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            MICAbella and Sugarpill Cosmetics | hwh<3
           Soooo I’m kinda obsessed with a couple of new make-up products.

           I’ve always been a MAC girl, and don’t get me wrong, I’ll always love the stuff. My make up bag is full of so
           many different MAC colors. I try to do my make-up different everyday and I love crazy vibrant stuff. But
           recently, one of my customers and friends brought me a couple of MICAbella glitter eyeshadows since she
           thought they would be something I’d like. The colors are purple and gold. I absolutely love them. Now I am
           seeing MICAbella everywhere. I can’t wait to buy more different colors. I have always been a sucker for
           glitter, and they have so many different shades. They are so vibrant and awesome.

           If you want to check some out for cheap, click here.
           The other new eye make up I just discovered is called Sugarpill. It is amazing!

           There are so many awesome vibrant colors and I absolutely love it. Although I haven’t yet tried Sugarpill, I
           plan on buying some ASAP. You’ll have to buy it through its website here.
I was going to try to post pics of these colors on people, but I don’t know if that would leave me with a
copyright issue, so remember, Google images is your friend.

Have you tried MICAbella or Sugarpill? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.

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