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        I guess the PC term for bangs is “fringe” so I am sorry if I offended anyone! I am just used to calling them
        bangs! (:

        Anyways, here is a quick breakdown of different types of bangs!

        1. Side-swept bangs.

        These type of bangs, generally should look soft and flattering to the face. They are very
        popular right now!
        2. Scene bangs.

        These are pretty similar to side-swept bangs, but they are typically a lot thicker, start higher up on the head,
        and a lot choppier.
3. Blunt Bangs.

I always call these “Lady Gaga bangs” (hence the picture).

They remind me of when I was 6 and my mom cut my bangs at home with kitchen scissors. However, they
are very, very popular right now! These type of bangs can be very unflattering to the face, as you are using a
hard-line. Some people can pull them off, and others can’t. I would recommend point-cutting the bottom,
to soften up the line a little bit.

4. Zooey Deschanel Bangs.

These are similar to the Lady Gaga bangs but a lot more textured and fringy. They are a lot softer on the
face and more flattering on most people.
5. Wispy Bangs.

I think these type of bangs will ALWAYS be popular! They are very thin, very textured bangs that soften up
anyone’s face!

6. Pixie Bangs.

I’m not a HUGE fan of these types of bangs, although they look pretty good on people with short hair.
Particularly pixie haircuts. However, I don’t think Ms. Watson pulls off this haircut. BUT! she’s rich beyond
rich, so who cares?!?
7. Asymmetrical Bangs.

These bangs only look good, if they are done right. I think the girl in the picture looks awesome! They blend
down to the rest of her hair and they look very flattering. This is actually pretty common right now. But like
with other types of bangs, they could be unflattering on certain faces.

8. Curved Bangs.

I see a lot of people ask for these type of bangs. They frame the face on the sides and look really flattering on
almost everyone. They soften the face up and look wonderful. A trick I learned for these is to pull all of the
hair to the middle of the face, pinch it, and cut. When you pull it back to where they will lay, they will be
9. Pin-up Girl Bangs.

I guess in the simplest terms, they are just bangs that are curled with a roller and hair-sprayed to stay no
mater what. The pin-up girl look is hot right now, so I’d say go for it!

10. Bangs of the Past.

Please don’t ever do this to yourself. Ever. Unless your Gwen Stefani.

Which one of these bangs are your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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