Refreshing the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy 7th September by PtMHJqrF


									     VERS- Forever Digital

Summary of the Victorian Electronic Records

  Justine Heazlewood, Keeper of Public Records
          What is VERS?
          <forever digital>

VERS is future proofing the electronic information
and records of Victorian government.
      What does VERS specify?
• Methods to automate the capture of records from
  desktop and business systems

• Ways and forms in which to capture and encapsulate
  information about records to ensure that they are
  understood in context in the future

• Details a method for securing records so that any
  changes are detectable
   How has VERS progressed?
1990’s - VERS initially developed
2000 -   PROS 99/007 released
2002 -   VERS Centre of Excellence established at PROV
2006 -   Sustaining VERS program established with 3
         stage delivery
2010 -   Changed operational processes with VERS SC
2011 -   VERS Refresh
         What is VERS Refresh?

•   A project undertaken by PROV and the VERS Steering

•   A snapshot of the information management landscape
    and a review of current issues

•   Agenda setting and vision for the future of electronic
               Scope of VERS
• VERS is a stand alone strategy with a vision statement

• VERS stakeholders are broader than the inner agencies

• WoVG – departments, courts, hospitals, councils,
  universities, schools…

• Business owners not just records managers or CIOs
                Scope of VERS
• All government digital information = public records

• VERS prescribes storage for all digital records – not just
  records destined for the archives

• Stronger focus on ‘getting to the point of creation’

• Develop a greater influence within the ICT architecture
  and systems fields
        Changes to Governance
Changes to governance that will allow new focus on
WoVG electronic information and records, including;

   •   Programmed collaboration with GSD
   •   Seeking executive sponsorship for major VERS
   •   Reviewing the role of the VERS Steering
       (p14 of the VERS Future State for more details)
VERS Work plan 2011-12
Measurement Framework, Phase 1;
      » Survey of current holdings of government
        Digital Records
      » Development of a Checklist (integrating VAGO
        & our Standards & Specs)

Capture to Disposal
      »   Requirements of agency business systems
      »   Disposal authorisation
      »   Supporting Transfer of records
      »   Long Term Storage
      »   Access
VERS Work plan 2011/12
Structured Data
      » Commencement on Standard and tool
      » Continue work on Functional Requirements for
        Business Systems

Case Studies
      » Best practice guides
What does VERS need?
       VERS requires your:
             » Engagement
             » Support

Good digital recordkeeping = good business

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