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					Mobile Payments & Alert Communications:
Changing Your Bottom Line
Chad Probst
Director of Sales
Chad Probst
Consultative Sales Professional for 14 years
    Transportation
    Software
    Payment Processing

Started with BillingTree in 2003
    Rejoined in 2007
Director of Sales 2009
    Responsible for sales and top-line revenue

   Harness the value of Text Messages as your vital
    new communications channel
   Change your bottom line with mobile payments
   Migrate to a GREEN biller
Wireless Quick Facts

 6.2 Billion text
messages per day
 sent in the U.S.

  More American
   adults texting in 2011
  Teens – 87% use
   phones for texting
  Harness this channel
  Improve customer
                            *Pew: Americans and Text Messaging
Even More Reasons
Getting Started with the 4 Cs

1.   Collect Permission – Properly obtain
     customer consent for text message
2.   Comply – Follow the MMA Best
3.   Confirm – Verify customer cell phone
     number and possession of device
4.   Communicate – Manage SMS
     strategy through automated triggers
     that deliver predetermined messages
Collect Permission
                             Proper Opt-In:
                             Account activation combined
                             with verified cell # and
                             possession of device.

Proper Opt-Out:
Message templates
include HELP command to
return to customer service
and STOP instructions
Add Compliance guidelines to your
Website & Agreements
MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) Requirements
   Your wireless policy must contain the minimum
       STOP instructions in BOLD Lettering
       HELP instructions in BOLD Lettering
       Frequency (you will receive messages about your account)
       Customer Service Contact Information
       Msg & Data Rates May Apply
    Terms & Conditions on Agreements and Website
     include your completed Wireless Policy.
Email Update

After updating Terms and Conditions on website, send
email update to current customer base…

   Text Chad to 75935
1. Customer receives        2. If customer replies        3. Customer replies
 message template            HELP then receives         STOP, receives reply with
 with HELP option.             reply with STOP               confirmation.

   CoServ:                      CoServ:                      CoServ:
   Courtesy reminder:           Msg&Data Rates May           You have opted out.
   Your payment is due          Apply For customer           You will not receive
   in 5 days. Thank you         service call 800-558-        additional messages.
   for your business. For       1212                         For questions call 800-
   questions call 800-          Reply STOP to Opt            558-1212
   555-1212                     Out
   Reply HELP for help          Call our 24hr Opt Out
                                Line @ 877-111-1111
Message Templates

   Message flow foundation is your custom message
    template library
   Proper structure and key language requirements
      higher response rates
      Proper structure
        » Source (i.e. company name) of the message first
        » Offer or primary info should
        » Method of redemption or contact info
        » Help option
     Example (CoServ):
     This is a courtesy reminder your payment is due in 5 days. Questions? Call
     888.555.1212. Reply HELP for help.
Message Templates

Build a message library
around your business           Your account is
                               approved for
model                          activation on or
    Activation                around 4/11/2012. For
                               questions contact 800-
       Approval/Next Steps    555-1212.

       Welcome/Confirmation   Reply HELP for help
       EFT Confirmation
       Pending
Message Templates

Welcome Verification message confirms the number is
still active…
   Welcome Message Templates:
      CoServ: As a customer benefit, we provide account
       updates & outage alerts by text. For more information
       call 888-555-1212 or reply HELP for help
      CoServ: Thank you for your business. Please click on the
       link to LIKE us on FACEBOOK, For outstanding cust svc
       call 888-555-1212. Pls save our # in your phone for
       future use. Reply HELP for help
Message Templates

Build a message library
around your business                  This is your courtesy
model                                 reminder you have a
                                      payment due in 5
Account Management                    days. For questions
                                      call 1.866.555.1212
      5 day reminder
                                      Reply HELP for help
      1 day reminder
      Returned payment
      Payment request
      Payment confirmation
      Loyalty point balance update
Common Use Billing Reminders

Payment Reminder Templates:
      CoServ: Billing Statement available @ Pmt should be made by the <Due
       Date> to avoid late fee of 1% added to your acct. Reply
       HELP 4help
      CoServ courtesy reminder: Your payment is due in 3
       days. Questions ? Reply by text or call 888.555.1212
       Thank you for your business! Reply HELP for help
Common Use Billing Reminders

Payment Reminder Templates (continued):
      CoServ courtesy reminder: Your payment is due today.
       Questions? Reply by text or call 888-555-1212. Thank
       you for your business! Reply HELP for help
      CoServ pmt reminder: Your payment is due March 5th
       Reply by text or call 888.555.1212 to speak w/cust svc.
       Thank you. Reply HELP for help

Re-market to your best customers with an incentive to
use your product again.
    Highest rates of return by re-marketing to your
     preferred customers
    Stimulate new business from current customers –
     best $ spent
    Marketing Campaign Templates:
       CoServ Referral Program: Get a $200 credit towards ur account
        when u refer a friend. Have them call 888-555-1212 & mention ur
        name & acct # to get $200. Reply HELP for help.
Mobile Payment Trends

   AITE Group predicts bills         TO: 58789
    paid online will increase         12341234
    by 18% by 2013
                                FROM: 58789
   The number of bills paid
                                Thank you. Your
    with a mobile device is     payment has been
    set to grow by a huge       processed. Your
                                confirmation # is
    377% across the same        45678912
Mobile Payments Trends
Mobile Payments Trends
Stored-Value Accounts

   Consumers transfer funds to
    Billers and/or peers from
    one stored value account to
   Account holders transfer
    funds from the stored value
    account to the banking
    institution of their choice.
Text Notification

Billers leverage technology to
reduce costs associated with
consumer contact, including
    recurring and/or post date
     check reminder notices
    time sensitive notices
    outage and repair notification
    coupons and appointment
Text Notification & Payment

Text “Textpay” to 75935
Text Notification & Payment
Contact Info

               Chad Probst

          Text “Chad” to 75935

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