; Apparel Discomfort
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Apparel Discomfort


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									You are coming out of your garage to get your morning paper. The gang bangers
knowing your morning routine are hiding outside behind cover waiting to take your keys
and car. One of them is holding the paper boy hostage.

Stage 1: Morning Paper

Designer: Don Wakefield

Location: Left hand side of Bay 1

Scoring: Vickers (12 rounds minimum)

Set-up: 5 IDPA targets (3 painted, 1 NT), 4 barrels, 4 stands, 8 uprights. T2-T4 not
visible from the starting position.

Directions: Starting at position A, gun loaded to IDPA capacity. Start with hands at sides
facing down range. On signal draw and engage T1 with three (3) rounds while moving
to position B. Engage remaining targets with three (3) rounds each in tactical priority.

Back-up division shoots two on each
Your car broke down in a rural area. You were able to get your cell phone through to
summon assistance. While you are waiting, a big bad guy with two dogs appear. He is
holding a machete. He says, “ I’m going to cut you up and feed you to my dogs”.

Stage 2: Call AAA

Designer: Don Wakefield

Location: Center of Bay 1

Scoring: Vickers (9)

Set-up: 3 IDPA, 3 stands, 6 uprights, culvert pipe, starting line

Directions: Gun loaded to IDPA capacity. Start with wrists above shoulders, facing
down range. Upon signal engage t1-T3 with two rounds each in tactical sequence.
Then after moving to cover behind a tree, engage each target with one round to the
head only in tactical priority.

Back-up division: one on each, move to cover, then one head shot each.
You just drove into your driveway and opened the garage door. In the garage there are
three assailants & you wife is being held by one of them.

Stage 3: Honey I’m Home (no vehicle version)

Designer: Al Siena

Location: RH side of Bay 1

Scoring: Vickers (6 rounds minimum)

Set-up: chair, small table, 1 box, 3 IDPA,1 NT, 3 stands, 6 uprights, 4 barrels or 2 barrel
and 1 column.

Directions: Sitting in the driver side of the car, gun loaded to IDPA and placed in IDPA
box on table. On signal retrieve your gun, move to behind the open door (barrels),
kneel and engage the targets with 2 rounds each in tactical priority.
As supervisor for ACME Construction Company it is your responsibility to check work
sites at the end of the day. A gang of copper thieves is tearing your site apart. When
you yell at them to stop they decide violence is their best way to get away with the
copper and silence you.

Stage 4: Acme Construction

Designer: Tom Gilbert
Location: Bay 2
Scoring: Vickers (13 rounds minimum)
Set-up: 6 IDPA, 1 NT, 5 barrels, 5 columns, 1 pepper popper, 1 swinger, activator cable
for swinger, 6 stands, 12 uprights

Directions: gun loaded to IDPA, start with hands on column A, On signal engage all
paper targets with 2 rounds and steel till down. No shooter may go forward of any
Stage 5: Swinging Bill

Designer: Andy Maluke

Location: Bay 2

Scoring: Vickers (6)

Set-up: Swinger, 1 IDPA, activator (rope and stick), starting line 6 feet from the swinger

Directions: Gun loaded to IDPA & holstered. Strong hand holding activator. On signal
activate the swinger and retreat while engaging the swinging target with 6 rounds.

Back-up division only: engage with 5 rounds
You have spent the day fishing in a B.A.S.S. tournament. In your haste to get to the
awards area you have left your gear on including your pdf (life vest). You just won
$50,000 in the tournament and are taking your winnings back to your boat. On the way
you are accosted by four dudes who want your winnings.

Stage 6: Apparel Discomfort

Designer: Steve Naas
Location: Deep in Bay 3
Scoring: Vickers (12 minimum)
Set-up: 1 large check for $50,000, 4 IDPA, 4 stands, 8 uprights, various size pfd’s.
Mark the shooting position. Make sure there are no shoot thru’s. Paint extra targets for

Directions: Gun loaded to IDPA, holstered, then put the PFD on over your cover
garment. Both hands start on the large check which is held in front of the shooter. On
signal drop the check and engage all four targets with three (3) rounds each in tactical
S.O. replace T3 after every squad.

Back-up division only: 1 round on each target
Hurricane season has just hit and you and you gun just came in from a drenching. You
just finished cleaning your gun and magazine (which is empty) when three armed bad
guys break in the front door looking for shelter and trouble. Two BG’s head toward the
other side of the house and one is coming down the hall towards you. No time to waste
with your empty gun and magazine.

Stage 7: Three’s a Crowd
Designer: David Brackett

Location: Live Fire House??      Scoring: Vickers (6 minimum)
Set-up: 1 table, 1 cleaning mat, coffee can to hold cartridges, 3 IDPA, 3 stands, 2 walls,
6 uprights, piece of wood under the chair to keep it from sinking into the sand..

Directions: Place the empty gun and magazine on the cleaning mat. Place 8 rounds in
the coffee can and the can on the table to the left or right of the mat. Shooter is seated
at the table with knees under the table, hands on knees. On signal the seated shooter
loads 6-8 rounds in the gun and then shoots T1 with two rounds while seated, then
moves to position B and engages T2 & T3 with two rounds each. Back-up division: one
hit on T1 and two hits on T2 & T3 All shooters: When done the shooter reloads their
gun to IDPA, holsters the gun and moves to position A for stage 8

S.O. look down along edge of table to see that part of knees are under the table. Do
not stand directly behind the chair as it may come backwards and hit you.
Stage 8: Beyond Retention 2
Designer: Phillipp Guarisco, John Calhoun

Location: Bay 3 - LFH

Scoring: Vickers (12)

Set-up: 1 Wall, 1 regular barrel, 8 more barrels or 4 large tubes, 6 IDPA, 6 stands, 12
uprights, 1 shirt

Directions: Standing at position A, gun loaded to IDPA and holstered. On signal engage
T1 from retention with 2 rounds, then while moving to position B engage T2 & T3 on the
move with 2 rounds each. Finally, at position B engage T4-T6 in tactical priority with 2
rounds each from behind cover.

Back-up division: All targets get a minimum of one round each.

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