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									Your Guide to Successful Events
Cinema Screenings
Why Sell Movie-Night Tickets Online?
Cinema or Movie Nights are a great fundraiser and one of the most
popular social activities.. Our clients have had great success with actual
“Drive In” movie nights. Some run a “cinema under the stars” where
patrons bring chairs and blankets and other schools and many charities
often run a private screening at the local cinema. These events are
easy to organize, have multi-generational appeal and are an excellent
social fundraising event.

And for any kind of movie night, from an at-school event to a large
multiplex cinema, you can now affordably sell tickets online – just like a
professional theatre – making it easier to buy and sell tickets.

Tickets can be booked directly from your school website making
purchase quick and accessible for everyone!

    •   Staff and volunteers spend no time selling and issuing tickets
                                                                             Tips to Success - Make the
    •   Patrons can buy tickets 24/7 from their home or office               Switch to Online Bookings.

    •   Cash flow improves –ticket revenue is in the bank before             If this is your first online
        previews even start                                                  ticketing experience, make
    •   Families are committed with pre-purchased tickets (eliminates        sure you discuss and promote
        the “I’m a bit tired” excuse the night of the event)                 the change with your school
    •   Eliminate cash and cheque management issues – all monies
        are collected online with instant account reconcilliation            This document provides
    •   Door lists to simply hand to the cinema, verify entry and            useful suggestions about
                                                                             how to successfully engage
        manage “lost ticket” issues
                                                                             your stakeholders and ensure
                                                                             your online transition is easy
It’s Easy to Sell Online                                                     and comfortable for everyone.
                                                                             Click here to download this
                                                                             free resource.
    Setup wizards will guide you through this simple process at

    During the initial setup for your bookings you will be prompted to
    input the basic event information and later, you can add details to
    customise your booking pages.
                                                                             TIP: Most cinema events are
    1) Login to your school account or create a new account . It’s
                                                                             most easily set up selecting
       free and takes just 2 minutes!
                                                                             general admission. At a multi
                                                                             cinema complex, the cinema can
    2) Create a new event called, for example, Cinema Tickets. To
                                                                             allocate best seats from the
       see how this might look, please visit
                                                                             booking dates on the door list
                                                                             you can print off and give to the
                                                                             cinema at the event.
    3) Nominate the Venue Location. If the venue plan is one you
       wish to retain, please define the venue plan first under
       'configuration'. Once your venue template is saved you can
       then select the template to use. A movie night is generally a
       space event with a maximum number of attendees.

    4) Set the Date that your Cinema tickets will be available for

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     5) Select General Admission or you may have allocated

     6) Set the type of tickets you wish to sell (adult, student, staff,
        family, concession… whatever you need).

     7) During setup you will receive a unique URL . This link brings
        people directly to your booking pages for tickets. Publish this
        URL on your website and encourage families to book early
        using a large BUY CINEMA TICKETS button on your
        website. Promote this link in your newsletters and advertising

                                                                             TIP: Once you are happy with
                                                                             your booking pages, don’t forget
For example: visit (make sure you include
                                                                             to click on “To make a Booking”
your unique event end code).
                                                                             in your dashboard and run
                                                                             through a test booking to see if it
8)       Don't forget, you can add additional dates , images and
                                                                             goes as you expected. Exit just
         collect data and much more.....
                                                                             before you enter the shopping
It’s Easy to Buy Online

                                              1) Parents can purchase
                                                 tickets directly from       “ We hadn't presold tickets
                                                 your website or from        online before and this was a
                                                 any web browser using       very successful first-go. We
                                                 your unique URL.            increased our profits for the
                                                                             school enormously. It's very
                                              2) They choose the type        cost effective. ”
                                                 and number of tickets.

     3) Credit card payment is processed through our secure service          Amelia Bartak
                                                                             Footscray City Primary School
        (Verisign) and tickets are instantly available to print at home or
        they can automaticallybe sent to a specified email address.

