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									     ADWORDS: Running a
        Successful Campaign
               with   Jeremy Hermanns

Hi, I’m Jeremy Hermanns, and I’m a search            In this course, we’ll be breaking down the process
engine marketing (SEM) expert. I’ve been working     and tools you need to create and run a successful
in search engine marketing for over ten years,       AdWords campaign and promote your business.
beginning with my career as an affiliate
marketer back in college.

After graduating, I was an analyst for
Overture, the company that actually developed
and patented Pay-Per-Click advertising, which
is the most popular form of online advertising
today. Overture licensed out the PPC patent to
all the big players, including Google and
Microsoft, and was eventually bought out by

I went on to work as an SEM expert at
LegalZoom, and helped them grow into the
popular service they’ve become today. These days     I’ll walk you through setting up an account,
I’m the VP of Marketing at Onestop, an               building your first campaign and understanding
marketing and design solution for over 40 major e-   the hierarchy of AdWords so that
commerce companies.                                  you can really
                                                     start gaining
As an SEM expert, I can tell you that Google         traffic. Let’s
AdWords is the premier source for advertising on     begin!
the web. AdWords is the system through which
Google sells advertisements based on keywords
that people type in their search engine.

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