.       University of Lethbridge Management Students - Survey
7:00 p.m.       Trustee Update – Brooke Culley
7:10 p.m.       Other Business
7:15 p.m.       Roundtable Reports by School Representatives
7:45 p.m.       Adjournment

Future Meetings:
       March 28, 2011
       April 18, 2011
       May 30, 2011
                                                                                   Lethbridge School District No. 51
                                                                                             District School Council

                     District School Council Minutes – Monday, January 31, 2011

In attendance: Karen Robbins (LCI), Keith Fowler (trustee), Julie Nolan (Lakeview), Lisa McMullin (Ed.
Centre), Allison Pike (Agnes Davidson, Galbraith), Shellie Kienzle (WCHS), Karri Stewart (Lakeview,
GPMS, LCI), Emily Lynn (Fleetwood Bawden), Brenda Stendebach (Nicholas Sheran Admin.), Tricia
Northcott (Nicholas Sheran), Jana Palmer (Westminster), Amber Heyboer (Senator Buchanan), Corinne
Steele (Mike Mountain Horse), Doug Hamilton (Chinook High), Sahil Paul (General Stewart), Barry Litun
(Education Centre)
Meeting Commencement – 6:30
Approval of November Minutes - Unanimous
1.Lisa McMullin – Mental Health quiz was given to everyone. There were 20 questions about mental
health which were answered and discussed.
     - Lisa and her team want to reduce the stigma of mental illness
     - It is very prevalent in children and peers. Could be as high as 25%. We need to know that we and
        all students will encounter “rough patches.”
     - Some people are in a state that does require medical attention.
     - There are lots of agencies and websites available.
     - Introduced us to the Blue Wave Foundation- good philosophy. “It’s okay to be blue”
     - Instigated by a family who lost a daughter to suicide at 17 – Good, strong family who thought
        she’d “snap out of it.”

See website www.ok2bblue.com
This presentation is available to counselors at all schools as well as to all school councils.
2.Barry Litun – Tripartide Discussions
           We were reminded that four years ago there was an agreement made between the province and
the ATA for salary increases based on the Alberta Average Earnings Index. 2011/12 is the final year.
When the agreement was made, finances were different than now. Last fall, there were negotiations
between the Minister, the ATA and the ASBA to reopen the agreement and renegotiate with a new 3 year
plan discussed. This past Friday, the provincial government decided there was no resolution and that the
initial agreement will have to be honoured. The contracts are held by the local school board so the district
is bound – even though initial contract was made between ATA and the government. For the last two
years our district has had to dip into reserves to pay the salaries because grants from the government
have not been sufficient. Our reserves have essentially been depleted. This budget will prove to be
difficult in order to honour these wages. The provincial legislature resumes on February 22. We’ll learn
more then.
           Allison Pike asked what creative ideas our board has come up with to counter this because we as
a district could start the ball rolling. She asked what our trustees are doing.
           Keith Fowler said that they have been quite vocal continually over the past three years and that
the agreement should not have been accepted in the first place. Our trustees just recently met with our 2
           We were reminded that as schools and school councils, we can write our MLA or the minister.
Hand written letters are better than e-mails because they can physically take them with them into their
meetings. We were reminded that the Lethbridge East MLA is Bridget Pastoor and the Lethbridge West
MLA is Greg Weadick.
           Barry said that the staffing expenditures are determined by the AWEI and can’t be changed.
Therefore, the education system is in a quandary because we need to create positions but we only know
expenditures and not revenues. He noted that any business knows that things cannot work this way.
There is a need to increase revenues. This is the main topic of the Town Hall meeting to be held tomorrow
night. (Feb.1)
           Allison asked if that is why we see more preschools in the schools. Barry said that they are more
of a break even thing and are done to help children meet their milestones at age appropriate levels. So,
preschools are there more for an educational purpose rather than a financial one.
           Keith commented that studies are showing that children are learning their fine motor skill very well
from computers – even at a young age but are lacking in the larger motor skills.
           Julie commented that recent nursing talks required a mediator and in the end the agreement was
0-0-0 but they took that because at least they did not lose anything – just stayed the same. Barry said that
the difference between those talks and the education ones was that their contract had expired. It this
case, there is an issue of breaking a                           contract that is still in place.
                                                                                  Lethbridge School District No. 51
                                                                                            District School Council

Other things to mention:
   1. Lethbridge School District No. 51 recently had a flyer distributed in the paper. Barry asked who
        had seen it. Approx. 50% of those in attendance had. He felt that was good.
   2. April 15-17 – Alberta School Council Conference in Edmonton – See Attachment to minutes.
   3. Alberta School Council Association has an award recognition program right now. A school
        council, a school partner or parent or person can be nominated. See attachment to minutes.
    125 anniversary of our School District is coming up and some celebrations are underway. The first
    school board meeting was held March 25, 1886. The district is looking at doing a history book of the
    past 25 years and perhaps a fine arts show on March 25 – which is a Friday. Perhaps a staff and
    family BBQ. Many schools are looking at having a 125 day celebration as well as a 100 day
    celebration. There is a new logo – see attached. The district is trying to identify the oldest surviving
    student and staff in Lethbridge and asked everyone there to put the word out. They may also run an
    ad in the paper and put one on the radio.
3. Brooke Culley – Trustee Update – Dennis and Brooke went to trustee conference in Edmonton.
Learned more about their roles and jobs. They have also met with the Holy Spirit board. In recent talks
with the Alberta School Board Association, he was impressed that their focus was always threefold. It
                     What will changes mean to students?
                     What will changes mean to staff?
                     Will there be funding to support changes?