Customise Your Event Booking Details
Once you have completed the initial set up, we encourage you to go
back into your Dashboard, customise your booking pages to make
your Cinema Night look exciting!

     1) Early Bird Discounts ! A special price for advance ticket
        purchase is the best incentive to get families to book early –
        particularly when they know there are unlimited tickets and
        wish to book late to keep their entertainment options open to
        the last minute! Make the discount significant enough to
        encourage early sales.

     2) Event Homepage : This is your booking page - make it match
        your Cinema Night’s printed promotional material. Superimpose
        the movie Poster! Add graphics and your logo or school crest,
        add sponsor logos and make sure your Event Homepage has all
        the details people need to enjoy your event.

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    3) Create an exciting ticket design that complements your
       booking page and posters.
    4) Ticket Type and Pricing – add ticket types with different
       prices: child, family, staff… any type you need.
    5) Terms and Conditions – make sure you include any
       pertinent information related to the movies, including
       disclaimers and refunds and state if tickets need to be
       exchanged on the day for venue tickets.

    6) There is a full suite of management tools to help you
       track your ticket sales. The instant Revenue Report provides
       real-time sales figures and Door Lists will help you manage
       sales and lost tickets at the event.

On Event Day
                                                                             “ We had a lot more energy to
    •   As soon as your booking window closes, print a Door List and         put into expanding our snack
        hand it to the cinema supervisor (or your volunteer) to manage       kiosk. We sold a lot more on the
        door entry. It’s that easy!                                          nights and now we're considering
                                                                             a bar…. We could never even
    •   Cinemas love the simplicity of our Door Lists. The door list can
                                                                             think about all that when we
        be used by the cinema to mark off door entry or they may use
                                                                             had to manage the ticket sales
        it to exchange for their tickets
                                                                             manually. ”
    •   For your in-school movie event, you can either use the Door
        List to mark off attendees or simply collect the print-at-home
        TryBooking tickets                                                   Peter Roberts
                                                                             Xavier College, VIC
    •   If you sell any tickets after your online booking window has
        closed, make sure the revenue is recorded in your TryBooking
        event to ensure you have an accurate account reconcilliation.
        This will make your post-event reporting fast and easy and it
        helps enormously with next year’s planning

The Wrap-up: post event analysis
Understanding this year’s event is the best way to start planning for
next year’s Cinema Night. Spending time and energy on post event
analysis can be tedious, but for any items sold on TryBooking it is a

When you sell tickets online, you receive instant data and a full suite of
management reporting tools.
Go to your Dashboard and click on…

    •   Event Revenue Itemised : which tickets sold, how many by
        ticket type and total revenue

    •   Door List: who bought tickets

    •   Ticket Sales vs Time : when people bought tickets – you can
        even print a bar graph – great for planning future events

    •   Sales by Ticket Type : which tickets sold best

    •   Map Bookings : for a snapshot of where your ticket
        purchasers came from

                                     Page 3
   •   Export Data: to bring all data into your own spreadsheets to
       store and analyse in any form that suits you

   •   Archive Reports for next years' event organiser to evaluate

Tips, Ideas and Inspiration…
The more tickets you sell online, the less work you have to
do before, during and after your event!

Easy ways to encourage online ticket sales:

   •   To save administration time , many clients charge an
       additional handling fee (for example $2.00 per ticket) for
       tickets purchased through the office to cover administration
       costs. This fee encourages people to buy online and to buy
       early                                                                “ Our previous system was
                                                                            cumbersome and time
   •   If you email your school newsletter make sure you include            consuming. With TryBooking
       the full URL address to your tickets in the email. This is a         I now can rely on accurate
       good idea to send a reminder with the direct link just before        numbers and parents are
       your ‘early bird discount price” expires or the week before the      booking immediately as the
       event                                                                event is published. ”

   •   Put a large BUY CINEMA NIGHT TICKETS button on the
       landing page of your school website                                  Glenda Stevens
                                                                            Community and Public Relations
                                                                            St Catherine's School
   •   Last Minute Bookings - keep your online booking period
       open as long as possible . Schools are amazed at how
       many people buy tickets just hours before the event starts.
       Because this is a low-commitment fundraiser, some people
       leave bookings until the last minute. Some of our customers
       have had more than 25% of their sales recorded on the day of
       the event!

