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Typical HAIRstyles for Your Face Shape | hwh<3


Hairstyles that look good on each face shape.

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									       Typical HAIRstyles for Your Face Shape | hwh<3
       Is your face shape Oval, Rectangle, Round, Square, Heart, and Triangle. Oval is said to be the “perfect”
       shape, or so they taught me in beauty school. The objective here is to make each face shape look oval with
       the use of highlighting, shading and perspective. In this article, I would like to share with you some
       hairstyles that look good on the different face shapes.

       If you have an Oval-Shaped Face:

       Congratulations! You can pretty much wear any type of hairstyle! Every other face shape will try to make
       their face look like yours.

       You want to stick to layers around your cheekbones, chin or lips, depending on what you want to
       accentuate. Why do you think that Jennifer Aniston has had this hairstyle for a million years? Because it
       works! And its amazing!

       She has long layers on her cheekbones and chin, and her hair is longer in the back then in the front which
       lightens up her face.
If you have a Round Face:

The objective here is to deflect away from the roundness. Long hair is a great hairstyle on round faces
because they make the face appear to be longer. The best haircuts for round faces will fall below the chin.

Long layers will help narrow the face, as shorter layers will add body and height, making the face appear

Waves are also a good touch, since they draw attention away from the roundness of the face.

If you have a Rectangular-Shaped Face:

The objective here is to soften the strong jaw line.

You don’t want a hairstyle with a lot of weight on your jaw line, so blunt cuts around your jaw are never
recommended. Middle parts and blunt bangs will also make your face look more square.

A thin layered bob is probably your best bet. Side bangs are also a must for this face shape!
If you have a Square Face:

Like rectangular faces, the objective is to soften the jaw line.

They say that people with square faces take the best photographs. They can get away with long hair better
than any other type of face shape. A long hairstyle is good with square faces, and soft hairstyles are even
better. If you want short hair, be sure to keep it really soft and layered.

If you have a Heart-Shaped Face:

The objective here is to add length to the face and create width around narrow chins.

Heart shaped faces go well with almost any type of hairstyle. Reese Witherspoon is very well-known for her
heart-shaped face, and she has pulled off everything from short bobs to long wavy hair.

The side-swept bangs look very flattering on heart-shaped faces. Bangs in general look good on heart-
shaped faces.

Long bobs (lobs), side-parts, and face framing all work good for this type of face.

The one thing you don’t want to do is make your face appear wider then it is. Once again, bangs help this.
If you have a Triangular-Shaped Face:

The objective here is to narrow the chin and widen the forehead.

Shorter is better. Short hairstyles look the best on people with triangular-shaped faces. Layers, especially at
the jaw line will help flatter your face.

You want to avoid anything that will draw attention to your jaw line, like blunt bobs and face framing.

Do you have any particular hairstyles that look good for any face shapes? I’d love to hear about it in the

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