Brooke also mentioned that the district web site is very thorough and to check it often to see what is going
on. In addition, he mentioned that the Education Minister will be meeting with Zone 6 trustees on Feb.16.
Last week, Barry’s contract was renewed for 5 years and there are around 240 people registered for the
Town Hall Meeting tomorrow night.
4.Roundtable Reports by Schools
Corinne Steele – Mike Mountain Horse Elementary
     Currently doing One School, One Book
     Has formed a playground society to have a new playground built. It will be a shared use one with
        the city so they are working with the city.

Amber Heyboer – Senator Buchanan
    Successful Christmas Concert
    Spring fundraiser coming up
    In May, they are having a school wide Book Exchange

Jana Palmer – Westminster
    Upcoming Read-a-thon – Feb 11-27. Making a school wide goal of # of minutes.
    Working to pair up with Norbridge to have seniors come and read to the kids.
    Successful recent Hot Lunch – Boston Pizza
    Teacher Wish List – were able to get 7 of 20 items purchased so far. Bought some reading books
       for Gr. 1-3.

Tricia Northcott - Nicholas Sheran
      Currently doing One School, One Book – The Trouble According to Humphrey. Big Hit! They
        have a Grade 5 student dress up as the mascot and who comes and does appearances. The
        author signed posters and sent them to the school. Also wrote letters and they have been read
        out to the students.
      They are getting ready for their upcoming Bingo night which will be run by the Parent Council this
        year instead of staff.

Shellie Kienzle – WCHS
    Exam week is over and second semester commenced.
    Basketball is in full swing and badminton and rugby will be starting soon
    Students are planning a Valentine’s Dance.
                                                                                Lethbridge School District No. 51
                                                                                          District School Council

       Fundraising Dinner is planned for family of 15 yr old boy who had a stroke. He remains in hospital
        in Calgary. Heart and Stroke Foundation is coming to the school to educate students.
       Family of JJ Guy who was killed a few months ago is giving a one time scholarship in his name.
       There will be an International Festival at the school in April.

Emily Lynn – Fleetwood Bawden
    Recent bottle drive held after Christmas raised $500.
    One School, One Boo, – Lemonade Wars
    They are doing a book exchange for families for Literacy Day
    Gr.5 b-ball in full swing
    Successful Hot Lunch – Pizza 73 – Next one- Booster Juice

Julie Nolan – Lakeview
      Successful Christmas dance with Chevelles
      Spring Concert – March 31 at Southminster Church
      One School, One Book starting soon
      Successful recent Hot Lunch – Beef on a Bun from London Road Market
      Spell-a-thon fundraiser coming up
      Recently gave donation to Kaitlyn Boyda for building water wells in Africa
      Grade 4’s did a bottle drive for Stroke victim.

Karri Stewart – GPMS
     Construction completed. School looks great!
     Basketball going well for boys and girls. Have both developmental and rep teams.
     Drama productions coming up. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow starts Feb.14.

Allison Pike – Agnes Davidson
      Christmas concert was a success.
      Grade 5 basketball in full swing
      Carnivale – February 18. Will have a big breakfast.
      Principal was appointed to be new Associate Superintendent. New principal will be announced in
         early March.

Allison Pike – Galbraith
      Healthy Schools Expo – Approx. 40 Community Groups came and showed what they could offer.
      They have a crosswalk safety concern at 8 Ave. They will be meeting with the city

      One School, One Book coming up
      100 Day – Feb.14

      Participating in Winter Walk Day on Feb.9
      Autism Calgary Friend 2 Friend Presenters are coming to do a presentation on Fostering
         Friendships for Children with ASD. It will be at Galbraith on March 10 at 7pm.

Sahil Paul – General Stewart
    Christmas Concert went well
    Successful January Hot lunch – Taco Time
    Grade 5 Basketball going well

Doug Hamilton – Chinook HS
    92 students preparing to graduate
    All soft drinks in vending machines are being replaced with juice
    Currently they have 3 exchange students there- 2 from Brazil, 1 from Russia
    Penny drive made $900 which was given to some underprivileged children at the school at
    Frozen and subsequently burst pipes in the media centre have pushed its completion date back
      again. The Frog Prince production will now be held at the U of L instead.
                                                                              Lethbridge School District No. 51
                                                                                        District School Council

       School attire with Chinook logo sold out in a day.
       New Mascot was unveiled.

Karen Robbins – LCI
    Power of the Penny was successful and $ was given to underprivileged students at Christmas
    Exams are finished and new semester began.

Barry informed us that the Lakie Cheer Squad are currently in Phoenix at a cheer competition; which they
won! Great job! They also got to cheer at a Phoenix Suns game.
Next DSC Meeting – Monday, February 28 at 6:30

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