   •   Reminder Emails are an excellent way to build anticipation
       and communicate pertinent event information. TryBooking’s
       Instant Email feature allows you to send a personalized email
       to ticket holders with their tickets and receipt. It might include
       information about parking, dressing for the weather (if an
       outdoor event), maps and start times to reduce office queries

Easy ways to increase your Cinema Night’s revenue:

   •   The key to a successful event is to provide a unique experience
       with exceptional value. Anyone can simply go to the movies,
       so consider a social get together prior to the show and
       packaging the ticket price with food and drink vouchers or
       other value items
   •   Ask your host cinema if they have a special fundraising food
       and beverage package. You can pre-sell coupons for these on-
       line when you sell movie tickets increasing overall spend.
       Simply set up an extra “ticket” in Ticket Options and call it
       something like Ticket and Food and Beverage Coupon. It’s the
       easiest way to plus-sell your event!
   •   Parents (and students) love a chance to mingle before and

                                    Page 4
        after the movie. Set up an area for socializing and promote this    Tip! To quickly book tickets
        opportunity in your promotional material                            through the school add a
   •    Offer snacks (if not provided by venue) for sale before and         bookmark “To make a booking”
        after the movie. Particularly for an outdoor screening under        on your office computer. Click
        the stars, volunteers now released from the burden of ticket        link then enter details.
        sales, can focus on a snack or wine bar. Popcorn and fairy
        floss machines return huge profits for little work and wine bars    You can enter all cash sales into
        usually sell-out!                                                   TryBooking individually or each
                                                                            day as one transaction (to save
   •    Raffles earn extra revenue and add excitement to pre-movie          data entry).
        gatherings These tickets may also be set up and purchased
        through TryBooking
   •    Invite your local Community – children from nearby schools,
        kindergartens and future school families often love participating
        and will do so if they can book from the convenience of their
        home computer. Promote your event in their local newsletters
        (kinders, other schools etc) and in local papers. Make sure your
        unique URL – the booking link to your tickets – is bold and
        visible so tickets are easy to purchase
                                                                            “ TryBooking has been great. It
To experience how you may purchase Cinema tickets online, visit             has given us greater control,
Cinema under the stars:                             security and peace of mind in
                                                                            managing cash flow associated
                                                                            with school fundraising and social
FAQ’s                                                                       event. ”

   1. Can I still sell tickets at the my office?
      Yes.                                                                  Jeff Shaw, Treasurer Parents
      You can still accept payments at your office.                         & Friends Association
                                                                            St. Joseph’s Primary School
        To ensure an accurate financial reconciliation your office staff
        should continue to put tickets through TryBooking (use the
        Quick Sale function). They can instant print tickets or email
        tickets to the parent. We recommend you add a $2.00 handling
        fee for tickets purchased through the office to encourage
        online sales.
                                                                            “ Help was only a call away and we did
   2. Do I need to plan for additional resources?                           get some great tips”
      No. In fact, you’ll need a lot less help so now you can allocate
      resources to other event duties.                                      Richard Devitt
                                                                            Pedare Christian College
        When you manage ticket sales on TryBooking everything
        happens automatically. There is no need for volunteers or
        teachers to sell tickets and no need for the office to spend time
        managing cash and account reconciliation.
                                                                            Ready to start?
        You’ve eliminated all ticket printing costs and any hassles         Visit or give
        around lost or forgotten tickets.                                   us a call.

   3. What if I need help?
      TryBooking is designed so you can set up and manage your
      own ticketing. We encourage you to “have a go” – setup
      wizards will assist you and there are helpful FAQs on our

        But if you get stuck or wonder if you are doing something
        right, get in touch with us. Our friendly customer support team
        is always happy to assist you !

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